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Lolita author Vladimir Nabokov summary ò 108 Ä Lolita es sin duda una de las novelas más importantes del siglo XX no solo por su sofisticación literaria sino también por las controversias ue ha generado desde su publicación hasta hoy Narrada en primera persona por un profesor cuarentón enamorado de niñas púberes a las ue denominaLolita es sin duda una de las novelas más importantes del siglo XX no solo por su sofisticación literaria sino también por las controversias ue ha generado desde su publicación hasta hoy Narrada en primera persona por un profesor cuarentón enamorado de niñas púberes a las ue denomina “nínfulas” la novela presenta la historia de la caída en los infiernos del héroe y de su víctima la jovencísima Dolores Nabokov empuja el lenguaje hasta. I wasn't even going to write a review of Lolita after finishing it because honestly how many reviews does this classic need That is until I started pocking around and reading what others have to say about it Many reactions to this book are puzzling to me In this world of Jerry Sanduskys and such there are still people who find this erotic who in the end feel some kind of compassion toward the narrator who think that Lolita was the one who seduced and manipulated poor Humbert Well I beg to differ Lolita is as erotic as Speak is pornographic As for favorable opinions of Humbert I guess it is possible this effect can be attributed to Nabokov's mastery of deception Clearly Humbert still half a century after the novel's publication manages to fool readers and himself into believing that he is a dedicated caring lover wounded and changed by an early tragic romance Only occasionally does the truth bleed through his self delusion Lolita's wistful glance at a child sitting on his father's lap a simple act that is forever sallied by Humbert's filth her disinterest in life her resignation to satisfy him for pocket money and permission to participate in a school play No Humbert did not fool me into feeling sorry for him On a technical level Lolita deserves full 5 stars the language the wit the world play I don't think I've ever read anything like this before But emotionally this look into a pedophile's psyche is so disgusting I can't uite bring myself to rate it so Humbert is so sickly real to me with his apologies justifications of his behavior cowardice sob stories and bending of reality how does an author create someone like this How did Nabokov get such an intimate knowledge of someone so despicable

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Canos Publicada finalmente en Francia por el editor de libros eróticos Maurice Girodias no pudo ser distribuida libremente hasta 1959 Tras el fin de la censura Lolita se convierte en un clásico de la literatura mundial En tiempos de MeToo y más allá de hipócritas prohibiciones puritanas Lolita puede leerse hoy como una obra maestra y el retrato de una sociedad llena de secretos inconfesables Extraordinaria terrorífica insuperable Paul B Preciad. Astoundingly beautiful prose a self aware psychotic narrator who is both unapologetic and yet disgusted by his crimeso many themes in this book so much symmetry 342 Humbert Humbert knows he is both brilliant and insanely obsessed with pre pubescent girls He tortures his psychiatrists cunningly leading them on; never letting them see he knew every trick of the trade P 34 He becomes a lodger with Ms Haze a widow and sees his nymphet in her yard a blue sea wave swelled under his heart and from a mat in a pool of sun half naked kneeling turning about on her knees there was my Riviera love peering at me over dark glasses P 39 He obsesses over Lo listening in his fateful diary to details as minor as the staccato sound a toilet paper roll makes as it turns P 49 The text is both reprehensible and hilarious the writing always being of a sublimely dreamy uality Was Roth inspired by this scene when he wrote of Nathan Zuckerman hunting around the room of Amy Bellette in The Ghost WriterFate throws HH and his Lo together no spoilers I promise HH holds a reformatory existence over her as ransom for the naughtiness he extracts There are a few epic road tripsAs we pushed westward patches of what the garbage man called sage brush appeared and then the mysterious outlines of table like hills and then red bluffs ink blotted with junipers and then a mountain range dun grading into blue and blue into dream and the desert would meet us with a steady gale dust gray thorn bushes and hideous bits of tissue paper mimicking pale flowers among the prickles of wind tortured withered stalks all along the highway; in the middle of which there sometimes stood simple cows immobilized in a position tail left eyelashes right cutting across all human rules of traffic P 153How did Nabokov pull this off He arrived in the US in 1941 and conceived Lolita during a drive out in the Western US in 1955 otherwise how could you explain the precision and realism of the above sentence This being his third work in a non native English language translated by him back to Russian in 1965 parenthetically are there any russophones reading this post that have read both the English and Russian Lolitas What is the Russian one likeI love this description of an otherwise nondescript gas station in the middle of nowhere I stared in such dull discomfort of mind at those stationary trivialities that looked almost surprised like staring rustics to find themselves in the stranded traveller's field of vision that green garbage can those very black very whitewalled tires for sale those bright cans of motor oil that red icebox with assorted drinks the four five seven discarded bottles within the incomplete crossword puzzle of their wooden cells that bug patiently walking up the inside of the window of the office P 211I could only dream of aspiring to write descriptions like that and English is my native language Pure genius There is a lot of tennis in the novel particularly towards the end leading me to wonder if DFW was a huge Nabakov fan being similarly obsessed with thr sport Here is a description of chess that certainly must have given DFW some inspirationI saw the board as a suare as of limpid water with rare shells and stratagems rosily visible upon the smooth tessellated bottom which to my confused adversary was all ooze and suid cloud P 233There is a wonderful little poem near the endThe moral sense in mortals is the dutyWe have to pay on mortal sense of beauty P 283The central problem in the novel is of course HH's seduction of Lo and her sometimes complicity rebelling against the mother who never loved her But both he and Lo are aware that he