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Violent Saturday summary ☆ 8 ↠ Amazing Books, Violent Saturday By William L. Heath This is the best favorite book 218 pages isbn 9780916870935 format Paperback and others and has a text language like EnglishThe best favorite book 218 pages isbn 9780916870935 format. Sherwood Anderson wanted the title of WINESBURG OHIO to be THE BOOK OF THE GROTESUE Small town life thought Anderson is full of lives of uiet torment grotesuerie if you will Edward Gorman evokes Anderson in his intro to W L Heath's VIOLENT SATURDAY; Anderson is even mentioned in the book The suddenness of his death This slim novel deals with violence in a small town the effect it has on the people who are dealing with their private torments The spirit of WWII and Korea hangs over the action How would people who lived through years of killing react when it hits close to home Considered a noir novel this is a study of a society that hides itself from its own weaknesses The crime is just the catalyst Warning the racial attitudes of the characters are far from enlightened N words abound Jews are criticized Catholics uestioned yet the Chinese although infantilized come off okay

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Amazing Books Violent Saturday By William L Heath This is. Interesting crime book about a trio of bank robbers who come to a small town Their crime ultimately is the turning point in the lives of many town folks one way or another including fatally The title is somewhat misleading not because there is no violence but because the violence itself is actually uite a minor part of the story the bank robbery is only narrated retrospectively by witnesses rather than being the climactic set piece one might expect for instance There's some experimental use of first person narration as the text goes inside the minds of several characters to show us how they see the world However some of the characters never really seem to integrate into the main action and there's an odd digression into a discussion of race that seems to fit awkwardly it feels almost like a sort of guilty acknowledgement that race is a problematic subject in the book as the book generally casually accepts less than progressive views on the subject Interesting to be sure but not a classic

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Violent SaturdayPaperback and others and has a text language like English. Length 124 pages Title VIOLENT SATURDAY Given this pair of facts I was surprised by the relatively leisurely pacing of this novel The book is set in the small town of Morgan Alabama where three strangers from Memphis arrive to rob the local bank The first half of the book and then some consists of character portraits as we get to know the three robbers and the locals who will somehow be affected by their crime And this is what provides Violent Saturday with much of its drama As we are meeting our cast of Alabamians the unstated uestion hanging over all of their heads is How will they be involved in Saturday's violence And just how violent does a Saturday have to be to earn the name Violent Saturday anyway The gimmick is sort of like The Bridge of San Luis Rey but the drama is greater If you're on the bridge then you're on the bridge only one fate can await you But if you're in the bank on Violent Saturday there is a wider range of possibilities