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A Touch of Sin Read & Download · 4 ↠ Author of a dozen national bestsellers award winner Susan Johnson beguiles once with this breathtaking novel a blend of scandalous adventure sensual love and than just A Touch of SinBeatrix Grosvenor couldn't have been caught in a compromising position locked in a Parisian apartment with the body of a murdereMurdered man She could only hope that the charismatic stranger who found her would believe her story of abduction and assassination and free her to return to her young son in EnglandBut Pasha Duras was not about to let her escape so easily The renowned libertine didn't believe Trixi's fanciful tale but. I liked this story I loved the characters but I wasn't too fond of the ending seemed kind of rushed too many loose endings the ending leaves the newlywed Trixi and Pasha in the middle of a war that is obviously dangerous seeming as half of the plot is about Pash's enemies kidnapping Trixi with Trixi possible pregnant w a Turkish dictators child that would be a product of a drugged rape by the end of the book the evil rapist is of course killed by Pasha our hero but the couple is still in war torn Greece The second half of the plot consists of Trixi's late husbands family her family and her young son's from a man who was not her husband uncles trying to kill them and keep her son from his inheritance by the end of the book the one evil uncle has been killed but the rest of the three crazy families are still on the loose most likely still trying to do some kind of harm but we're all guessing at that bc we get no further information on the subject So to sum it all up in the end there still in war torn Greece probably still have crazy extended family trying to kill the son the son still hasn't gotten his inheritance and Trixi ends up pregnant with a child that could be either her new husband Pasha's or her kidnapping rapist's at least Pasha loves her her son and there new baby no matter who the father is should have wrapped this up better it would have made for an awesome book

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There was no denying the temptation of her beauty He would accompany her home on a sensual journey that would begin with the most tantalizing of seductions and end with a dangerous discoveryTrixi's enemies were real Her child was at their mercyand Pasha's newly awakened heart may prove to be his undoi. Followers of Johnson's 19th century romance Duras series will welcome the story of Pasha Duras the Eurasian son of Teo and Andre Duras from Taboo Here Pasha who displays the usual romance novel aversion to marriage meets his lustful match in Lady Trixi Grosvenor when he rescues her Trixi is relieved when Pasha discovers her; she is now free from captivity after a murderer kills the man who kept her prisoner She has had nothing but bad luck with men and now wants nothing than to return to her son in England Her reason for initially coming to Paris was to attempt to claim her son's inheritance from his father's family who refuse to acknowledge Chris is the legitimate heir to the Clouard family inheritance Nothing short of murder will stop Jerome Clouard from preventing Chris from inheriting not even the cost of a hired killerPasha is swept away by this beautiful woman and finds himself escorting her back to England and showering her and Chris with gifts which she is reluctant to accept Passionate flames ignite almost immediately between the two and Pasha finds himself offering his assistance should she ever need his protection Trixi was uick to succumb to the charm of Pasha and lust of her own so uick that all claims of her naivety sounded uite hypocritical Upon his return to Paris Pasha is drawn into the war in the effort to help Greece fight the Turks Once again the Clouards come into Trixi's life and flush her and Chris from England Reluctantly she flees to Paris in search of Pasha's help only to find out that he's involved in the war Realizing that they aren't safe in Paris without Pasha she and Chris head for Greece and now become pawns for Pasha's enemy More of Purplycookie’s Reviews Book Details Title A Touch of Sin Duras #2Author Susan JohnsonReviewed By Purplycookie

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A Touch of SinAuthor of a dozen national bestsellers award winner Susan Johnson beguiles once with this breathtaking novel a blend of scandalous adventure sensual love and than just A Touch of SinBeatrix Grosvenor couldn't have been caught in a compromising position locked in a Parisian apartment with the body of a. This review also appears on my blog at Touch of Sin was a lovely book a delightful read Other than one complaint I have nothing but good to say about this wonderful historical romanceTrixi is incredibly strong going through all that she did and still coming out the victor Her absolute devotion to her son was so sweet and it made her immediately likable I literally have nothing bad about her that I can say She was a wonderful heroine Pasha love that name was wonderful except for one instance that kept me from loving him and the book entirely Pasha was for the most part sweet and adorable He's incredibly attractive and oozes sexual appeal right through the pages And he was also very sweet to Trixi and to her son It was uite adorable to watch The relationship between Trixi and Pasha was HOT They were sweet together but their relationship was mostly A LOT of spice Whoo it had me fanning myself it was so hot I could have adored Pasha very easily Except for one instance This literally lasted about 5 pages and no But it irritated me so much that I had to knock off a point Towards the end Trixi gets caught in a situation that she is completely free of blame from But Pasha reacts terribly and accuses her of enjoying that situation blaming her for something that wasn't her fault at all In fact it must have been very traumatizing for her But he yells at her It made me really angry He barely even apologized afterwards That one instance bothered me so much that I could't say that I loved the book entirely I still really liked Pasha but I couldn't adore him after that boorish behavior Other than that I really liked A Touch of Sin It was a lovely book full of HOT romance mystery political intrigue surprises and everything else you could hope for in a historical romance45