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Nonetheless it is Lirael in whose hands the fate of the Old Kingdom lies while Abhorsen Sabriel is engaged in conflict elsewhere As an ancient evil casts its shadow one that opposes the Royal Family blocks the Sight of the Clayr and threate. I was listening to the last few chapters on audiobook bless Tim Curry and his downright villainous voice and had my eyes closed and when that epilogue reveal happened my eyes shot open like I was a Dead thing come back to consciousnessThe first 100 or so pages of this didn't entirely hook me as we had a new protagonist and not a whole lot happened But once it really got going I was very invested Lirael and Sameth were fantastic protagonists and I loved them both so much Garth Nix is phenomenal at writing characters that act their age without being annoying or cliche Even Sabriel and Prince Pinocchio aka Touchstone were recognizably the same people despite so many years having passed since the first bookThe animal sidekicks in this once again utterly stole the show As usual Mogget was A but the Disreputable Dog was new and just as awesome And their dynamic was golden I absolutely adored everything about itThe world in this never ceases to amaze me It has that classic fantasy feel with talking animal familiars and children's rhymes containing vital plot details It has something that is all too lacking in current YA fantasy which is bogged down by all the assassins and love interests and witty sarcasm This is simple and atmospheric with relatable but brave characters and a beautifully realized world I want of this in my fantasyMy one big gripe is that I am extremely confused about the nature of the rest of the world outside of the Old Kingdom like in Ancelstierre There are numerous references to things that exist in our world and not just simple things like specific sports but complex stuff like Puss in Boots that have a lot to do with history Is it to be assumed that Giovanni Francesco Straparola was also a guy in this universeRead this review and on my blog here

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Lirael Author Garth NNs to break the very boundary between the Life and Death Lirael undertakes a desperate missionWith only her faithful companion the Disreputable Dog to help her Lirael sets out upon a perilous journey and comes face to face with her own fate. 45 StarsWay better than the first one

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Lirael Author Garth Nix Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü When the future is hidden who holds the key to destinyLirael has never felt like a true daughter of the Clayr She doesn't even have the Sight the ability to See into the present and possible futures that is the very birthright of tWhen the future is hidden who holds the key to destinyLirael has never felt like a true daughter of the Clayr She doesn't even have the Sight the ability to See into the present and possible futures that is the very birthright of the Clayr. “When the Dead do walk seek water’s run for this the Dead will always shun Swift river’s best or broadest lake to ward the Dead and haven make If water fails thee fire’s thy friend; if neither guards it will be thy end” Well this was freaking awesomeAs a seuel where the main character from Book 1 isn’t the main focus I was a bit worried; but there was no need because Lirael continued the story of the Old Kingdom and the dead fantastically “The blue hats shaded silver sightless eye sockets the blue scarves held together rotting heads” Lirael is part of the Clayr those who can see into the future But Lirael has never received the Sight As she gets older and the Sight still doesn’t appear her self worth becomes non existent and she retreats into herself “lunging forward and nipping her uite sharply on the leg”what did you do that for” “You were being pathetic” said the Dog” Lirael is so relatable Hiding out in the library to avoid speaking to anyone her isolation from the Clayr is palpable and you really feel for her “I’m not sure I can believe what I’m seeing” “You’d better believe itbecause they’ll kill you whether you believe in them or not” Meanwhile Prince Sameth the son of Sabriel and King Touchstone is due to take on his role as the Abhorsen in Waiting to eventually take over from his mother But he is terrified after a hairy situation facing a Necromancer in Death Sam can think of nothing worse than a life fighting the creatures of the dead “You may not See but you will Remember And in the Remembering you will see the hidden past that holds the secrets of the future” Lirael is eventually sent on a mission by the Clayr and meets Sam while he is on the run This leads to many adventures and some serious twists at the end The writing is witty action packed and magicalOverall a non stop thrill ride and I can’t wait to read the next one “I suppose we’ll end up having to swim for our miserable lives”