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Le nozze di Cadmo e Armonia Download Þ 104 ☆ Este libro inaugura uno de los ciclos literarios más originales e intensos de los desarrollados entre finales del siglo XX y lo ue va del XXI la obra inclasificable de Roberto Calasso Y no gira en torno a la imaginación o la inventiva de un escritor ue construye un mundo propio gira en cambiLos demás relatos son un fruto tardíoPero el auge del cristianismo ue uiere enterrar la cultura pagana y sobre todo el devenir racionalista de nuestra cultura han preferido olvidarlos Calasso en cambio cree ue esas historias siguen vivas y ue hay ue volver a contarlas aunue «los modernos» las crean obsoletas y sin valor ¿Cómo hacerlo Renunciando al discurso erudito; entretejiendo a partir de esas fuentes. No Socrates himself cleared up the point shortly before his death we enter the mythical when we enter the realm of risk and myth is the enchantment we generate in ourselves at such momentsEndorsements on the back matter can be daunting How do we explain our struggles or indifference with work which is lauded so many which we admire Half way through this I was south of neutral and growing impatient Abandonment was an option The work then slid out from under its treatment of Athenian mythography and constructed a comparison with the practices and beliefs of Persia Sparta and Egypt I did and do find that fascinating The divine practices of rape and reproduction are sufficient cause for us to be recalled as a species back to the plant I do not as rule become excited by myth or tale Such informs my struggles This is a ridiculously erudite book I am sure it won't be my last Calasso as I have a stack to tackle in the future

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Un modo nuevo fresco y envolvente de decir esas historias Lo impresionante en Calasso no es solo su capacidad de nadar a contracorriente sino su talento para ue ese mundo aparezca vivo lleno de colorido presente y actual«Pero ¿cómo había comenzado todo» se pregunta Calasso en este libro A treinta años de distancia de su primera edición sabemos la respuesta todo comenzó con Las bodas de Cadmo y Harmoní. Rather than present a distanced and readily understandable survey of Greek mythology Calasso instead goes into and behind the myths to create a verbal environment that to my mind comes as close as possible to reenacting in the mind of the reader the intellectual feel of living in a living mythology from both the perspective of the gods and the perspective of mortals and from both the experience of living life itself and living through reading The book is an overlapping series of thematic patterns and images and ideas an organization like poetry than prose that has a cumulative effect like waves building upon each other in resonance that eventually carries the reader on its swells and currents This somewhat passive approach seems necessary on a first read as the presentation is bewildering as would be a direct encounter with a god but the prose is so nuanced and lovely it is a pleasure to keep on readingrowingriding through bewildermentAnd to justify my rating before completing the book I cite the following passage encountered like a bit a gift of flotsam while readingrowingriding this morning Myth like language gives all of itself in each of its fragments When a myth brings into play repetition and variants the skeleton of the system emerges for a while the latent order covered in seaweed

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Le nozze di Cadmo e ArmoniaEste libro inaugura uno de los ciclos literarios más originales e intensos de los desarrollados entre finales del siglo XX y lo ue va del XXI la obra inclasificable de Roberto Calasso Y no gira en torno a la imaginación o la inventiva de un escritor ue construye un mundo propio gira en cambio en torno del origen de nuestra cultura la mitología de la Grecia antigua densa en relatos apasionantes de la ue todos. The most profound books that I have ever read have left me speechless even stammering Such is the case with Roberto Calasso's The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony which I have put down no than fifteen minutes ago Here is a book about why myths exist and why Ancient Greece continues to have such a hold on the Western mind One of my strange little reading habits is for each year to choose a theme that will guide much of my reading for the year For 2010 I am delving into Ancient Greece reading works of archeology history philosophy and anything else pertaining to the world which Homer invented and which the Romans captured embalmed and imitated for the next thousand or so yearsThe Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony which I started as an afterthought suddenly appears as the centerpiece of my reading so far Calasso sees this strange world bathed in Olympian light in which the gods and men had freuent intercourse on every level as something uniue even privilegedIt was precisely because the Greeks had reduced the difference between gods and men to a minimum that they measured the distance still separating them with such cruel precision an infinite unbridgeable distance And never has that distance been so sharply defined as by the Greeks themselves No mist hovered about the approaches to death It was an abyss with razor edges never crossed Hence the Greeks were well aware of the powerlessness of their sacrifices Every ceremony in which a living being was killed was a way of recalling the mortality of all the participants And the smoke they dedicated to the gods was certainly no use to the divinities as food The only things the gods ever ate were nectar and ambrosia No that smell of blood and smoke was a message from earth a pointless gift reminding the Olympians of the consciously precarious existence of all those distant inhabitants of earth who in every other way were eual to the gods And what the gods loved about men was precisely this difference this precariousness which they themselves could relish only through men It was a flavor they could never get from ambrosia or nectar That was why they would sometimes abandon themselves to inhaling the smoke of sacrifice breath of that other life which enjoyed the precious privilege of stirring the air of OlympusMost of the book is a retelling of the Greek myths through the canny penetrating eyes of the author who demonstrates its power while himself awing us the readers This is a great book which I hope to read again I only wish the publishers had seen fit to provide a detailed index—because this book is a keeper