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On the Road characters ☆ 9 á Sal Paradise el protagonista de esta historia sigue los pasos de Dean Moriarty trasunto del legendario Neal Cassady el icono de la Generación Beat Atravesando América de costa a costa el viaje acaba convertido en camino perpetuo sin apenas sentido en el ue se dan cita la amistad y la muerte el amor y el desamparo la soledParo la soledad el alcohol y el sexo Todo se mezcla en una narración de ritmo alterado y trepidante conmovedora y a la vez profundamente dolorosa El estado febril en ue parece ue fue creada así como un estilo endiabladamente improvisado y esa voz narrativa ue todo lo invade son las claves de esta novela inici. This is the book which has given me anxiety attacks on sleepless nightsThis is the book which has glared at me from its high pedestal of classical importance in an effort to browbeat me into finally finishing it And this is that book which has shamed me into feigning an air of ignorance every time I browsed any of the countless 1001 books to read before you die listsYes Jack Kerouac you have tormented me for the past 3 years and every day I couldn't summon the strength to open another page of 'On the Road' and subject my brain to the all too familiar torture of Sal's sleep inducing infuriatingly monotonous narration Finally I conuer you after nearly 3 years of dithering I am the victorious one in the battle in which you have relentlessly assaulted my finer senses with your crassness and innate insipidity and dared me to plod on I can finally beat my chest in triumph ugh pardon the Tarzan ish metaphor but a 1 star review deserves no better and announce to the world that I have finished reading 'On the Road' Oh what an achievement And what a monumental waste of my timeDear Beat Generation classic I can finally state without any fear of being called out on my ignorance that I absolutely hated reading you Every moment of it Alternatively this book can be named White Heterosexual Man's Misadventures and Chauvinistic Musings And even that makes it sound much interesting and less offensive than it actually is In terms of geographical sweep the narrative covers nearly the whole of America in the 50s weaving its way in and out of Los Angeles and New York and San Francisco and many other major American cities Through the eyes of Salvatore 'Sal' Paradise a professional bum we are given an extended peek into the lives of a band of merry have nots their hapless trysts with women booze drugs homelessness destitution jazz as they hitchhike and motor their way through the heart of America Sounds fascinating right Ayn Rand will vehemently disagree though But no it's anything but that Instead this one just shoves Jack Kerouac's internalized white superiority sexism and homophobia right in the reader's face in the form of some truly bad writing This book might as well come with a caption warning any potential reader who isn't White or male or straight I understand that this was written way before it became politically incorrect to portray women in such a poor light or wistfully contemplate living a Negro's life in the antebellum South But there's an obvious limit to the amount of his vile ruminations I can tolerate There was an old Negro couple in the field with us They picked cotton with the same God blessed patience their grandfathers had practiced in ante bellum Alabama Seriously God blessed patience Every female character in this one is a vague silhouette or a caricature of a proper human being Marylou Camille Terry Galatea are all frighteningly one dimensional they never come alive for the reader through Sal's myopic vision They are merely there as inanimate props reduced to the status of languishing in the background and occasionally allowed to be in the limelight when the men begin referring to them as if they were objectsEither they are 'whores' for being as sexually liberated as the men are or they are screaming wives who throw their husbands out of the house for being jobless cheating drunks or they are opportunistic and evil simply because they do not find Sal or Dean or Remy or Ed or any of the men in their lives to be deserving of their trust and respect which they truly aren'tAnd sometimes they are only worthy of only a one or two line description like the following I had been attending school and romancing around with a girl called Lucille a beautiful Italian honey haired darling that I actually wanted to marry Look at Sal talking about a woman as if she were a breed of cat he wanted to rescue

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Sal Paradise el protagonista de esta historia sigue los pasos de Dean Moriarty trasunto del legendario Neal Cassady el icono de la Generación Beat Atravesando América de costa a costa el viaje acaba convertido en camino perpetuo sin apenas sentido en el ue se dan cita la amistad y la muerte el amor y el desam. A View from the CouchOTR has received some negative reviews lately so I thought I would try to explain my ratingThis novel deserves to lounge around in a five star hotel rather than languish in a lone star saloonDisclaimerPlease forgive my review It is early morning and I have just woken up with a sore head an empty bed and a full bladderConfesssionLet me begin with a confession that dearly wants to become an assertionI probably read this book before most of you were bornSo thereWouldn't you love to say thatIf only I had the courage of my convictionsInstead I have only convictions and they are many and variedHowever I am sure that by the end of my this sentence I shall be releasedElevated to the BarI read OTR in my teens which were spread all over the end of the 60's and the beginning of the 70'sMy life was dominated by Scouting for BoysI mean the book not the activityMy mantra was be prepared although at the time I didn't realise that this actually meant be prepared for warAfter reading OTR my new mantra was be inebriatedMind you I had no idea what alcohol tasted like but it sounded goodGone were two boys in a tent and