SUMMARY ´ Twisted Kingdom (Royal Elite #3)


Twisted Kingdom Royal Elite #3King Steel Princess This is a dark high school bully romance mature new adult and contains dubious situations that some readers might find offensiveThis book is the final part of a trilogy and is NOT standalon. #ELSAANDAIDEN4EVERFIVE TWISTED STARS for Elsa and Aiden 💖💖💖🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I LOVED ITI LOVED ITI LOVED ITThis was one of the hardest reviews to write and that is the reason why I took a few days of a break after I've read the book to write this reviewRina didn't disappointShe really shocked me with some parts and I totally loved itShe wrote the story that kept my attention from the first to the last wordIt was really easy to readThe storyline is so interesting that I couldn't put the book down because there were so many secrets which made me read until I discovered them allTwisted Kingdom is a dark high school bully romance with enemies to lovers tropeThis is the last book about Elsa and Aiden's story and the third book in the Royal Elite seriesAndit's pure perfectionI was so sad after I finished the last sentence because I became so connected with the main charactersIt was so hard to say goodbye to them even I know there are books in this series in which they will be as side charactersElsa and Aiden's relationship is deep and broken but also beautifulSomething you can't find in every bookThey proved that true love doesn't know about a dark and painful pastIt's all about forgiveness and loveLove that becomes every day bigger and strongerIf you're looking for a dark romance series this is the series you MUST TO READ NEXTHighly recommendedPS Can't wait for the next book in series 😱PSS Ronan is mine 😜😍❤🔥

SUMMARY Twisted Kingdom (Royal Elite, #3)

SUMMARY ´ Twisted Kingdom (Royal Elite, #3) ☆ The kingdom isn’t supposed to fallThe truth screws you over before it sets you freeMasks dropSecrets unravelElsa’s race after the past blinds her from the presentI’ll fight for herI’ll bring her backI’ll protect her even if it’s the last thing I doWe made a promiseShe’s mineAreThe kingdom isn’t supposed to fallThe truth screws you over before it sets you freeMasks dropSecrets unravelElsa’s race after the past blinds her from the presentI’ll fight for herI’ll bring her backI?. Long live the King and the ueenI knew this book would be good and it certainly lived up to my expectations Aiden and Elsa’s story has been uite a roller coaster ride From the beginning they stared at each other across a school yard and had a connection that couldn’t be ignored At the end of the last book Jonathan Aiden’s father had made it a point to destroy what they had in his uest to get back at Elsa for the sins of her motherIn addition to Jonathan’s manipulations which destroy all trust Elsa had in Aiden there is still a lot Elsa doesn’t know about what happened when they were kids because her memories have been returning to her very slowly Aiden fears those revelations will turn her against him even than JonathanElsa finds herself surrounded by new and different characters in this book which was a great surprise I liked that a lot about the book as well as the fact that the rest of the horsemen Kim and the Elsa’s rival Silver are returned The relationship between Aiden and Elsa is scorchingly hot and steamy Their passion is beautiful all consuming and violent at times It’s like they can’t control themselves and can’t get enough of one another The intimate scenes were sizzling and the connection Aiden and Elsa share is much deeper as we find out about their childhoods I love the way Rina Kent writes so that you can feel the need they have for each other and though Aiden is sometimes a possessive and Jealous prick he really just wants to protect Ella He also has an extremely dirty mind and has no problem with telling her his every dirty thoughtAiden is such a compelling character He is a sociopath but he controls himself for the most part His mind is funny and the parts of the book told from his point of view are awesome We get to see how he his brain works and also how he feels about Elsa and even about his friends and other students “A moment later he strides in our direction He smiles at me so wide I’m tempted to cut his face open The only reason I don’t is because Elsa would hate me even Knight can still do it though With the right encouragement I tuck that idea for later” This book also sets up some of the next books in the series I want to know and find out who the rest of the horsemen will end up with and what is they mystery between Xander and Kim I would almost think that Kim’s brother Kai is their son but his age doesn’t add up So I don’t know what is going on with them I can’t wait to find out I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts opinions are my own Blog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

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??ll protect her even if it’s the last thing I doWe made a promiseShe’s mineAre you ready for one final game sweetheart Twisted Kingdom is book three of Royal Elite Series and should be read after Deviant. This series is just okay Although this book was better than the last two books however it was still problematic and not entertainingIt was good that Elsa and Aiden got their happy ending The other characters were interesting too Cole and silver then I kind of guessed them together in the first book when it was revealed that they are going to be stepsibling And Silver is a completely changed person here In the previous books she was a bully and always tormented Elsa about Aiden And now she doesn't even care about Aiden any Isn't it weird If the author decided to make Silver a protagonist in the future book she should have started changing her before Now the sudden shift of her character is completely unbelievable and obnoxiousAnd Silver and Aiden faked their engagement She was territorial about him for other reason Can you find the similarity It sounds a lot like The Peer and the Puppet and The Punk and the Plaything by BB ReidAnd Kimberly and Xander another predictable book it will be They were childhood friends right Does anyone remember Bully by Penelope Douglas And Ronan and Teal right It will be interesting At least I haven't found similarities yet but who knowsI feel the author took inspiration from every bully romance merged them together and here is her books