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Summary Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra (The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles, #2)

Free read å Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra (The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles, #2) é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ For years mercenary Easy Nevada risked her life finding ancient artefacts for a mysterious benefactor Now she’sRning chemistry mix with the danger of a vengeful zealot in this rollicking adventure Working together Easy and Candice might just be able to beat the odds And maybe they’ll survive long enough to realize they want from each other than just buried treasureA full throttle thrill ride with kick ass lesbians action and heat than the Saha. I enjoyed this follow up to Easy Nevada and the Pyramid's Curse Not uite as much as the first one but it still made me laugh out loud and smile uite a bit Narrator Abby Craden said she loved working on these books and I can see why While it has darker moments in general it's just frollicking tomb raider type adventurous fun What struck me than in the first book is that there are TONS of pop culture references in Nevada's jokes So if you don't know who or what she is talking about you wouldn't get much of the humor Nevada spends much of her time shamelessly flirtingpropositioning her now sidekick archeologist Candice Cushing while searching for a skull she has agreed to find for a wealthy collector The reason she has taken on this and other jobs is a bit fleshed out in this installment and gives insight into who Nevada actually is apart from the image she prefers to convey She also makes some progress with wooing Candice in this one and without giving anything away there's a moment between them that I found a bit icky than sexy but maybe that's just me The epilogue teases that this is not the last we'll be seeing of Nevada and Candice and I'll no doubt be ready to go along for the ride on their next adventure

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For years mercenary Easy Nevada risked her life finding ancient artefacts for a mysterious benefactor Now she’s after one last score the biggest of all a relic so cursed that it was buried with Cleopatra in a secret tomb over two thousand years ago But to uncover it she’ll need helpBy the book Candice Cushing only ever wanted to con. Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra by Georgette Kaplan is the second book in The Cushing–Nevada Chronicles series This novel begins where the first one ends and continues the adventures of Easy Nevada and Candice CushingEasy Nevada is a character similar to Indiana Jones or Lara Croft only in lesbian form She is on a mission to find the twelfth crystal skull for her employer after already finding the last eleven For this last one she needs the help of Candice Cushing a by the book British educated archaeologist Candice does not agree with Easy’s grave robbing However after being connected with Easy in her last project and facing the wrath of a religious zealot whose son Easy killed she finds herself a partner in the uest for Cleopatra’s tomb and the last crystal skull Thus the adventure continues with lots of bad guys bullets rockets and bombs with hardly time for the two to breathe in betweenI love the character of Easy Nevada She is sarcastic funny rude and caustic; everything you expect from a character like this Add in the straight laced British taught all business law abiding archaeologist and you automatically have some wildly funny and exciting times The adventures in this tale are really non stop It is best to set aside any expectations of realism before you begin to read This is not a realistic story but it is very enjoyable if you just sit back and let the tale unfoldDon’t expect a lot of romance though there is a definite attraction between Easy and Candice The attraction began in the first novel and continues here but it is not the major plot line of this tale at least not yet This is an action and adventure story for the most part I will mention that this is not the end of the series There will be at least one novel added to the chroniclesThis is NOT a standalone book If you have not read Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse you will not understand and probably not enjoy this story There is simply too much information in the first novel that you need in this one I read the first book a little over a year ago and even I had a bit of a hard time remembering some of the secondary characters that turn up in this one I can’t imagine trying to understand everything without some knowledge from book one If you love adventure stories like Indiana Jones or the Tomb Raider then I think you will enjoy these books I enjoyed both novels and will be looking for the third one as soon as it is publishedI received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review

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Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra The Cushing Nevada Chronicles #2Duct archaeology the traditional way Now the find of a lifetime is beckoning from the middle of the Sahara but she’ll have to throw her lot in with Easy Nevada to get to it The problem is she doesn’t know if she even likes the fast talking rogue let alone trusts her What’s dangerous the desert or her new partnerSearing heat and bu. The high octane thrill ride continues with Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra part II of The Cushing Nevada Chronicles Georgette Kaplan drops us in right after the end of Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s CurseKaplan writes action scenes like no other They are so realistic it’s like you are right there with Easy Nevada and Candice Cushing dodging blows shooting guns and eating sand 3D action all the way baby So we are still in the Sahara desert with the baddies on our tail see book 1 Nevada and Candice are looking for a crystal skull the last in a set of 12 and the completion of years of finding and collecting these babies from all over the globe Candice wants to do it by the book while Nevada does it her way Cue hilarious banter and sticky situationsIt’s no secret by now that I worship Georgette Kaplan’s writing ever since her fanfic days She hasn’t written a bad book yet Her snark is to die for she is a super nerd with unmatched knowledge of pop culture Her writing is intelligent whether it’s history world politics native cultures weapons or any other subject used in this plot she makes it believable Her stories and her sense of humor just resonate with meAll the action takes place over the course of a few days The chemistry between Easy and Candice intensifies but their romance such as it is has to take its own sweet time Much better that wayI highly recommend this if you love your actionadventure with a big dollop of crazy zany wackadoodle smart awesome badassnessff the flirting all Easy intensifiesThemes Africa desert sand in all the wrong places the 12th skull bad ass women can we trust this weird ass billionair The Khamsin Granddad is pretty spry for an old dude Cleopatra’s secret tomb a ship in the sand The fivefold titular5 Stars A free copy was provided by Ylva Publishing for an honest review