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What happens when the untameable wind and the endless sea collide in the dark of the nightTristan ‘The Predator’ Caine had been unprepared for Morana Vitalio After spending his entire life with a vow he broke on a rainy night he finds himself torn in a battle between his painful past and an unce. 5 Predatory stars So this book is the epic conclusion to Morana and Tristan’s story and boy did it not disappoint when it came towards their relationship It was just perfectAfter finishing the first book I was left with SOOOO MANY unanswered uestions about the codes missing girls the outfit but most importantly about Tristan and MoranaThis book starts off from where the first book ended after the kiss Tristan and Morana head back to the penthouse where Dante is waiting for them Dante informs Tristan that they have to head back to Tenebrae as “Things are escalating back home” Tristan asks Morana if she wants to leave Shadow Port and come with him to Tenebrae and obviously she agreesOnce they reach Tenebrae I finally get the Tristan and Morana moments I had been craving for Yes it was slow which I feel adds up to the whole angst in this book and honestly that’s how it should be because Tristan has been through A LOT in his life like A LOT A LOT so you cannot expect for Morana to open her legs once for Tristan and for him to forget about all the hardships he had been through in his life and be the perfect boyfriendTristan continued to struggle with his emotions in this book and the only reason his relationship with Morana came so far was because of her patience And it was worth it because when he finally showed his vulnerable side I just wanted to cuddle him and hide him from the whole world That man is precious as fuckGod my love for Tristan sky rocketed in this book he hardly communicated but his actions spoke volumes There was no doubt in my mind that this man is in love with Morana and would die for her Period Also his caveman side 😉 IN FUCKING LOVEMorana she was so patient with Tristan she didn’t push him to talk always picked her battles thoughtfully and was upfront with him throughout this book You literally read the progress of their relationship through each page you turn to Again it was slow and perfectEven though this book concludes Morana and Tristan story for now the plot will still continue in the upcoming books as some uestions were answered in this book there are still some left unsolved and now we have to patiently wait for Amara and Dante’s book to know what’s going to happen next And I’m so fucking excitedThis book is officially part of my “Top 2020 reads list”

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The Reaper Dark Verse Book 2E knows His life has always belonged to herWith twenty years of history tying them to each other Tristan and Morana begin their hunt for the truth together And they realize that the mystery of the missing girls is just the tip of the icebergSkeletons are uncovered Dominoes begin to fallA storm is bo. THIS BOOK THIS BOOK I FREAKING LOVED IT MORANA AND TRISTAN OWN MY HEART The Reaper was the perfect way to end Morana and Tristan's story We got to see the vulnerability of both the characters and how both of them coped up with each other's past All the uestions I had from the first book were answered other than one WHERE IS LUNA RUNYX and overall this was an easy read for meThe main plot twist was integrated into the book uite well and everything went inflow Morana is bold and strong and she knew just exactly how to handle a vulnerable Tristan The chemistry between them was absolutely pure and made me fall in love with them so much Other then Tristan and Morana Dante was phenomenal I loved how he used to tease Tristan and how he became a true friend to Morana Can't wait for his book

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review The Reaper (Dark Verse Book 2) ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free õ What happens when the untameable wind and the endless sea collide in the dark of the nightTristan ‘The Predator’ Caine had been unprepared for Morana Vitalio After spending his entire life with a vow he broke on a rainy night he finds Rtain future The only thing he knows Her life still belongs to himFor Morana the line between enemies and allies has blurred Everything she once held dear to her has disintegrated and the unknown gapes at her leaving her with both her freedom and life on the line in enemy territory The only thing sh. ➳ Rate 5 5 starsHoly wow This was crazy good and just plain crazy omg So many happened So much new information So many events that had my jaw dropping heart racing eyes uickly running over the pages to find out what happened next Wow Morana really should us just how brave badass she could be I love her so much She was so strong yet vunerable and I love that oxymoron in her And don't even get me started on Tristan He showed everyone that he's the boss and no touches what his without conseuences Gah I just love these two so much I'm gonna miss being inside their heads but I'm also SUPER excited for Dante and Amara The events in this book regarding these two seesh my heart I need info ASAP December is too far away criesOMG The plot of these books is just so fantastic I was so suprised and amazed at all the connections and revelations wow I figured out some but others really came out of left field and I love beinf surprised like that I can't wait to see what Runyx has in store for us and these characters I think we've only just scratched the surface There is still a lot to discover and answers to get And I'm desperate for them➳ Order at UK ⁕ US➳ Follow me on Blog ⁕ Instagram ⁕ Facebook ⁕ Twitter