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CHARACTERS Ø The Trustworthy One (Walnut Creek #4) ☆ New York Times and USA TOD AY bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray returns to the charming and evocative Walnut Creek Series with an unforgettable novel following one broken young woman whose search for peace leads her back to her hometown where she rediscovers her faith andS where she was determined to stay far away from her abusive home and far away from Nate Miller the boy she vowed to despise for the rest of her life Though she suffered through dark times in Columbus Kendra found her faith in the Lord again and years later when she learned one of her good friends had died she realized it was time to go home to those she left behind Back in Walnut Creek Kendra has a life she never could have imagined her own design shop a pretty little house and a tight knit group of friends After she settles. He'd embarrassed her Made her feel like she was less than everyone else And that had hurt so bad that she'd tried to avoid him at all costs In short Nate Miller was a constant reminder of how badly she'd wanted to fit in and how impossible that goal had seemed back when she was fourteen The series continues to center around Andy who had committed suicide and the friends that he left behind One of those friends was Kendra Kendra had shown a side of herself to Andy that no one knew She came from a poor abusive Amish family She was left to care for her younger siblings She stills carries the baggage of her family and along with other demons that she hung on to for support But now she is starting her own Amish store and her younger sister is living with her Nate Miller cannot understand the mistrust Kendra has towards him and when she does tell him it changes himThe building of their friendship leads to trust and strength that both Kendra and Nate realized that they didn't have The prose is how trust is built and the trustworthiness of friends When Kendra reveals a weakness in her past she is given new strength when Nate accepts that weakness to who she is today Together they learn about what forgiveness means and moving forward with friendship and love A Special Thank you to Gallery Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review


New York Times and USA TOD AY bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray returns to the charming and evocative Walnut Creek Series with an unforgettable novel following one broken young woman whose search for peace leads her back to her hometown where she rediscovers her faith and reconnects with those she loves mostKendra Troyer always knew she would leave Walnut Creek the first chance she got When she was accepted into design school she tried her best not to look back at the four siblings she was abandoning but ahead to Columbu. Shelley Shephard Gray brings the Walnut Creek series to a close with book four The trust worthy One In this book the main character is Kendra Troyer Gray gives her readers a look into Kendra's life both from her childhood and her teen years then on to her life as an adult She was raised in an Amish family but she suffered terrible physical and mental abuse that left it's scars on her life Kendra's growing up years were than any child should have to bare Subjected to a father that beat her and a mother that lived in denial at seven years old Kendra tried her best to protect her younger siblings Often she went without eating so her four siblings could have what there was on hand to eat In later years at school Kendra had a learning disability Because of this she was made fun of by some of the other students One such student was Nate Miller who would say cruel things about hereven as she grew older Eventually Kendra got tired of the beatings and left home when she was just seventeen Even then her life was anything but easy Still she made the best of things and eventually moved back to Walnut Creek Back in her hometown she opens her own design shop and gets settled in Along comes Nate Miller who owns the hardware store close by He tries to befriend Kendra and wonders why she is so cold towards him Kendra can't forget the cruel things he said about her to the other students at school Will she be able to forgive Nate and become friends with him Can she learn to trust him or will she hold on to her bitterness she harbors in her heart when she thinks about her school years There are a lot of other situations that spring up in this story to make it seem very real I found myself drawn into the book almost from the beginning Kendra found a special place in my heart and I found myself rooting for her to overcome her past hurts I thought the author left the best till the last All readers of Amish Fiction or fans of Shelley Shepard Gray will love this book If you have read the other books in this series you don't want to miss this one In order to get the most out of your reading experience I recommend that you start at book one The Patient One There are three Eshorts to this series too Friend's To the End A Precious Gift and Promises of Tomorrow which is book 45 and to be read after The Trustworthy One I borrowed a hard cover copy of the book from the local Library A review was not reuested All opinions expressed here in this review are my own

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The Trustworthy One Walnut Creek #4Down though unexpected visitors come knocking and dark memories begin to resurface Complicating things even further is the ever present Nate Miller who now owns the hardware store two doors down and whose very presence stirs in Kendra a fierce need to turn away and hide from her past But Nate is persistent in setting things right between them As Kendra tries to come to terms with the anger she holds from her childhood will she be able to open her heart to forgiveness and find the comfort she has always longed for in Walnut Cre. I enjoy reading Shelley Shepard Gray Her books are always true to life She writes about real conflicts and uncomfortable situations The Trustworthy One doesn't disappoint The story follows Kendra as she returns to her hometown to open up a business She is soon joined by her younger sister Naomi As the story progresses you realize that Kendra has issues from her past including an abusive childhood and school bullying After escaping from her family Kendra still struggles until she finally gets control of her life and returns to her hometown She has tremendous guilt for leaving her siblings that she practically raised herself When the youngest sister Naomi who is sixteen comes to live with her she again feels that same overwhelming responsibility Kendra and Naomi both need to come to terms with forgiveness Even when the siblings reunite it is obvious that the abuse they suffered has created problems in all their lives But it is up to each one to move on and forgive Woven throughout the story are Kendra's childhood friends known as the eight While Kendra was never part of the eight she was still included in the circle of friendship And now they have all come together to help her become a success and realize that she is loved for who she is and not her past I gave The Trustworthy One four stars because at times the story was a little confusing I understand how important the eight were to the story but because I had not read the previous books in the series I was a little lost at times But with that being said it is a wonderful story about forgiveness and love and overcoming tragedy I voluntarily received a copy of this book from Netgalley