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Free download é Deviant King ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î The villain isn't supposed to be king I have a simple planFinish Royal Elite School and get into my dream universityOne glance from the school’s king blows my plan up in smokeOne glance and he suffocates my airOne glance and he issues his death sentenceHis fiAdult and contains dubious situations that some readers might find offensive Aiden isn’t the normal romance hero In fact he’s not a hero at ALL So please don’t read this if any of that bothers youThis book is NOT standaloneRoyal Elite Series#1 Deviant King#2 Steel Princess#3 Twisted KingdomRoyal Elite full length standalone Spin offCruel King part of Noble Savages Boxse. This book in a couple of gif's So this was my first ever bully romance and I loved it so much In case you're wondering I read this book about 3 months ago and I've come a long way since then in this trope The reason I'm writing this review now is because when I read this book I hadn't starting writing reviews yet and I just re read this series so I thought why not write one now Anyways like I said this was my first book in this trope and my first book by author Rina Kent who btw is now one of my fav authors💖 Review I loved this book so much“They say it doesn’t take long for your life to be flipped upside down A moment A second And it’s all over I should’ve known If I had I would’ve done things differently Maybe I would’ve walked the other way Maybe my tale wouldn’t have ended the way it did But the thing about ‘maybes’ They’re useless”Elsa uinn comes to Royal Elite in hopes of doing well and getting into Cambridge which is her dream college but all goes to hell when Aiden King publicly declares war against her by saying I will destroy you“Be mine and you become the ueen on my board” He pauses and flicks his tongue to lick my lower lip “Fight and you’ll remain a pawn”Aiden King is the most popular guy on campus He is dark and broody and doesn't talk much The four of them Ronan Astor Cole Nash Xander Knight and 'the mighty king' himself are also known as the 'Four Horseman' They are the golden boys of the town and loved by all Everyone knows the mighty Aiden who isn't affected by much but when Elsa joins RES he is affected by her presence like an itch to scratchTotally inappropriate I know but I just couldn't resist it😂So anyways no one knows why he is so affected by her presence buuuut we find out his reasons as the story progresses and let me tell youI loved Elsa so much she WASN'T a doormat at all and stood her own Oh and her friendship with Kim I'm not swooning over the friendship than the relationshipHonestly she was like a momma bear protecting Kim from all the fat shaming and bullying She was so strong and resilient and even though she was getting bullied too she tried her best to protect Kim What an ending The cliff hanger was ahh maz ing Me at the end of the book I so enjoyed this book and if you're looking for a good dark captivating bully romance this book is highly recommended This book may contain some dubious content as it's a dark bully romance But if you're okay with it I would highly recommend this book

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Black heartBlack soulI should’ve remained uiet and endured the time I have leftI didn’tI made the irrevocable mistake of provoking the king on his throneThe devil in his hellAnd now I’ll pay the priceBeing hated by Aiden King is dangerous But being wanted by him is lethal Deviant King is book one of Royal Elite Series This is a dark high school bully romance mature new. #1 Deviant King — 2 Stars#2 Steel Princess DNF 30% BLEACH BLEACH PLEASE GIVE ME SOMEI NEED BLEACH FOR MY EYES YUCK THIS IS HORRENDOUS I like bully romances but not this I thought I could tolerate a lot when it comes to complex characters with extremely disturbing behavior but apparently not at this magnitude Not with Aiden If it had been any of the other Four Horsemen members Xander Ronan or Cole who got their stories written first I would’ve probably liked theirs better Aidan King has a black heart With no moral compass to guide him he relies on deceit and manipulation to get what he wants He’s over the top possessive to a point where it’s stifling and completely unreasonableElsa uinn is broken and a virgin duh She has some memory loss due to a traumatic experience during her childhood Her guardians have been keeping what happened to her a secret We’re just as clueless as her throughout the entire book “You could’ve stayed away Frozen But you had to start the war” Now before you accuse me of not heeding the warning on the blurb I did I was aware that this book was dark and contained some dubious situations I read it anyway because that was exactly why I was intrigued in the first place My issue is not with how problematic this book is but it lies in the fact that I didn’t—couldn’t enjoy it despite that First of all there’s nothing original about this book It’s a rip off to Penelope Douglas’ Bully which I liked