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Characters â Peter and the Shadow Thieves · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Award winning authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have done it again written a compulsively readable impossible to put down tale that will delight readers of all agesIn this riveting and adventure packed follow up to Peter and the StaDing the ability to make shadows disappear When Peter reaches London he sets out to find the indomitable Molly Together they must combat Ombra's terrible forces to both protect the Starcatchers and the treasured starstuff and most importantly to rescue Molly's mother from the clutches of evil. This book wasn't fun like the first one at least not on that same level I didn't fall off the couch laughing or get funny looks as I chuckled to myself in the breakroom But this book was better than the original in some ways Better story tension some unexpected emotions fewer seemingly annoying villain POV scenes at least in the second half of the book Although I don't know that that counts because the villain POV scenes in both books are well written and rather entertainingOTHER HAPPY THOUGHTSThe authors did a great job with Tink She's not as annoying and stuck up as she is in the original but she's still very true to characterThey met a Darling Made me happy But Peter bumped into a random guy named James Barrie Made me happy And Mr Barrie directed Peter second to the right and straight on 'til which was the absolute best part of the book So much happyFor a seemingly cheap fantasy cash grab of a preuel this story does an amazing job of establishing setting I don't know that I've ever felt like I was in London like I did while Peter was trekking through itOTHER SAD THOUGHTSOkay so does everyone have to be jealous of everyone I get it that Tink is jealous of every girl ever it couldn't be any other way but teacher is also jealous of someone at one point and so is Molly and George and even Peter Could we all just not fall in love while we're still kids On the other hand A for writing a really convincing awkward fourteen year old in George Nailed it NerdI'd have liked to have seen some different personalities from the various villains Hook is Slank is Nerezza I thought Ombra would be different but he wasn't really I wanted him to be creepy and ominous and near silent but he ended up barking orders at everyone just like the rest of them Some varied villains could have taken this book to the next levelAs it was though I really enjoyed this read Sped through it in a day No regrets Can't wait to get to the rest of the series

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Award winning authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have done it again written a compulsively readable impossible to put down tale that will delight readers of all agesIn this riveting and adventure packed follow up to Peter and the Starcatchers we discover Peter leaving the relative safety o. Sort of a modern adaptation of the classic Peter Pan this book is the second in the series wonderfully written and telling the story of a boy called Peter and his best friend Tinker Bell as they go through numerous adventures

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Peter and the Shadow ThievesF Mollusk Island along with his trusted companion Tinker Bell for the cold damp streets of London On a difficult journey across the sea he and Tink discover the dark and deadly slithering part manpart creature Lord Ombra It seems that the dreaded Ombra has a variety of mysterious powers inclu. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it Borrowed the audiobook CD’s from the libraryThe cover is definitely reminds you of Peter Pan with the flying out the window scene I really like this series and so does my son I know the library has the first 4 books in audio so we will be borrowing them all to listen in the car This is such a fun series with tons of adventure My son and I love listening to it in the car before and after school If I could nail my son down longer than this we would listen to of it each day but sadly I just don’t have the time This is a long book with 9 CDs to listen to I loved the whole thing Peter is very courageous but he tends to cause much trouble like any normal boy Tink is a spit fire and it is always humorous to listen to Peter’s translations of what she says to everyone Of course boys are in the story though they do not play as big of a part in this story as well as the Mullosk people Molly is a major part of the story again and she is just as brave as the last story though she definitely has some girl fits of temper in this story I love how well the story is told by the authors Their descriptions make the story easy to relate to and I got pulled right into itI highly recommend this series to adventuresome kids who would love a good story related to Peter Pan but it is so uniue and wonderful to listen or read I have already recommended it to several students in the high school when the topic of Peter Pan came up during spirit week for fairy tale day Well time to find something new