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Stolen Song Paranormal Prison Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï My voice doesn't charm forest animalsIt predicts deathThat's right—I'm a banshee And I’m locked up in Nightmare Penitentiary with no hope of escape I don't expect to be rescued by handsome Fae princes either sRemember I’d tell them exactly what I think about them but in addition to stealing my freedom they’ve taken my voice Stolen Song is a paranormal prison reverse harem romanc. Great StoryThis was a very thrilling and intense story that kept me captivated and highly entertained from beginning to end Imogen is a uniue and fantastic character She is in a horrible situation being locked up in Nightmare Penitentiary for something she did not do Being put there by the people she trusts and loves the most breaks her heart but doesn't stop her from fighting Her friends Killian Ronan and Flynn are going to make the wrongs they have done to Imogen right and try to help her Which all together makes for a great and sometimes suspenseful story that is full of intrigue and murderWe are taken on an enchanting journey into a world with uniue and mythical characters including Fae a banshee a helpful mouse demons and handsome princes All mixed together into one great and thrilling story

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My voice doesn't charm forest animalsIt predicts deathThat's right I'm a banshee And I’m locked up in Nightmare Penitentiary with no hope of escape I don't expect to be rescu. This was an OK read for me This is disappointing to say because I’ve had my eye on it since the preorder went live In the books defense I only took issue with a few tropestraits whatever you want to call them that bother me personally and I’m sure most people wouldn’t blink at I’m special and opinionated lol To avoid rant the actual review is in the next paragraph lol My issues Like the blurb states the heroine is locked in a paranormal prison What we learn early on is that the heroine has not only been falsely accused and essentially tortured almost daily for a year her best childhood friends and prospective harem are the ones that put her there Technically she’s not ‘tortured’ daily but the device on her neck olds prospective pain daily so I’m counting it 🤓 Now to be blunt the heroine has no problem forgiving them she loves them and well she’s a lot understanding than me I don’t think I could overlook an entire year of being inprisoned silenced for being who I am and betrayedostracized from the only people in my life I trusted and loved Occasionally I can deal with these separation romances when the heroine makes him or them work for it when there’s a short separation or you know the heroine isn’t locked IN PRISON Imogen really doesn’t make them work for it and in the end one of them even harps on how easily she forgave them because he can’t forgive himself 🤷🏼‍♀️ To me it was freakin Prison A paranormal one at that where she had to where a collar that caused unbearable pain anytime she made or even thought of making a single sound On top of that at one point she mentions how the collar she wore actually changed the texture of her skin now that’s its off 😱 I just can’t forget that She bears scars for absolutely no reason She wasn’t impisroned because of someone else nor were her men trying to find a way to get her out everything is on them As someone who is personally embracing this social isolation staying inside world that we are in right now my introvert side can’t fathom a year of not making a sound or risking pain living in solitary and even worse having to read the same book for weeks for a time would just be impossible to get over At the very least it’d take a year of solid groveling for me to begin thinking about forgiveness lol but I’m a cold hearted bitch so 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 I think the fact that we’re supposed to believe they were such good friends before accusing and sentencing her only enraged me This just made the punch to the gut that much stronger I could rant on and on especially since they never even stopped by to check on her once throughout that time even unseen ticks me off lol but I’m almost donemaybe Also side note The virginal heroine is starting to harp on me lately as well Why is it that she’s the only Virgin among them and we’re to belive they’ve all sort of had feelings for her during their friendship Normally I don’t think I’d give two shits about this but because of what she went through I’d almost hope she got her rocks off before going to jail and they had to watch and suffer lol I mean a girl could kind of understand their bitterness and desire to lock her up then 😂 But again I don’t want to rant apologies because clearly I did and I do want to say if it wasn’t for the imprisonment for a whole year and them being friends I would have loooooved the story In fact these two authors are high on my favorites list right now and I’ve been binging them lately The heroine also let her love for her friends dampen her anger and even after just escaping she’s immediately worried about them when she hears they’re in trouble Maybe it’s me who just has a stick up their butt this week or something 🤦🏽‍♀️ For the heroine while she’s hurt by their actions she still never loses her trust or faith in them Which makes me wonder if a prologue of them as friends early on in the book could have endeared them to me and changed my entire outlook There just wasn’t enough story or character developmentI really enjoyed the storyline for this book and love how so many authors within this world are creating their own uniue stories And as for the story When the mystery illness that led to their father’s death begins showing in one of the brothers there are 3 the guys decide they need to know for sure if Imogen was actually guilty of the crime they committed her of or not If she is she can help or stop what’s happening I think in many ways they hope that she was guilty mainly because even if they don’t want to admit it they all feel guilt about what they did to her and if is innocent they have to face what they did to her I will say the guys do make themselves suffer so she almost doesn’t have to While all this is going on the trials for the throne are set to take place and the guys are supposed to participate heirs to the throne or not personal problems or not Imogen is there every step of the way with them literally putting her life on the line to follow them when really she could have just stayed behind lol I enjoyed the trials but I would have loved to seen them dragged out and evolved some The climax and the bad guy was another just ok moment not a big exciting blowout or anything But the epilogue was really sweet and I’m glad everyone got their HEA While the book wasn’t all that and a bag of chips for me personally I still really enjoyed it and hope you’ll give it a chance and won’t just listen to me because what do I know 😘🤯🥴

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Stolen Song Paranormal PrisonEd by handsome Fae princes either since the last ones I had a crush on put me hereNow the princes are here to rattle my cage and they’re just as handsome and judgmental as I. The worst book in the Paranormal Prison seriesI truly didn’t believe anything could be worse than “Conveniently Convicted” with it’s half chicken heroine but this is THE WORSTImogen is sent to prison by the 3 men who claim to love her and grew up with her but completely lack faith in her After she escapes the same 3 men keep her captive in their house This is utter drivel A woman cannot be this stupid 2 men apologize briefly and all is forgiven 1 doesn’t even bother apologizing and is even later crowned king This novel is utterly lacking a plot line and marginalizes females This book brings the entires series down Read anything else Katie May’s novel in this series is uite phenomenal so I recommend starting there