is a shamIt had become gradually clear to my conventional Lolita during our singular and bestial cohabitation that even the most miserable of family lives was better than the parody of incest which in the long run was the best I could offer the waif P 287Nabokov insisted that there is no moral to this novel it is neither a condoning or condemnation of incest That kind of judgmental attitude would clearly have ruined the text That being said we clearly see that HH is a hopeless pervert and a predator a father's worst nightmare and we see how Lo ends up lost but defiant to the end The topic is of course extremely taboo but Nabakov’s gift to get inside of HH’s head and show us how dark and twisted his rational is as well as the clear damage it causes to Lolita serves to condemn the aspect of using one’s intellectual and physical power as well as a way of subjugating a young victim to predation That this particular victim revealed her inner strength in both the struggle and the capitulation is what makes it great literature If we contrast this with Boris Vian’s I’ll Spit On Your Graves from 1946 where raping little girls is just a way of blowing off steam and rebelling against the system we see that Lolita and HH are self conscious characters whereas the first person protagonist in Vian is just a licentious violent psychopath with zero guilt or restraint and with no conscience other than some racist pseudo socialist idealsLolita is a novel of extraordinary power and beauty in which Nabokov challenges us to read beyond our disgust and fear and live uncomfortably in HH's mind for 300 beautifully written pages Hard forget and impossible to ignore it is Nabokov's greatest contribution to literature imho

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Lolita author Vladimir NabokEl límite mismo de la moral y escribe allí frente al abismo ni un paso más allá ni un paso más acá La escritura exuberante e increíblemente precisa de Nabokov consigue dibujar de manera inigualable el retrato de las contradicciones del deseo al mismo tiempo ue bosueja un paisaje de América transformada en geografía de la predación Escrita en inglés en 1955 fue considerada pornográfica y escandalosa y rechazada por todos los editores ameri. Pushing the boundaries of what acceptable literature can actually be Lolita is very much a piece of art For many years I kept hearing about this book the content sounding disturbing and perhaps even slightly fascinating It’s a book that’s central theme is one of the darkest elements of mankind paedophilia And although such a thing is beyond revolting it is used to tell the tale of a very lost and very lonely man Humbert is a man to be pitied pitied because he actually exists A child in a man’s body unable to move on from what was to him the most perfect memory; Humbert’s obsession with youth takes on the form of paedophilia he becomes attracted to this idea of purity and develops strong sexual feelings towards it Humbert knows he is a monster but he just doesn’t care To him his feelings are perfectly justifiable natural even He has an incredibly distorted view of the world; thus we see the world through the eyes of an extremely unreliable narrator Perhaps unreliable is the wrong word He reports what he sees with utmost honesty; however his perceptions of these experiences are well just wrong As a character study he is a very worthy subject In the wake of Freudian psychoanalysis Nabokov’s novel is aware of the rising field of psychology Humbert is a walking contradiction He is at times unbelievably arrogant and at other times he is timid and weak; he is passive yet manipulative; he derides nothing from life other than a person sense of sexual gratification it’s all he lives for He has an exceedingly narrow range of interests; he scrutinises everything and remembers the most minor of details He is charming but at other times completely socially awkward I think it wouldn’t be too far a thing to suggest that there are elements of Autism within his personality He is obsessive about things about his work and “his” Lolita Ironically at one point he expresses succinct knowledge of Freud and at another he demonstrates complete ignorance towards Freud’s psychosexual stages of development So who exactly is this HumbertHumbert is lost; he is lost in life and he is lost within himself he is hopeless looking for any sense of light in his life Unfortunately this projection of desperation takes on the form of a child He falls in love with Lolita and what she represents to him But of course it’s not real love; Lolita is just a sexual object to him not a person So what follows is a story of a man who has convinced himself that his actions are perfectly justified When he takes a twelve year old child in his arms; it is perfectly fine to his mind because she comes willing Never mind the fact that he has crafted a situation so that she responds to his advances She is vulnerable and completely alone in the world; she has no one to turn to in her moment of grief and the snake is ready to lungeNabokov describes some truly disturbing scenes though he does so with elouence bordering on the genius Sounds odd considering what I have just described The content of the book is vile Humbert is vile but in a fictionalised world we have to look beyond that The world is seen through the eyes of Humbert so everything we see is what he sees and what he experiences Nabokov uses free indirect style to narrate some harrowing scenes the content is vile but the language is beautiful Again this is what Humbert experiences As troubling as this book may be I argue that this has very strong place in the literary world Nabokov explores the mind of a sexual predator and I think as readers we can learn a great deal in the process We can see how the psychological make up of such an individual is formed and we can see what they think and they feel To understand such a man is the first step towards stopping him and recognising this behaviour in other men As a reviewer I find it of vital importance to read the reviews of others There’s a uote on the back of my book from one such review; it says and I uote “There’s no funnier monster in modern literature than poor doomed Humbert Humbert” I cannot uite describe how angry that uote makes me There is nothing funny about LolitaThis book is terribly serious in content and Humbert is not a man to be laughed at What we have is a deeply disturbed individual one confused and drifting through life cold and utterly broken inside and he is about to ruin the life of a young girl I don’t laugh at this book I weep at its brillianceYou can connect with me on social media via My Linktree