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Sostiene PereiraRatura sino la opresiva dictadura de Salazar en Portugal la cruenta Guerra Civil española y demás totalitarismos ue tiñen el continente europeo en ese año de 1938 La realidad es precisamente todo auello ue su periódico prefiere pasar por alto Y así el hombre con sobrepeso problemas cardíacos y la constante necesidad de hablar con su difunta esposa se. If you're into stuff like this you can read the full review“ but I feel I must tell you that originally we were Lusitanians and then came the Romans and the Celts and then came the Arabs so what sort of race are we Portuguese in a position to celebrate The Portuguese Race replied the editor in chief and I am sorry to say Pereira that I don’t like the tone of your objection we are Portuguese we discovered the world we achieved the greatest feats of navigation the world over and when we did this in the 16th century we were already Portuguese that is what we are and that is what you are to celebrate Pereira”In “Pereira Declares” by Antonio TabucchiI read this in a Portuguese translation from the Italian than ten years ago if memory serves me right I haven't come across anything uite like it and I still have a place in my heart for portly perspiring Pereira with his omelets and his uiet but subversive decency This time this wonderful translation by Patrick Creagh just made my dayIn a narrative that does not want a puzzle Tabucchi uses a very similar resource to the one used by Isaac Bashevis Singer that of telling alien stories supposedly collected from conversations with real people and not hiding it in the book's writing “Pereira Declares” is a book that walks slowly seeking to situate the scenario through which the characters walk without extending the descriptions but worried to leave the reader with significant details about the characters as for example the custom of Pereira to take Lemonades and the same path every day Alongside this there is a concern for philosophical discussions or at least the ones that foster deeper reflections One can use as an example both the theory of the confederation of souls and the hegemonic hegemony proposed by Dr Cardoso as well as Pereira's trajectory If you're into Lusitania read on

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Sostiene Pereira Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Todo lo ue sostiene Pereira a lo largo de esta inolvidable novela traza el minucioso testimonio de su encuentro con el joven Monteiro Rossi Para el anodino periodista del diario Lisboa ocupado en escribir efemé­rides y traducir cuentos de autores Dejará arrastrar por las circunstancias para acabar convertido en un modesto héroeDesde ue hace años leímos Sostiene Pereira Lisboa es el Café Oruídea y sabe a las omelettes a las finas hierbas acompañadas de limonada ue come siempre el protagonista de este libro mientras resuena su voz diciendo «Es usted una persona infame y todo esto es una infamia. Set in Lisbon in 1938 when fascism was running riot across Europe a lonely obese middle aged man follows his heart Read it to discover one of the most unassuming heroes in literature

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Todo lo ue sostiene Pereira a lo largo de esta inolvidable novela traza el minucioso testimonio de su encuentro con el joven Monteiro Rossi Para el anodino periodista del diario Lisboa ocupado en escribir efemé­rides y traducir cuentos de autores franceses del siglo XIX cruzarse con ese joven idealista cambiará su existencia El mundo ya no será solo lite. It was one of those days when I had a good meal; the fresh herbs the right salt the approachable variety the generous portions the nice host I walked back home with a content smile Upon unlocking the door a whiff of scented potpourri filled my senses and I sunk on my couch thinking 'a day well spent a tummy well fed' I then switched off the lights of the living room and yawned to usher in a good night's sleep I got up the next morning at the invigorating slant of the sunshine and was enveloped by a good feeling My mom called up while I was sipping teaHow was yesterday We couldn't catch upIt was good mamma A fruitful day at workAnd your dinner I hope you ate something properI did In fact a good meal at The ZephyrShe didn't wait for me to finish Good meal Aha So what did you eat away my girlAnd I blurted almost the same instant Oh I had a ermm gently crushing my eyelid hang on I think dropping my palms to my lap ah well it was good and that's enough for one outing isn't it mammaNo I am not aiming at your cupcakes And I remember I am reviewing a book a rather interesting novella about Dr Pereira a senior editor of culture page in an evening newspaper of Lisbon of 1930s whose apolitical stand comes under fire when a passionate but troublesome young writer Rossi joins him as an assistant The story was replete with its elements a hesitant awkward yet endearing protagonist his ordinary life whose highlights were hidden in the contours of routine webs a uirky bunch of colleagues and acuaintances whose freuent entries and exits rendered the story a velvet drape of drama a politically charged environment that overshadowed the nascent cultural propagation and a constant waging war between his givings and misgivings I uite liked Pereira's demeanor a wise man on the other side of the age living a life just so he can write about literature and talk about the same to his dead wife's photograph Rossi was a well sketched representation of that aspect of human beings called habit which eventually draws us into the wells that our elders asked us not to peep into lest we fall prey to their bottomless depths The excessive shots of lemonade the chucklesome frown towards the caretaker the impulsive surges of benevolence the devout exercise for change the unexplained reasons of bonding and the adrenaline rush of breaking through they all had a current which when passed through me left me in pleasant uivers But once the current was off for good I no longer contained the firm after effects of the sensory pleasure; just like my meal which although left a good taste in my mouth could not do enough to seal a signature dish or two in my mind long after I had scrubbed the last morsel off the plateFor me the entire experience of witnessing Tabucchi’s Pereira to enact a slice of his life was like sitting in a new class with a moody teacher; there were days when his diction and grasp sparkled with the luminosity of an emerald that refuses to get camouflaged even in the greenest icicles of a dense banyan tree but there were also days when he garbled innocuously in a haphazard gait like an autumn leaf on a gusty evening Such teachers can inspire if they strike us on a ripe day Unfortunately I remained in and out of sync with him with baffled alacrity But on a clear day when the temperature is indulgent and the heart happily asunder spotting the little crevices in the simple plain body of the creation both edible and sensory can be a revelation I maintainA 35 actually