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Make it down the mountain Fourteen years later a man develops blood clots in his legs at 25000 feet leaving his team with no safe path off the mountain Into the Clouds tells the stories of the men whose uest to conuer a mountain became a battle to survive the descen. Well researched and written I easily lost myself in these tales of courage and determination Particularly loved the philosophical reflections woven throughout especially from the expedition journals Also Loved the epilogue and will keep this gem tucked in my pocket “I would not deny that the summit matters greatly but I know that the rewards of climbing live in the venture and not alone in the triumph It is the means which calls us to the end not the end which justifies the means” Charles Houston

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Into the CloudsA tale of survival and brotherhood atop one of the deadliest mountains on EarthThis fast paced three part narrative takes readers on three expeditions over 15 years to K2 one of the deadliest mountains on Earth Roped together these teams of men face perilously high. In his latest book Into the Clouds Tod Olson has another survival story this one details the race to climb one of the world's deadliest and second highest mountain the K2 His story is written across three distinct time periods Each treacherous climb includes details about the expedition team how they not only survived the harsh mountainous range but also how they dealt with the harrowing cold temperatures It chronicles both their successes and failuresOlson begins in 19o9 following the Duke of Abruzzi's failed climb Then moves the story into the First American Expedition of 1938 by a medical student named Charlie Houston While Houston and his men never made it to the summit they laid the groundwork for future expeditions Even naming one of the most treacherous parts House's Chimney The second expedition was led by Fritz Wiessner A man who took huge risks with his crew and had less experienced climbers His expedition was riddled with problems and was very disorganized In the end Wiessner's team was also unsuccessful losing three Sherpa's and one of its crewmembers Dudley Wolfe Following Wiessner's climb uestions began to mount regarding the efficacy of such climbs Blame was being thrown around regarding Wolfe's death In 1953 Charlie Houston was determined to take another crack at the mountain and set out with his team on the Second American Expedition Here's where the crux of the story really seems to lie for me Charlie Houston had a very different leadership style to Weissner he saw his team as having a fellowship of the rope He was determined to pick men who held to the same sort of standards that he did He really wanted to be the first team to make it to the summit Initially everything seemed to be going in their favor As the expedition climbed higher and higher they moved their supplies up the hill establishing a new campsite each time At some point all the teams had to deal with the harsh elements winds gusting 80 miles per hour frozen toes due to the blistering cold snowfall and the constant risk of loose rocks or avalanches from above As they climbed Houston and his crew found reminders of previous climbs and as with previous teams had to deal with the illness of one of their crew In their case Gilkey developed blood clots in his leg Given Houston's medical training he understood the risks of continuing onward and made the decision to turn back before making it to the summit Now the team was focused on getting safely back down the mountain so they wrapped Gilkey in sleeping bags as best they could and descended However conditions on the mountain began to worsen and at one point they lost Gilkey as well Houston and his team eventually made their way home and in 1954 an Italian team made the climb in a military style expedition Disappointed Houston never climbed againAs I was reading Into the Clouds I couldn't help thinking that no matter how strong you think you are you need to respect naturethe elements Weissner seemed to believe that with his will alone he could make it to the summit But nature can be harsh and unpredictable I really appreciated that Olson also included explanations for why extreme climbers do what they do That some of these men had a deep desire to conuer the mountain Houston's was so strong that despite not succeeding the first time around he even went back It's remarkable when you think about all that they had to endure up on the mountain breaking a new campsite on the side of a cliff hoping that the wind wouldn't drag them off or they wouldn't get buried by the snow Spending days cramped in their tent unable to move trying to make sure that the people in the tent next to yours are still out there Suffering from hunger and thirst Even just the will and strength to hang on when you're tied to someone who's hanging at the end of your line Included in the back of the book are a detailed source reference list and photographs of some of the euipment the men used And throughout the text there are many photographs of the men and Sherpa's who went on the climbs I was really fascinated with how they tested their ropes to ensure that it could hold the combined weight of the men and the slow determined process they took to allow each of them to acclimate to the altitude A remarkable story of survival and a very detailed account of these men's journey A huge thank you to the Scholastic Focus and Blue Slip Media for the review copy

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Read & Download Into the Clouds â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × A tale of survival and brotherhood atop one of the deadliest mountains on EarthThis fast paced three part narrative takes readers on three expeditions over 15 years to K2 one of the deadliest mountains on Earth Roped together these teams of men face perilously high aAltitudes and battering storms in hopes of reaching the summit As each expedition sets out they carve new paths along icy slopes and unforgiving rock creating camps on ledges so narrow they fear turning over in their sleepBut disaster strikes in 1939 four men never. Love the diligence of going after what you want Interesting uote “Better to take risks than die from the rot within”