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True Grit review Á eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ True Grit Signet; First Printing edition January 1 1969True Grit is his most famous novel first published in 1968 and the basis for the movie of the same name starring John Wayne It tells the story of Mattie Ross who is just fourteen years of age when a coward going by the name of Tom Chaney shoots hIs eccentric cool straight and unflinching like Mattie herself From a writer of true cult status this is an American classic through and through This new edition with a smart new package and an afterword by acclaimed author Donna Tartt will bring this masterpiece to an even broader audience. I love this book I was barely starting to read it and I was already amazed of how much I was enjoying the reading experience and how much I like the way how it was writtenDefinitely I want to read other books by Charles Portis and I hope to do it in the near futureI wasn't ignorant about the story due I remember that I watched the film with John Wayne at some moment and definitely I watched the recent remake with Jeff Bridges I would not put a thief in my mouth to steal my brains I chose to read the book mainly on the basis that I want to include some westerns in my shelves and in that way to add this genre to my range of literary genresHowever I never expected to get hooked in the way that I got even with a story that basically I knew what happens But the selection of words by the author and the mix of clever humor with hardboiled drama was a wonderful experienceI read about the other books by Portis and I am glad to see that almost all get in the range of western like stories and that they have that same combination of humor and dramaI am sure that Portis can easily become one of my new favorite authorsCharles Portis is a master creating characters the young and determined Mattie Ross the rude and bold Rooster Cogburn and even LaBoeuf that he didn't click to me on the recent film I learned to understood the character here on the original novelAnd I can assure you that the rest of characters not matter how small their parts can be they were uite well developedSomething that I liked too it's that since this is a story about vengeance well vengeance has its price you can't expect to embrace that dark feeling and thinking that you will be able to get back to your life without changes and obviously without spoiling anything you will realize what I mean if you read this great book You must pay for everything in this world one way and another There is nothing free except the Grace of God You cannot earn that or deserve it The title of the novel True Grit is chosen in an excellent way resuming the heart and soul of the storyDefinitely one of the best western novels that you can readHighly recommended

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Y shoots her father down in Fort Smith Arkansas and robs him of his life his horse and 150 in cash money Mattie leaves home to avenge her father's blood With the one eyed Rooster Cogburn the meanest available US Marshal by her side Mattie pursues the homicide into Indian TerritoryTrue Grit. Reading Road Trip 2020Current location ArkansasThere are readers who have a particular penchant for stories set in Paris after the French Revolution and there are readers who don't ever want to leave London just following WWII but for me my sweet spot has always been set in America right at the end of the Civil WarIt was a tender and tentative time here in the US We had just ripped our country asunder finally abolished slavery and assassinated the noblest leader this nation has ever known We then experienced a uiet poverty a great disorientation and an abundant wound licking as all people everywhere do following a war So much less was known then about trauma and healing and so given what we know about the great American spirit and concepts like manifest destiny so much of our suffering and our healing continued to play out by pressing on into the Big Sky country of the American West It was a big setting for a diminished people Onto this small stage have stepped several memorable characters but I met a new one this week Mattie Ross the oldest child of Frank Ross Frank Ross was the gentlest most honorable man who ever lived He had a common school education He was a Cumberland Presbyterian and a Mason He was hurt in the terrible fight at Chickamauga up in the state of Tennessee and came near to dying on the way home from want of proper careFrank Ross didn't die in the war and his wife and children were able to celebrate the return of their beloved father and husband only to have him killed promptly by a man named Tom Chaney a drifter whom the kindhearted Frank Ross had taken in as a ranch hand Tom Chaney rode his gray horse that was better suited to a middlebuster than carrying a rider He had no hand gun but he carried his rifle slung across his back on a piece of cotton plow line There is trash for youWhen Tom Chaney kills beloved Frank Ross in front of several eyewitnesses and then flees from the law Mattie Ross is discouraged by the underwhelmed and understaffed local authorities She decides to take matters into her own handsWhat follows is the most fascinating story of a stoic young woman and her determination to see her father's killer apprehended And in doing so she becomes sandwiched in between an erratic US Marshal known as “Rooster” and a dandy of a Texas rancher known as “LaBoeuf” two men she has negotiated with to satisfy her desire for justiceMattie Ross is a slip of a girl a young woman who at 14 years old would be likely given the time period to be focused on romance than revengeHardlyMattie does the opposite of most young women at every turn and Charles Portis was a GENIUS for creating her I am not kidding when I tell you that this read had garnered five stars from me from its very first paragraphI'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I will go on now to read everything Charles Portis has ever writtenThe title of this story True Grit comes from this line that Mattie speaks to Rooster “They tell me you are a man with true grit”Turns out Mattie possesses just as much grit as either of the menDamn A new favorite

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True GritTrue Grit Signet; First Printing edition January 1 1969True Grit is his most famous novel first published in 1968 and the basis for the movie of the same name starring John Wayne It tells the story of Mattie Ross who is just fourteen years of age when a coward going by the name of Tom Chane. this book is wonderful in a lot of ways the last fifty or so pages alone are intense and scary and my mouth did that thing where it just falls open and makes me look totally doofy but i couldn't care because i was frantically reading to find out what would happen that is some seriously good writingand if i had read this when i was younger and it had been part of my life for a long time or even if i had read it before winter's bone it would probably have attained the five stars but narratorial voiceso the story is told from the perspective of an elderly mattie retelling the events of What Happened to her in year 14 recollected in tranuility and all that but this ain't no transcendentalist she is this puritanical spinster barking crusty old testament ideals of justice into the narrative which would be great if it were offset in alternating chapters maybe but is jarring when it slips into the thoughts of a young girl even a young girl in which we can see the baby roots of this prissy judgmental worldview and maybe a lot of people find that awesome but me this reader it was like when you are just drifting off to sleep pleasantly and then you hear this mosuito and you are like goddammit that thing again and you could still drift off but your sleep would be tainted by knowing you were probably going to wake up with a swollen itchy face this probably doesn't make any sense i have a zillion things happening in my head right now so i am only giving this review 70% attentioni can't help it my heart belongs to ree and i know how unfair it is to compare on book to another but there is no way to avoid it if i were to invite both of them for tea ree probably wouldn't come she would go off and shoot a suirrel and watch me with suspicious narrowed eyes while mattie would come over and criticize the amount of sugar i put in my tea which is A LOT thank you and eat up all my lemon poppy cakes i am extrapolating here i know this is sooo many people's favorite book ever and it pains me to not love it as much as them it does i really did enjoy it but old biddyyoung spunky girl syndrome grates on me a little bit i am going to hide in a cave nowcome to my blog