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DOWNLOAD Í The Innocent Anthropologist: Notes from a Mud Hut ç El antropólogo inocente es un texto ciertamente insólito del ue se dijo «Probablemente el libro más divertido ue se ha publicado este año Nigel Barley hace con la antropología lo ue Gerald Durrell hizo con la zoología» David Halloway El autor doctoradO y a desastres enfermedades y hostilidades varias– nos ofrece una introducción decididamente irreverente a la vida de un antropólogo socialDespués de esta experiencia el autor se incorporó al Museo Británico cuyo departamento de publicaciones editó este texto como una curiosidad La excitación ue causó entre sus primeros lectores motivó ue se publicara después en la colección de bolsillo de Penguin con extraordinario éxi. In the early 80s a British anthropologists finds himself in the middle of nowhere Africa in the small town of Poli Cameroon in order to study the Dowayo tribe Twenty four years later a California Peace Corps volunteer yours truly finds herself in the same town What has changed Not much Still one dirt road Still pervasive corruption Still intense frustration Still intense happiness and belongingThis book and its companion Ceremony were left in my mud hut but I had luckily had some modern amenities like antiue plumbing and electricity in Poli by the previous volunteer I first devoured it in 1994 the first year of my Peace Corps service I learned a lot from Barley and has many aha moments I also learned that I knew personally several people in the book I recently opened it up again because Poli never really leaves you even after you leave itTo write a comprehensive review would take lots of reflection and getting the pit out of my stomach when thinking about two years in a town and surrounding areas that time truly has forgotten Change comes slowly although not slowly enough when it comes to the invasion of AIDS and rampant outbreaks of meningitis and other preventable diseases Death is an everyday occurrence and so common that you don't even ask why someone died It just happens What has changed since Barley and I lived there is the cell phone tower on the hill outside of town Poli once completely isolated without fax phone cable internet regular postal service or even regular emergency radio connection now has cell phone coverage Texting has come to mud huts I loved and at rare times dreaded my time in Poli There only a few nights that I really really wanted to leave and watch a movie on a big screen while eating a pint of Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream But those times were fleeting and every day I got up and tried to learn a bit about getting life in Cameroon There are moments so distinct and I read that Barley had these too that you feel like you are finally not learning about a culture but just being in the culture like when you start to understand the local humor or when you are accepted into a local group as a peer or when the umpteenth bribery or swindling attempt doesn't phase you any and you actually can beat the systemI will never never forget my two years there I return every five years because I'm drawn to it It's in a strange way my second home and the place that has taught me the most about who I am and who other people are Barley seems to still have an attachment to Poli as well; his Facebook page is named Dowayo

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Y casi la última Nigel Barley se instaló en una choza de barro con la intención de investigar las costumbres y creencias del pueblo dowayo Conocía la teoría del trabajo de campo pero como descubrió enseguida ésta no tomaba en consideración la escurridiza naturaleza de la sociedad dowayo ue se resistía a amoldarse a norma alguna En esta crónica del primer año ue pasó en África Nigel Barley –tras sobrevivir al aburrimient. Much has been written on the excellence of bats' navigation euipment It is all false Tropical bats spend their entire time flying into obstacles with a horrible thudding noise They specialize in slamming into walls and falling fluttering onto your face As my own 'piece of euipment essential for the field' I would strongly recommend a tennis racket it is devastatingly effective in clearing a room of bats


The Innocent Anthropologist Notes from a Mud HutEl antropólogo inocente es un texto ciertamente insólito del ue se dijo «Probablemente el libro más divertido ue se ha publicado este año Nigel Barley hace con la antropología lo ue Gerald Durrell hizo con la zoología» David Halloway El autor doctorado en antropología en Oxford se dedicó durante un par de años al estudio de una tribu poco conocida del Camerún lo ue constituyó su primera experiencia en el trabajo de campo. Update I had a drink last week with a real live Prince He was a nurse anaethetist with an unusual accent I asked him where he was from and he said the Cameroons so I said Manu Dibango and he said how do you know of him I was a world music journalist So that got us off on the good foot He was the son of a hereditary chief turned diplomat and my friend had grown up all over the French speaking world I turned down a second date but if he'd asked me to marry him I would have just think Princess Petra Me and Meghan could get to be best friendsIf you want a serious anthropology study or an objective recorder of life in the backwoods of an area of Cameroon that missionaries have yet to sully then this is not for you The author has a very British self deprecating type of humour where he is always having issues either as unwitting victim or of his own making and is never the hero and never proud of his major accomplishments only very minor ones then you will enjoy this The author very much enjoyed his field work time in Cameroon and communicates this well to the reader along with the occasional illuminating flash of insightApropos of nothing Manu Dibango the world's greatest sax player comes from Cameroon If you never listen to anything else by him listen to Soul Makossa Michael Jackson sampled it in Wanna be Starting Somethin' Reviewed 31st Dec 2018 completely rewritten and updated June 23rd 2019