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Turning Home (Tompkins Mill #1) review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ã In this tender Amish romance an Amish man who is returning to his community and faith is drawn to a young woman who is still reeling from past woundsWhen Luke Bowman returns to the Amish faith after years of being away from home he does so with absoluteGile friendship grows stronger Luke wants to be with Julia but the reason he came home his faith is now the thing keeping them apart Luke and Julia will have to decide whether their relationship can survive this divide and whether the home Luke has made in the Amish faith is one that's fit for two. At the heart of Turning Home by Janice Kay Johnson is Luke Bowman who has recently returned to the Amish and baptized fully into their traditional Christian fellowship and Julia Durant a devout Christian woman carrying the weight of an assault many years agoBoth characters are wonderfully written their spiritual relationship with God first and foremost in their lives We get to know them both as individuals as we see Julia become part of a Amish uilting circle and an important part of the Bowman furniture business while Luke deals with family dynamics having returned home not too long ago As Luke and Julia work together their feelings grow and with that the impossibility of a life together I enjoyed learning about the Amish though a pronunciation guide for the Amish words would have been a great addition as I was freuently pulled from the story as I worked out or not how to say them But Johnson seems to capture the Amish setting amidst an Englischer town pretty well I've lived close to towns like this a couple of timesOverall I enjoyed Turning Home and it's depiction of the Amish lifestyle and the conflict that can arise when an outsider falls in love with one of them I loved seeing Luke and Julia fight their love for each other while turning to God for His love and guidance The secondary characters were wonderful giving Turning Home a cozy family feeling I look forward to the next book in the Tompkins Mill seriesThank you to the publisher for an early copy in exchange for honest feedback

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In this tender Amish romance an Amish man who is returning to his community and faith is drawn to a young woman who is still reeling from past woundsWhen Luke Bowman returns to the Amish faith after years of being away from home he does so with absolute conviction Those feelings are shaken when he. Turning Home by Janice Kay Johnson is the debut of Tompkin’s Mill series I found Turning Home to be well written with complex realistic characters Julia Durant needs a new beginning after a traumatic event Her brother Nick is the chief of police in Tompkin’s Mill Missouri Julia pays Nick a visit and finds herself drawn to the small town where Amish and Englischers coexist Julia gets a job at Bowman Sons Handcrafted Furniture runs by Eli Bowman and his son Luke Julia learns her new job uickly and begins making suggestions that have a big impact on the business I loved the descriptions of the beautifully crafted furniture Eli and Luke were not carpenters they are craftsman The apartment Julia rented sounded gorgeous with the hard wood floors as well as other historic details in the renovated schoolhouse I wanted that apartment for myself Turning Home is a touching story The story moved at just the right pace The chemistry was present between Luke and Julia but it was mild which suited this story It was wonderful the way the Bowman family embraced Julia I liked seeing Julia expand her horizons I liked seeing her change as the book progressed I enjoyed how this tale played out This is the first novel that I have read by Janice Kay Johnson and it will not be my last

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Turning Home Tompkins Mill #1Meets Julia Durant a non Amish woman who works at his family's furniture making business Despite his instincts Luke is drawn to Julia and although Julia is still recovering from a brutal assault when she was a college student she is drawn to Luke as wellAs Luke and Julia grow closer and their fra. Julia Durant's visit to her brother Nick was than a visit it felt like she had come home For the first time since a brutal attack she wanted to stay and make a new start Things fell into place with her new job and new friends Turning Home is a wonderful story of healing hearts and new beginnings It is the first book I have read by Janice Kay Johnson and I look forward to finding of her books soon The characters are complex yet easy to like I liked the approach the author took in dealing with Julia's attack and how difficult it was for her to trust others again Moving to a small town may have seemed a big step but for Julia but she began to take risks she never would have thought about in the big city She took a risk by getting a job in an Amish furniture business yet made a big impact on the business from her first day It was all going so well but for Luke the owner's son and partner who hadn't approved of her being hired She would have to learn to work with him because going home was not going to be an option She was determined to stay in Tompkin's MillLuke Bowman had only returned from the Englisch world in the last year He still had much to prove about his desire to live among the people and he certainly didn't factor in anyone like Julia working in the family business To make life even uncertain for him someone from his past comes along and puts everything all into perspective for him The uestion is what he will do about the changes that come upon him and his familyI recommend this book to anyone who enjoys inspirational contemporary Amish fiction I received an advanced reader copy from Berkley Publishing Group through NetGalleycom for an honest review My thoughts about the book are my own