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Uples and relationships by the author whose best known work such as the Barsetshire novels is normally set in England This one has the flavor of a Mi. First sentence This is undoubtedly the age of humanity — as far at least as England is concerned Premiseplot The Bertrams chronicles the adventures and misadventures of three men George Bertram Arthur Wilkinson and Sir Henry Harcourt The novel as a whole has a feel of a proverb or two for better or worse George Bertram starts off the novel as an academic success But school is now behind him his future awaits And with each month that future seems dimmer not brighter He doesn't know what to do next Should he enter the church and become a clergyman Should he become a lawyer Whose advice should he take His rich uncle's advice his friends a beautiful woman that he just met his own heart Arthur Wilkinson is disappointed that he didn't do better at school that the results of his last exams didn't go as well as he hoped It looks like it will definitely be the church for him but he's not hopeful that he'll do well enough to marry When his father dies he does get a living and it's enough to support his mother and sisters But not his mother sisters wife and future children should he stop dreaming of his own happiness Sir Henry Harcourt is confident But is he overly confident He feels that his bright future is a sure thing He knows he'll be a big big big success He knows that all his dreams will come true He knows he'll be a SOMEBODY in this world He knows that everyone around him will look up to him and respect him and maybe just maybe be a bit jealous of him There are two heroines in this novel Adela Gauntlet is the neighbor and most special friend of Arthur Wilkinson Any fool could see that she loves him madly unconditionally She's his for the taking But will he ever propose Will Arthur's stubbornness keep them both miserable Caroline Waddington is the beautiful woman that George Bertram happens to meet on his travels The two fall in love in the Middle East It is her advice he follows She can't imagine herself marrying a clergy man So he decides for the law instead But will these two get their happily ever after Not if Harcourt has his way He's super impressed by his friend's fiancee He just has to get to know her better Now Caroline unlike Adela has a flaw And it's a flaw that she shares with her grandfather and with Harcourt That flaw is a LOVE OF MONEY and a longing to be thought of as GREAT Will Caroline throw away her chance for happiness because she wants too much My thoughts Normally I don't find Trollope's novels too wordy in need of great editing but I might make an exception with The Bertrams I felt there were whole chapters whole sections that didn't really contribute much to the story Perhaps because I felt such a huge disconnect with the main characters These were characters that were with a few exceptions not that pleasant to spend time with I didn't find many kindred spirits in this one And the book was a journey in than one way It wasn't just a figurative rambling journey with characters that I didn't care much for It was a literal journey as well George goes on two journeys One journey is at the beginning of the novel It takes him to the middle east; one of the places he spends a good amount of time in is Jerusalem and its surrounding areas The second journey is towards the end of the novel It takes him to Egypt Trollope weighs down his novel with descriptions of these exotic places tourists attractions and local curiosities Let's just say that his descriptions of the local residents are not politically correct

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The BertramsDdle Eastern travelogue with lively Victorian commentary and satire and as such it is a fascinating glimpse into the international mindset of the tim. Another great story the part about visiting the Old City of Jerusalem was so real to me since my April visit to Israel The Bertrams are two brothers polar opposites about money and its use Sir Lionel's son George and Caroline Waddington meet on the Jerusalem tour and fall in love Of course there will be problems I loved this novel about travel money greed love and loss

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Read The Bertrams 107 ´ THE BERTRAMS 1859 by Anthony Trollope is an unusual novel of world travel in addition to the typical subjects of matrimony and money social strata couples and relationships by the author whose best known work such as the Barsetshire novels is normally set in England This one has the flavor of a Middle Eastern travelogue with lively Victorian comTHE BERTRAMS 1859 by Anthony Trollope is an unusual novel of world travel in addition to the typical subjects of matrimony and money social strata co. Although Trollope had already published the first three titles in his well received Chronicles of Barsetshire series The Bertrams appeared relatively early in the author's career Much of it allows the author to display his future prowess Unfortunately much of it is also a slog at least to me Early in the novel the main characters are found visiting Jerusalem and later in the novel two of the characters visit Cairo As Trollope himself had visited these places in his position as inspector for the post office the descriptions are a bit detailed than interested me They may have been very interesting to Trollope's audience at the time of publicationTrollope can be counted on for a love story and most of his novels have romantic elements I didn't especially care for the way he handled those yes plural here Money both the plenty and the lack also makes a freuent appearance in his novels Here it was a central part of some of the characters decisions Trollope has been accused of being a feminist He seems better able than many of his time or ours for that matter to understand and portray the woman's viewIt seems to me that it is sometimes very hard for young girls to be in the right They certainly should not be mercenary; they certainly should not marry paupers; they certainly should not allow themselves to become old maids They should not encumber themselves with early hopeless loves; nor should they callously resolve to care for nothing but a good income and a good house There should be some handbook of love to tell young ladies when they may give way to it without censure and Caroline was about to speak but was stopped by the expression on her aunt’s face Ladies have little ways of talking to each other with nods and becks and wreathed smiles which are uite beyond the reach of men; and in this language aunt Mary did say something as she passed which gave her niece to understand that the coming interview would not consist merely of the delights which are common among loversAlthough Trollope's humor can be glimpsed in this latter uote there wasn't enough of it throughout I will never be sorry to have read a Trollope novel but if this had been my first or even the second I might not have such a burning desire to read them all I am hard pressed to rate it higher than 3 stars