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Powerful Original Deeply felt and convincing Kirkus ReviewsFresheventfulwith a satisfying love story underlying it all Foreword Clarion ReviewsHunter needs to remember Jazz needs to forget They need each other to heal in this teen thriller of survivor loveHunter’s past is a mystery to him erased by a doctor at the direction of his father But memories of the secret trauma begin to surface when Hunter sees other people’s memories visions invading his mind with stories of abuse teen self mutilation rape and forbidd. Before I tell you anything else I want you to know there are a significant amount of 5 star reviews for this book and would encourage you to check some of those out before deciding whether this is the book for you “There are a lot of things I wish I didn’t remember” This could well be the most triggering book I have ever read I knew before I began that sexual assault would be addressed but I read a lot of books that include content of that nature so I thought I’d be okay I never expected there would be such consistently graphic content I don’t think for a moment that the author intended any of the scenes to be gratuitous but it felt at times like I was reading a Virginia Andrews novel If there’s been light included in the story to help counter the overwhelming darkness I might have been okay Instead I felt and weighed down by story after story of trauma Your response may be different to mine and you may be okay after reading this but if you’re a survivor of sexual assault please be safe while reading Why was his brain assaulted by other people’s stories when he could remember nothing of his own Hunter can take bad memories away from other people but each memory he deletes from them adds to his own burden Given how their traumas are both related to sexual assault and that they’re best friends I had trouble believing Jazz could so easily give her memories to Hunter While I definitely understand the desire to erase traumatic memories it still felt selfish of Jazz to ease her burden by heaping it instead on someone she cared about Hunter doesn’t feel the way I do about this I didn’t want Jazz silenced; I wanted her to be able to share her story with someone My only problem with this was the choice to delete memories you don’t want by adding to the trauma of another personI balked and very nearly threw my Kindle across the room when a victim of child sexual abuse described their perpetrator as seducing them I wanted to know about Dr Ru and his ‘treatments’ particularly how many other potential Hunters there are wandering around and if the side effects of the treatment differ between patientsI was interested in spending time exploring the changes that took place in people when their traumatic memories were removed and wanted to know the long term effects Hunter would experience by overloading his mind with other peoples’ trauma Content warnings include mentions of take a huge breath here view spoilerabortion alcoholism child pornography death by suicide domestic violence eating disorder fat shaming homophobia human trafficking incest mental illness murder paedophilia prostitution scientific experimentation on animals worms school shooting self harm sexual assault suicidal ideation and attempts hide spoiler

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Someone to Kiss My ScarsEn sexHis best friend Jazz has dark and disturbing memories of her own that she hides behind her sass and wit Hunter discovers he can rescue the victims even though he risks adding their suffering to his ownHunter and Jazz kiss each other’s scars and form a bond of empathy no two teens should ever needThis book contains scenes of sexual abuse self mutilation and suicide It should not be read by teens who wish to be shielded from such harsh realities their peers may be enduring alone Nor by anyone who desires to remain. Skipstone’s debut novel delivers a moving portrait of young lives scarred by severe mental and physical abuse as seen through the lens of a teenager’s nightmare Hunter not only left his old life behind but also all the memories of his past when his father relocated both of them from Washington to Alaska Struggling to remember his past Hunter starts to see disturbing visions where other people’s painful memories invade his mind With the help of his best friend Jezz Hunter realizes he can help others forget their traumatic past but memories of his own dark past come to haunt him Trying to fight their past demons the teens learn to depend on each other and form an unbreakable bond The book opens with graphic details of physical intimacy laced with feelings of shame and guilt setting the tone for a dark disturbing read as horrifying secrets are revealed Skipstone takes time to reveal Hunter’s past his broken relationship with his father and his sufferings at the hands of his mother Short flashbacks throughout the narrative effectively divulge the severe sexual abuse and mental anguish the young teen suffered the effects of which threaten to destroy his present Skipstone’s daring portrayal of her many characters’ damaged mental and emotional state as they go through horrible sexual abuse is deeply disturbing and chilling Rooted in science fiction the book effectively captures the pain of both the victims of sexual abuse and its survivorsBrilliantly brave

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Someone to Kiss My Scars Review æ 8 Ú Powerful Original Deeply felt and convincing — Kirkus ReviewsFresheventfulwith a satisfying love story underlying it all — Foreword Clarion ReviewsHunter needs to remember Jazz needs to forget They need each other to heal in this teen thriller of survivor loveHunter’s past is a mystery to him erased byIn the dark despite being in a position to shine light However those who suffer in private or wish to help those who do please read this story and share its contentsMany parts of this book are difficult to read and were very difficult to write But there is much truth in these pages some profoundly ugly and some beautiful in its resilience As one character says “I have to believe I can still love and be loved We can’t stay broken forever”And they shouldn’t be unknown forever People need to feel the pain of other. I want to applaud the author Brooke Skipstone on creating such an intense and emotional plot which had me in tears as I read certain scenes It awakened me to some of the horrors and harsh realities being faced all around the world by children and teenagers I love how the author took the chance to use this as a platform to help spread that kind of awareness It is rare to find such rare gems like this book which does not hesitate in telling raw truths no matter how gruesome the truths maybe The writing style used was very good and the descriptive language used made me feel as if I was actually there watching it all for real From the start the story started with a punch And it continued without a single boring moment I enjoyed how it was not only focused on Hunter`s story life but instead had other different kind of small stories linked to it Like Tatiana`s story Eric`s story to Jazz`s story The stories all dealt with important issues plaguing some teenagers from suicide sex addictions rape to self mutilation I was in awe of the connection and bond between the main characters Hunter and Jazz They had both been through a lot Things that no teenager deserved to go through Hunter`s really uniue ability and how Hunter decided to use it by helping others made him a true superhero character in the story I was also excited by how the female lead character Jasmine was not like most novel cliché slim females She was instead large nonstandard and loved by Hunter for who she was including the scars and her past This story was filled with raw emotions and was very intense too If an intense and emotionally gripping story is what you are looking for then I highly recommend this book