three men in a boatOTR was about trying to get four beats in a bar no matter how far you'd travelled that dayTyping or WritingForget whether it was just typing rather than writingThat was just Truman Capote trying to dot one of Dorothy Parker's eyesThis is like focusing on the mince instead of the sausageAll Drums and SymbolsYou have to appreciate what OTR symbolised for people like meIt was On the Road not In the House or In the BurbsIt was about dynamism not passivityIt wasn't about a stream of consciousness it was about a river of activityIt was about white light white heat not white picket fencesSavouring the SausageOK your impressions are probably recent than mineMine are memories that have been influenced by years of indulgence I do maintain that alcohol kills the unhealthy brain cells first so it is actually purifying your brainI simply ask that you overlook the mince and savour the sausageBeyond EphemeralityI would like to make one last parting metaphorI have misappropriated it from the musician Dave GraneyHe talks about feeling ephemeral but looking eternalDave comes from the Church of the Latter Day HipstersHe is way cooler than me he even looks great in leather pants in a spivvy kinda wayHowever I think the point he was making if not then the point I am making is that most of life is ephemeral It just happens and it's gone foreverHowever in Dave's case the way he looks the way he feels he turns it into something eternalIt's his art his music our pleasure our memories at least until we dieFootnotes on CoolCreativity and style are our last chance attempt to defy ephemerality and mortality and become eternalYes all that stuff between the bookends of OTR might be typing it might be preserving ephemerality that wasn't worthy or deservingHowever the point is the attempt to be your own personal version of coolHeck no way am I cool like the Beats or James Dean or Marlon Brando or Jack Nicholson or Clint Eastwood or Keith Richards or Camille PagliaHowever I am trying to live life beyond the ephemeralThat's what OTR means to me If it doesn't mean that to you hey that's alright I'm OK you're OK It's coolOriginal posted March 01 2011

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On the Roadática ue no solo retrata a un grupo de poetas y amigos sino a toda una generación Algunos libros te arrastran hacia lugares ue intuyes pero a los ue jamás podrías llegar sin su compañía y su fuerza En el camino pertenece a esa estirpe y nos convoca a todos nosotros desde las primeras páginas Daniel Rosin. I think this book which launched Kerouac's career and gave him insta fame has to be seen as a product of its timeI found it a chore to read a long dull boast about a series of road trips It's populated by vacuous largely despicable alcoholics with zero impulse control and an unshakeable belief that they are deeply profound observers of the human conditionOne saving grace of the book is that Kerouac has an unusual writing style with a strong voice that he uses well especially when describing the landscapes and cities as his avatar rushes to and fro across America The other is that the 'shocking' nature of the book back in 1955 immersed in drugs alcohol and sexuality five years before a court case finally allowed the rather tame Lady Chatterly's Lover to be published in the UK 32 years after it was written has been replaced with a certain historical interest in the modern reader seeing how things worked over 60 years agoThe book garnered so much interest because it was said to capture zeitgeist of the beat generation it variously explained andor titillated with an under the hood look at the youth movement of the late 40searly 50s that led into rock and roll and on into hippydom We also see the young white male characters mixing with African Americans and Hispanics decades before the civil rights movementKerouac's avatar Sal Paradise follows Dean Moriarty a hollow messiah of the age and together they haunt jazz and bop clubs trying to capture it and waxing ecstatically about saxophonists blowingWe see several years of the pair's directionless lives Dean oscillating between three women spawning and abandoning children dropping everything repeatedly on a whim to cross America east to west or back again and finally to Mexico CityThe pair cheat and steal their way while claiming to savour the goodness of those they encounter Dean has to be warned off the 13 year old daughter of a friend and later in Mexico they sleep with 15 year old prostitutesIn a manner familiar in Dickens and Dostoevsky and recently echoed by Rothfuss our characters are always penniless generally because if they get money they spend it at a ridiculous rate until they have noneDean and Sal are characterised by a refusal to look beyond the next hour The conseuences of their actions are of little concern to them because they feel no responsibility for themI realise that I sound like a scolding schoolmarm the epitome of everything this book was likely a reaction to But after hundreds of pages of having their reaction forced down my throat I have my own reaction back against it No I don't dig it And it being a travelogue based on real experience there is of course no plot and as it turns out no real sense of progression which led to the book feeling rather samey after a while It was apparently hand written on a roll of wallpaper and it really does feel rather like a long list of and then and then and thenI was moved to try Kerouac back in the 80s by a line in a Marillion song read some Kerouac and it put me on the track to burn a little brighter now Yes this is a book about living at full throttle and much of it is spent shooting across the States at 110mph about burning the candle at both ends about not living a milk toast life it shouts at you what are you saving yourself for and those ideas of course hold a certain appeal But then again when you look at the sad sacks in this book maybe notThe second star is for the uality of the prose In fact both of them are Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes