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The HamletThe Hamlet the first novel of Faulkner's Snopes trilogy is both an ironic take on classical tragedy and a mordant commentary on the grand pretensions of the antebellum S. Snopes is the uintessential embodiment of the ruthless clan spirit that built AmericaYou will find him in soap operas starring in the roles of JR Ewing et alii You will find him in priests of the Elmer Gantry calibre you will find him in people who build their lives and their fortunes on cheating and tricking and controlling the courts You will find him wherever there is a spirit of wild west cowboy machismo that he can use to his advantage Wherever there is a man crazy for gold and success there will be a Snopes to lead him on and ruin him For every Armstid going clinically mad there is a Snopes clan laughing and enriching themselves while the community watches in silent powerless rage It takes a Faulkner to show it in such a way that the reader empathises despite the rage building like a fire in an overdry forest It takes a Faulkner to put the Spaghetti Western types on display in all their idiocy and to offer a brutally honest reflection on them at the same time When Mrs Littlejohn speaks up after the incident with the wild horses she addresses the entire lot of goodfornothings not only the miserable Armstid who ruined his family and himself in a moment of hubrisGo outside See if you cant find something else to play with that will kill some of youWhen Mrs Tull and Mrs Armstid fail to find justice in court they walk out in dignity while the cowboys keep their uiet and thus their complicity even though they watch one Snopes lying to court with his fingers on the bible to protect the financial interests of another Snopes Shamelessness wins the battle for power but the women win the fight for the dignity and integrity of humanitySumming up the experience of the American Dream turning into a nightmare for most people Faulkner finds the infected wound in the organismI am stronger than him Not righter Not any better maybe But just strongerAnd thus he will do what he can do And he does Until someone stronger still comes along and plays the same game Needless to say there won't be any shoes for the many children any time soon for the five dollars a mother earns in years of extra evening work can be gambled away in a fit of machismo and greed over and over Faulkner is realistic tragedy Until the women win in court nothing will change

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Outh and the depths of its decay in the aftermath of war and Reconstruction It tells of the advent and the rise of the Snopes family in Frenchman's Bend a small town bui. The Long Hot SummerThis is the first in the Snopes trilogy focusing on the decline of Southern aristocracy in Faulkner's fictional Yoknapatawpha County with the concurrent rise of capitalism via the suirrely cold blooded and crooked Snopes family The Hamlet explores the Snopes clan's early years as they rise to power while the mainstay families the Compsons and the Sartorises decline in wealth and influenceAbner Ab Snopes the family patriarch moves his wife and two kids to Frenchman's Bend from parts unknown and Ab begins life as a tenant farmer on Varner property Someone learns that Ab might have once been a horse thief and the citizenry learns the hard way that he is also a barn burner Ab's son Flem who I guess one could call the anti hero of the trilogy begins his ascent in Volume I as a store clerk up to landowner and entrepreneur trader A Faulkner oddity Ike Snopes a cousin is a dim witted ne'er do well who develops carnal attractions unreuited thank goodness for a cowThis has my interest enough to continue with the trilogy but with no true sense of anticipation As all but Light in August one must be diligent and persevere to gain reward in its readingAn interesting tidbit I am fairly certain this is the only Faulkner novel made into a relatively big budget film or to see moderate success as The Long Hot Summer 1958 starring Paul Newman Joanne Woodward and Orson Welles the last of whom has the absolute worst Southern accent that's ever made it to the silver screen

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Characters ✓ The Hamlet ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Û The Hamlet the first novel of Faulkner's Snopes trilogy is both an ironic take on classical tragedy and a mordant commentary on the grand pretensions of the antebellum South and the depths of its decay in the aftermath of war and Reconstruction It tells of thLt on the ruins of a once stately plantation Flem Snopes wily energetic a man of shady origins uickly comes to dominate the town and its people with his cunning and guil. I remember reading a Joyce Carol Oates essay that referred offhandedly to Faulkner’s “misogyny” I was an undergrad at the time and I remember being surprised because having just read The Hamlet I thought of Faulkner as of a misanthrope So when I recently reread The Hamlet and the other two novels in The Snopes Trilogy I tried to pay attention to Faulkner’s tone regarding women and found that not only does Faulkner sympathize with the senseless brutality women suffer at the hands of patriarchy but that the arc of the trilogy’s epic plot suggests a justice far liberal than what courts found for women throughout the first half of the 20th century when these novels are set To say much would spoil the climax of The Mansion In The Hamlet “Book One—Flem” Faulkner introduces us to the people of Frenchman’s Bend in Yoknapatawpha County Faulkner seems fascinated by the violence as a means of survival 3 4 Racism as usual is socialized into Frenchman’s Bend society which distinguishes between the local “negroes” who are welcome and “strange negroes” who do not venture near the village after dark In large part it will be Flem Snopes’ willingness to lend money to African Americans on deceptively impossible terms that will allow him to begin his ascent from poverty 5 70 Another source of wealth will be collecting interest on the small inheritance of Issac Snopes Flem’s mentally retarded cousin Without saying too much about how Flem arcs as a character during the trilogy his transformation from Ab Snopes’ loyal son in Faulkner’s classic short story “Barn Burning” to the clerk of the store in Frenchman’s Bend is in itself a rewarding reason to read the first novel Embedded in Flem’s ascent is the backstory of Ab’s ruin at the hands of horse trader Pat Stamper Here Faulkner verges on the tall tale but also establishes the range of tone needed for The Hamlet’s wickedly hilarious “Book Four—The Peasants” the classic “Wild Ponies” story Perhaps what Oates was referring to was the longsuffering of the women Certainly Ab’s wife Vynie is one of these At least she has a name unlike the wives of Mink Snopes or Henry Armstid abused women known only as the “missus” of their respective abusers But is having a first name really a favor Eula Varner on whom Book Two focuses is nearly a cipher She barely speaks but when she does her dialog is worth listening to Eula’s father Will Varner runs Frenchman’s Bend When Flem begins to make a move on the Varner monopoly by moving in his relatives—a techniue referred to as “Snopesism”—we should ask “How is Varnerism any better” The term Snopesism is coined by VK Ratliff a traveling sewing machine salesman who knows the people of Yoknapatawpha County but is not one of them Ratliff’s outsider tone contributes to some of tension in passages featuring him Again without saying too much the arc of Ratliff through the trilogy is one of its subtle pleasures If horse trading draws from the tall tale Ratliff’s allegorical vision of Will Varner as the Prince of Darkness might make for the second harshest judgment in the trilogyPerhaps Oates gets Faulkner’s misogyny from the word “enemy” in Ratliff’s description of Eula “from behind her face there looked out only another enemy of the masculine race” 149 Excuse the pun but this statement cannot be taken at face value First it is important to attribute it not to Falukner but to his character Ratliff and then second to note that Ratliff mis perceives things as he tangles with Flem and later reverses his characterization of Eula 265 306 In “Book Three—The Long Summer” Faulkner introduces the other Snopes of Snopesism Lump Issac Mink Eck IO and others These Snopes will often be at odds with the established residents of Frenchman’s Bend It’s here that Ratliff seems to articulate a theme that remains consistent throughout the trilogy if not most of Faulkner’s writing misanthropy “I aint cussing you folks” Ratliff said “I’m cussing all of us” 196 So what are we to make of all this “misogyny” or “misanthropy” Near the end of The Hamlet Ratliff seems to want to go beyond people something Faulkner also expressed in comments at various public readings Ratliff says “I was protecting something that wasn’t even a people that wasn’t nothing but something that don’t want nothing but to walk and feel the sun and wouldn’t know how to hurt no man even if it would and wouldn’t even if it could just like I wouldn’t stand by and see you steal a meat bone from a dog I never made them Snopeses and I never made the folks that can’t wait to bare their backsides to them” 321 So what would Ratliff protect Perhaps he’s referring as Faulkner did to an individual who is happy walking and feeling the sun; an individual not a people view spoilerI know of no way to answer the uestion of misogyny in The Hamlet or the Snopes Trilogy without raising the issue of matrilineal reality versus patriarchal delusion The issue of Snopes blood is raised concerning Eck Snopes whose decency seems to confirm that he was fathered by someone other than a Snopes Later Eustace Grimm’s role in Frenchman’s lost treasure will show Snopesism can descend along the matrilineal line as wellGiven the character of Linda Kohl—Eula’s daughter—as she evolves in the trilogy patriarchy seems set against matriarchy even in The Hamlet Consider this tableau of Flem Eula’s leave taking from Frenchman’s Bend “Mrs Varner took the child from her and they watched Eula sweep the skirts inward into one hand with the gesture immemorial and female and troubling and climb the wheel to the seat where Snopes already sat with the reins and lean down and take the child from Mrs Varner” 362 But whereas Snopesism appears to include exploiting one’s family for personal gain the overall arc of Linda Kohl through the trilogy seems to be about something less than the clan but than the individual hide spoiler