and enjoyed and Belle Aurora’s Raw which I loathed I don’t have a problem with authors taking inspirations from other authors’ works I just think this book tries very hard to be its own thing and fails miserablySecond of all this book has no substance It’s just a surface level bully romance with repetitive appalling scenes We have the whole mystery about the characters’ harrowing past that’s supposed to explain why they are the way they are However nothing is really unveiled by the end of the book We are left with a cliffhanger instead “Do you know what I think I think a part of you likes the opposite of nice but because you’re such a good girl you’re out to destroy that part You’re scared about what it could mean about you How can you like something so deprived when you’re such a perfect human being You’re scared of yourself sweetheart” Essentially the point of this book is just Aiden trying to convince Elsa how much of a masochist she is He believes that she likes being forced into doing things that she should have issues with This book is full of Aiden ‘sexually assaulting’ Elsa I can take it once or twice but after multiple times It’s neither sexy nor swoon worthy It’s disgusting and painful to readThird the writing isI’m sorry but it’s awful Aidan did the word ‘sweetheart’ a disgrace I don’t consider myself an advanced British English speaker nor have I ever spoken face to face with British people but if my studies serve me right I’m pretty sure they don’t sound like any of these characters “You didn’t ask for my attention but you’re getting it anyway” Admittedly I have to give it to the author that this book is addictive It was like this book was so bad that I just wanted to keep reading to see how much worse it could get Eventually I gave up After reading 30% of the 2nd book and seeing nothing’s changed I was done I couldn’t bring myself to care anyOverall this is a decent bully romance read with nothing special to offer You won’t miss anything if you don’t read it If you fancy this trope I personally wouldn’t recommend this as there are other books that do it better Of course it could also be that I’m just exclusively not partial to this book considering the rating it has on this site is uite favorable So you do you

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Deviant KingThe villain isn't supposed to be king I have a simple planFinish Royal Elite School and get into my dream universityOne glance from the school’s king blows my plan up in smokeOne glance and he suffocates my airOne glance and he issues his death sentenceHis first words spiral my life into irreparable chaos“I will destroy you”Everything about Aiden King is blackBlack mind. 45Well Rina Kent just left one hell of an impression on me This story isn't about your average new adult couple and their romance isn't normal by any means Prepare to clutch your pearls if you can't deal with sexual situations that aren't exactly consensual In other words heed the content warning before going into this one Like it's stated in the title Aiden King is one deviant motherfucker He has no boundaries whatsoever and his moral compass is broke as fuck The things he did to Elsa were cruel crazy and 100 percent criminal on several occasions Despite that I wound up rooting for him in his uest to make Elsa his  It makes no sense for me to feel that way because she honestly needs a restraining order and a psychiatric evaluation I do too though apparently because I kept wanting her to give in to a lot of his demands pretty early on in the book LOL At the same time I wanted her to fight him and give him a taste of his own medicine and she did that too I can't actually fault Elsa for any of her decisions because Aiden has me just as fucked up as she is  I couldn't get enough of Elsa and Aiden together I literally read the entire book from start to finish in one sitting The steamy scenes between the two of them were intense twisted and super hot Their relationship is complicated from the beginning and just when you think things are starting to make sense BAM Rina Kent throws you a curve ball that knocks your ass out  Aside from the romance I loved the added mystery of Elsa not remembering her past due to experiencing a traumatic event in her childhood Bits and pieces sneak through in flashbacks and dreams and I was trying to piece everything together along with Elsa I love it when the narrator is as in the dark as you are and if you do too then you'll definitely enjoy that aspect of the book  Deviant King is the first book in a series so be prepared for a cliffhanger ending I got enough answers for me to not feel super frustrated by it but it still left me reeling I can't wait for the next installment Steel Princess Hopefully we finally get some of Aiden's POV because so far the story has been in Elsa's entirely  Side note The side characters in the book intrigued me enough to want of their stories Fingers crossed they get books of their own in the futureI recommend Deviant King to fans of intense dark bully romance and slightly unhinged alphaholes