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Review ´ Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet 107 Á Amazing PDF, Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet Author Kate Pankhurst This is the best favorite book format paperback and others 32 pages isbn 9781408899298 Et Author Kate Pankhurst This is the best favorite book. Our Earth goes through continuous periods of cooling and warming with science explaining in detail why the current warming cycle is happening at an increasing rate due to man’s intervention It is not only necessary for us to comprehend and to acknowledge our contribution there is great need of a new and attuned younger generation to correlate corrective action It will be through their new understanding of the science that our errors of the immediate past will be righted Any book with the capacity to open enuiring minds to science is a worthy addition to library shelves especially when related to primary aged children This is one of the reasons I was pleased to have the opportunity to read and review Fantastically Great Women Who Saved The Planet It is the latest in the Fantastically Great Women series written and illustrated by Kate Pankhurst Appropriately today being International Women’s Day it was released this weekReading of Maria Telkes developer in the 1940s of The Dover Sunhouse heated entirely by use of solar power an important step along the way towards using environmentally friendly sources of energy could provide the trigger for fresh enuiring young minds to enter the fieldIsatou Ceesay in The Gambia economically poor and with people having so little income their children must leave school at a young age showed the women a way to make a living and to help overcome a messy problem Historically women of her country used woven organic baskets but had put them aside and taken up the convenience of plastic bags There were now so many plastic bags Isatou developed a method of weaving them into objects of value for resale thus helping clean up the environment while giving women independenceEvery one of these stories is interesting We meet Ursula Marvin a geologist and read of her investigation into asteroids; Jane Goodall and her work with chimpanzees and their environment; Eileen Kampakuta Brown and Eileen Wani Wingfield who saved their Woomera homeland once used for atomic testing from becoming a nuclear waste dump; and many Fantastically Great Women Who Saved The PlanetI appreciate Kate’s examples her words and her artwork all telling clearly and interestingly the work the selected women have done I would expect this book to become an automatic inclusion in every primary school library The underlying story of women in science is important and uneuivocal and not to be missed

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Format paperback and others 32 pages isbn 9781408899298. Of the 14 women mentioned in this book I had only ever heard of one Women's contributions are still so underrepresented and this beautifully illustrated book sets about putting a little bit of that rightI love how it focused on women and women's environmental movements around the world and featured women doing such important work fighting for ecology science and the planet all over the worldTruly inspirational stuff and I genuinely felt like I learned something by reading it

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Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the PlanetAmazing PDF Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Plan. A non fiction picture book exploring the lives of some famous women from across the globe Continuing the series there is again variety of women included from different countries with different careers through the ages The women are different in this book than the previous books showing children there are LOADS of amazing women in historyThis would be a good book for children to look at to spark an interest before doing some deeper research