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What We Talk About When We Talk About Love StoriesE los grandes sentimientos Son relatos ue a menudo dan miedo pero un miedo seco paralizante Es cierto ue tienen un aire de familia con esos cuadros de Hopper en los ue incluso los paisajes resultan inuietantes por su falta de esperanza Muchos autores de mi generación aprendimos en España a escribir lo sucio lo perturbador gracias a la literatura de Carver Como dice un persona. He makes it look so easy He almost makes it look too easy in this short story collection as though there isn't much here aside from spare language and even sparer plot But there is The stories are deceptively small but there's a depth of authenticity to these shrapnel blasts In each of these stories which explore the transience of love and the various ways we damage or destroy it completely there is a hard dark centre 'I Could See the Smallest Things' has a woman thinking of slugs as she looks at her husband in the middle of the night a new vision of their marriage coming to light 'So Much Water So Close to Home' is a story of men on a camping trip who come across a woman's dead body The way they deal with it disturbs their women and everyone who knows them 'Tell the Women We're Going' tells how a senseless violence erupts from men who feel trapped in their suburban families 'Popular Mechanics' a story of the acrimonious split of a couple's assets made me throw the book down as though it was a deadly snake The visual it gave me was too much to linger on 'Everything Stuck to Him' is about the pressures of early parenthood a look back at a difficult but sweet time when a relationship still had tendernessThe other stories are also memorable with the themes of infidelity and alcohol glugging through their veins They aren't uplifting that is certain But there's a truth here a humanity a shared pain that make them worth readingAs I mentioned before these stories are deceptive They are understated and certainly underwritten The power of Carver's writing comes afterwards in sickening waves when you realise the implications of what it is you just readApparently this particular collection is heavily edited After his death Carver's widow fought to have his original unedited stories published under the title Beginners I haven't read those longer versions but I will say that these terse clipped shots to the heart worked very well for me

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Hombres ue salen a pescar y se encuentran un cadáver Niños atropellados el día de su cumpleaños Mujeres infieles maltratadas por sus maridos Jóvenes ue compran muebles de segunda mano expuestos en el jardín de una casa Esposos ue dudan de su amor en un cuarto de hotelEstos relatos de Raymond Carver muestran casi con ligereza la banalidad de la vida lo mezuino y pasajero d. A collection of slice of life short stories that mostly go nowhere and end ambiguously and for some damn reason I loved them Carver gets mileage out of yard sales photographers offering their services accidental death a night of bingo doing things and doing nothing talking yet saying nothingAs a reader I was frustrated when some of the stories went nowhere I expected and hoped for big conclusions finality and instead I got dudes driving away from confrontations holding ashtrays But then there would be subtle moments of human nature revealed true revelations of our unnecessarily complicated lives that would make me catch my breath I read this over 20 years ago and I'm afraid some of the particulars of the collection escape me However what I'll not soon forget is the uiet desperation Carver made me feel for everyday people whose lives had derailed I was in college and full of life Middle aged regret is not something kids of that age tend to fully understand yet Carver made me feel that horrid indecision that deep seated pain These are emotions worth enduring for the price of reading this beautiful prose

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Love: Stories characters Ê eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB À Hombres ue salen a pescar y se encuentran un cadáver Niños atropellados el día de su cumpleaños Mujeres infieles maltratadas por sus maridos Jóvenes ue compran muebles de segunda mano expuestos Je de De ué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor sus páginas están llenas de «ruido humano» De desconsuelo De aliento fétido Son historias ue no empiezan ni terminan fragmentos incompletos de vida trozos rotos descascarillados Carver nos explica de ué hablamos cuando hablamos de ilusiones de futuro y de camaradería Nos explica de ué desamor hablamos cuando hablamos de amor. Booze takes a lot of time and effort if you’re going to do a good job with itIndeed If one wanted to distill the stories within this collection down to a pithy inverted Hallmark style aphorism this would be a top contenderClick For Review Soundtrack Little PersonDrinking and smoking and talking these are the true main characters of Carver’s world and make no mistake he’s summoned and crafted a distinctive world Okay we can uibble and refer to this trifecta aptly as the true plot devices perhaps In any case these things whatever we want to call them here are not merely a thread uniting the stories but a thick multi braided rope the sort one of Carver’s blue collar archetypes might use to drag a freshly felled by hand oak through the snow or likely to break their fall while snapping their neck in a final irredeemable act right after polishing off a fifth of cheap bourbonBasically the character’s names and jobs seem to matter less than the brand of booze they're downing or the sort of receptacle they extinguish their cigarettes in At the same time though these things seem to stand out the characters do not feel like mere vessels for Carver’s words They somehow mysteriously manage to be sympathetic despicable objects of pity curiosity and so on But basically everyone is miserable in one way or another Carver’s characters cause the ol’ chestnut that Misery loves company to take on a new and energized tone and hue That shit really comes alive and drunkenly tap dances upon the pageAnd herein lies the magic of Carver for me how does he do it I say magic in both in the collouial metaphorical sense of pleasant enchanting and so on—and also so in the sense of literal magic tricks How does he do it You see this famously spare narrative before you you see the extremely narrow range of subject matter drunk sad average people being drunk and sad and average repeating to the point that stories easily begin to merge into one another you see the distinct lack of purple prose the bluntness of it all and yet you’re being affected in a tremendous way by it all to the point that it becomes oddly difficult to explain Affected in a way that you feel you shouldn’t be given the way your descriptions of the work look on paperPerhaps the problem is that every way in which I’d like to describe the depth of these stories simply comes off as an unspeakably repetitive cliché that almost makes me shudder Another thought that crossed my mind is that it almost feels wrong like morally incorrect to try and put some new clever summarizing spin on these stories and the superior collection Cathedral which left me or less wordless in my review To try and wax analytic with such raw slices of life does indeed seem to miss some Point that may or may not be hovering about But I ultimately feel that it’s also not a grave sin to do so or to want to do so rather it’s a reflection of the desire found in each and every story of Carver’s to find some company for our misery and otherwise To exchange pieces of ourselves while we can I’ll just have to save it for a night with You seated at a table with a large ashtray and a long line of adult beverages trailing behind us