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FREE READ ´ The Fractured Mate (Iriduan Test Subjects #6) ↠ As a captive of aliens Paisley is forced to work as an engineering assistant on an ancient wrecker starship She knows she has to keep her head down and her behavior humble in order to survive When the crew responds to an automated distress call from an Akrellian wAs a captive of aliens Paisley is forced to work as an engineering assistant on an ancient wrecker starship She knows she has to keep her head down and her behavior humble in order to survive When the crew responds to an automated distress call from an Akrellian warship that shouldn’t be malfunctioning she senses a threat but she knows no one will listen to her warnings Paisley realizes that her days of avoiding danger are over when among the rescued passengers trouble with a capital “T” is escorted onto her ship in chains for bringing an apocalypse to Earth that resulted in milli. I loved this book so hard I've been waiting for Halain's book since the moment he was introduced and Susan did not disappoint I'm a sucker for a villain romance especially one that doesn't hurt his heroine but will raze chaos and destruction to the world around him Halain had three different personalities and I was so in love with Killer I don't know what it says about me that I really dig the villainbad guys so much but Killer is something Fans selfPaisley was the perfect mate for him She's sweet caring emphatic but she has backbone and will protect the one she loves refusing to leave their side Halain needed that If you haven't read this series yet and if you love aliens that look alien I highly recommend this series

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Ons of deaths Something about the prisoner makes it impossible for her to look away from him and it isn’t just the fact that he’s the most handsome alien she’s ever seen Yet when he meets her eyes there’s a darkness in his intense gaze that makes her think his captors might be telling the truth about him despite his claims of innocence Caught between two greedy groups seeking wealth and power Paisley soon discovers that far lies behind the mystery surrounding the Iriduan prisoner they call Halian He might be stealing her heart but she can’t keep him in chains because he could. Susan TrombleyThank youSincerely from the bottom of my icy cold frozen alien lovin' heart 'Cause you da realist sista The Scorpion's Mate was one of my very first foray's into the world of alien romance and boy OhPete what an absolute eye opener that was for me I never would have imagined that wings horns armor plateing and other bodily structures of uestionable origins would be my thingApparently I was wrongAnd damn proud Holy Geeze What a trip What a head friggin head tripHalian is a character that we have LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDD to hate for a majority of this serious We first really get to meet him in The Krakens Mate and from there begins our uest to either hate this male orfeel really bad for him Side Note The Krakens Mate is genuinely my favorite alien book Boyfriend OF ALL EXISTENCE EVER Nemon is Top Notch To be fated to become a slave to the female whose scent attracts appears to be handled pretty shittily for his people and he just wants to make an existence where he can be free to choose AND he was basically Nemon's dad so there is absolutely no way I could ever hate himHe's been such a complex character from the starting line and his complexity has only become complex over time Should I say complex one time Complex Ho But that is just the flavor that ST delivers to us Nothing can be cut n dry simple HO NONONO This ISH has layers on layers The world is vast the people are complex not even sorry bro and the romances haven't been easy And I Love ItYou can't enter a ST book and expect to find your one true love after one glance I like to imagine that if aliens were to become a thing which I'll be honest With this virus out here I AM WAITING for them to come down to the rescue with a cure Ri Bough Now this is how I imagine a relationship would go with them It's slow It's awkward What goes where WTF does that do And that just makes things interesting in my opinion We get a different species a different personalitiescultures and YES different MF'n Females y'allTrombley writes some real A chicks And Paisley is no exception We don't have Jessica Rabbit with her size 6 waist double D's and legs to the moon with Katniss Everdeen bad aness I feel like we can relate to a lady like Paisley which is honestly a point that can make or break a book for me Home girl is sarcastic so she immediately scores BIG points with me She isn't some street fighter Legend She's scared but she's coping the best that she can in order to survive AND Her breasts were too small to be sexy her hips too wide to be fashionable with the rest of her skinny body She couldn’t pull off “heroin chic” or voluptuously curvy She was caught in a weird in between state and it hadn’t been only her overprotective parents and a life filled with farm chores that had kept her a virgin Much to her disappointment she hadn’t grown into any curves despite now being fully mature IBTC FOR THE WINwhich I know is a petty thing to enjoy But You can't fault someone for wanting to imagine a girl like themselves could be right where they areThis book has it's high moments it has it's slow's it has it's uhhhh huh's and it also has a few Wait Tf Just Happened moments But above all else it has heart and Nemon which is Basically the same thing I don't write the rules I'm so happy that we finally have Halian's story and finally get a look at this man who has been a uestion mark in the minds of many a conflicted reader Paisley was a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her stumble her way through the mind Fudge that was Halian Now STI need some here sista We need This was a beautiful gift wrapped ending to the Iriduan Test Subjects Series To ask your readers if we would ever want More I think i can speak for us all when i sayThat hint at the ending that the subjects kids could be potentially finding their own love was fantastic and I want so much She write Sci fi romance like a Mu F'N wizard and I will always throw my money at anything and everything she makesAre you ready to be transported to a world that will make you book your next flight on a spaceshipWellstart with book one in the series homiebut when you get here enjoy how sweet that ride will be456 Multiple Personalities Is Like A Discount Harem stars 🎇


The Fractured Mate Iriduan Test Subjects #6Be the key to saving the galaxy or destroying it This isn't a light read featuring a sweet from the start hero The main male character has villainous facets to him that do not immediately soften in this slower burn romance The journey to love will be very rough at times If you're in the mood for a complex villain seeking redemption through love a plucky intelligent heroine willing to risk it all and a story packed with action and romance that finally blows the doors off the galactic mystery that has lurked beneath the surface of the Iriduan Test Subjects series then this book is for you. Interesting sum up of all the events leading up to this book I was very happy with how it ended