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Mistaken review Ü 100 ☆ “Then it’s settled” The leader gestured to the group of warrior orcs in the room “pick one to be the boy’s father” I sat on the floor with my son Max He crawled into my lap as I whispered “One of them is going to keep taking care of you Can you tell me who the nice one is” The orcs in the room snorted with disbelief anR said like it was obvious “It is an odd move letting your child choose your mate but you are an odd people” A few years earlier there had been an invasion Hordes of tall grey aliens with tusks arrived in spaceships as big as cities Before all the news went dark humans named the creatures orcs The human armies had fought and failed War crimes were committed on both sides Eventually society collapsed and the government was overthrown when food supplies failed The humans turned on each other Nowhere was safe The orcs had rounded up the surviviors and locked them away in refugee camps In the fullness of time some women had little grey babies Kari had watched the screaming and cursing woman give birth to Max in the field that had been converted to a prison Afterwards the woman shakily got to her feet and left him there as he cried He was going to die alone unwanted Even if he was only half human and Kari was living as a co. I enjoyed this sci fi romance It was between a 35 and 4 stars so I rounded up I liked that the aliens were fairly alien I wished that there had been world building and description The story was mostly dialogue which is okay but I just prefer some description I would happily read in this settingworld

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Nuered species in one of the many refugee camps on earth none of that was his fault He was just a baby She couldn’t bring herself to leave him there so Kari adopted him Max wasn’t the only grey child in the place Kari and the others raising grey children had formed their own family group Eventually that got them noticed Suddenly all the kids were assigned an orc father and taken from the camp where they had been living This asshole may be the official father but as far as Kari is concerned if he thinks that means he's part of their family he is mistaken One way or another Kari has to figure out how to make this work Her son needs her to keep him safe When part of her extended family is brought to her new home she has a couple of allies Kari slowly starts to understand that the orcs maybe aren’t as monstrous as they seem She will have to face her past and come to terms with her new reality before she can face her futu. More I don’t know what to say about this book other than it pulled me in and I could put it down I need book 2 I know this ending isn’t the end it can’t be

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Mistaken“Then it’s settled” The leader gestured to the group of warrior orcs in the room “pick one to be the boy’s father” I sat on the floor with my son Max He crawled into my lap as I whispered “One of them is going to keep taking care of you Can you tell me who the nice one is” The orcs in the room snorted with disbelief and laughter Max pointed to one with a shaved head and extensive tattoos “That one” I asked “Are you sure” He nodded before hiding his face into my neck “OK” I looked up in the vague direction of the leader “That one I guess” He said something They looked surprised but the one Max had indicated came over and scooped him up easily “MOMMA” he screamed and tried to reach for me I hung my head and wept Then the warrior bent down and grabbed my arm in his other hand He pulled me upright and led me away “What What are you doing” “The boy is going to need a family” the leade. This didn’t work for me on any level and I’m so disappointed as I was really looking forward to itI do have a soft spot for Orcs and the initial premise with this one did sound really different and uniueUnfortunately this didn’t deliver and forget slow burn which I have nothing against this was actually a no burnThere was no chemistry between Kari and Bear and I was internally cringing throughout every intimate interaction they had and there really wasn’t that many of them eitherTo top this off there relationship wasn’t even consummated which I’m a bit bummed about if I’m being honestI get that we were dealing with a deep subject here but I picked this one up expecting a romance it’s advertised as a romanceIt definitely didn’t feel like one and it’s so far from romance it’s ridiculousIf I had to categorise it well I’m not sure where I’d put it actuallyIt’s basically Kari recovering from her own ordeal or PTSD caused by the war between men and these space OrcsThis trauma to her was caused by human men not Orcs so I struggled to understand why she was afraid of the Orcs than of her own speciesShe also still had human friends despite this trauma so that actually says about Kari and her own prejudicesAnd yes of course it’s upsetting and triggering but I didn’t sign up for thatI wouldn’t have picked this up based on that information what I actually expected from this was something far differentSo this takes place a few years after this war and Kari has been living in a refugee camp with her adopted half Orc son MaxTaken out of this camp she gets to choose an Orc to help raise her son and become her mateSo Kari has practically no warm feelings for Bear whatsoever no matter what the poor Orc didShe never looked beyond her own fears or tried to see him as anything other than a scary monster even when his actions towards her were screaming otherwiseI never felt that she felt any great passion or love for Bear it felt like he was her meal ticket and protection rolled into one and that’s why she was keeping him around that and she was just used to himI never felt she was interested in him in any way sexually in fact the opposite was true she even described her skin as crawling when he was stroking her back trying to comfort her charmingEven when she later decided she must love him it was just so anti climaticWorst declaration of affection I have ever witnessed in a supposed romance novelBear really was such a sweetheart throughout this never intentionally hurting KariI mean initially he was a little heavy handed mostly just based on ignorance not any actual malice intended on his part and once he realised the need for gentleness on account of him just being naturally stronger he adjusted his behaviour accordinglyHe In fact worshipped the ground she walked on and Kari seemed to use this fact to her advantage constantlyShe was also a crying narcotic mess and it was starting to grate on meI went in expecting a hot alien Orc Human romance and this is not what I gotOn top of that this was at times difficult to follow and the flow just felt offHuge chunks of time would pass with just a few sentences which is another pet hate of mineAlso the conversations themselves were confusing and the world building here felt non existentThere were explanations but it was just the bare bones with no inner filling and there were so many unanswered uestionsWhat happened to Rita Why did the human doctor suddenly have a personality transplant I had so many of these little niggles and uestionsI found this monotonous and confusing and it failed to capture my attention nothing important ever seemed to happen except Kari internalising everythingAlso the Orcs became far too human and very swiftly at thatThere names and actions and even their sayings in fact the only thing alien remaining was their appearanceI also didn’t like how they completely deferred to the woman acting like complete doormats and basing every aspect of their lives on their mate's happiness even over there own they were just to niceI like a dominant male and these Orcs were not that and as much as Bear was a complete poppet he was also a totally whipped one as wellSuch a shame that all that hot hunky Orc potential was wasted here I’m actually distraughtI do feel awful rating this one so low but it just wasn’t for me at all and Kari was just so selfish and self absorbed I really felt sorry for Bear being stuck with her as a matePlenty have loved this I’m just not one of them unfortunatelyReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom