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In the Arms of the Elite Rich Boys of Burberry Prep #4For this but myself We fell in love with the charity case Idols of the school the kings of the campus and we’re nothing without her Marnye Elizabeth Reed This girl has twisted our world upside down but the Infinity Club is about to knock us all on our asses Big money political ties family bonds obligations shit. Children this is what happens when you publish than one book a month you completely fuck up a series that had a perfectly good startIt all comes down to this this book and the previous two books could have been part of the first book why Because nothing much goes on So many scenes could've been cut off from this story as they don't lead anywhere they're just there making up space probably because the author wanted to meet the usual page lengthMany other things annoyed the hell out of me for instance Marney I used to really like her but over the last two books she's become a total and complete hypocritical brat I really wanted all of the guys to dump her stupid ass and move to an island on the other side of the globe How they somehow fell in love with her is really beyond me Maybe if time had been put into writing and developing the storyline and all of the loose ends and oh man were there a lot of them this series could have become great I have given so many chances to this author's books but I've just come to the realization that the outcome will always be the sameBTW stay away from drugs kids don't listen to what this book tells you

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FREE DOWNLOAD In the Arms of the Elite (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, #4) ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Æ Choose between the rich boys I’d rather face the Harpies than make that choice How can my four years at Burberry Prep really be coming to an end No Tristan Zayd Creed Zack and WinIs going down at the academy The rest of our lives the rest of her life it all comes down to this one final moment IN THE ARMS OF THE ELITE is a 95000 word reverse haremdark high school bully romance novel This is book four of four in the series Contains foul language and sexual scenes; all sex featured is consensu. Random thoughts Nice ending to this series and I'm kind of sad to say goodbye to these characters The prologue for this one was brutal More than the first three books and it's like having a cliffhanger at the very beginning I loved the suspense though I hated Lizzie with a passion I wish the author would have written some of the scenes that were cut short like with Creed for example ; Maybe it's just me but I wanted than just We head back to his room and end up being late in the morning I feel like we got the first scene with each character and that was it The author mentions another of her book Groupie and the self publicity made me cringe a little It also mentions that the main character's dad has cancer just like in this series and while very relatable it's kind of a trigger for me The last fight scene felt a bit repetitive and predictable Can't wait to start her next Bully romance series

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Choose between the rich boys I’d rather face the Harpies than make that choice How can my four years at Burberry Prep really be coming to an end No Tristan Zayd Creed Zack and Windsor are everything to me right now My strength my passion my heart my empathy my joy Love is a cruel master but I have no one to blame. On January 15th the author made a post officially announcing the continuation crossover novel for Rich Boys of Burberry Prep and Adamson All Boys Academy Currently the author is tentatively predicting late March or early April but doesn't want anyone to presume this is a concrete time frame at this time She also isn't sure if it'll be a pre order or live releaseAs the author states It's a 5050 split POV between Marnye and Charlotte It will be a reuirement for readers to have read both series fully All the guys will be featuredShe also confirmed that a proper continuation Bornstead U will follow after the crossover It's a series that will focus on Marnye and her buys set after the orientation period covered in the crossoverON JULY SECOND THE AUTHOR MADE A POST ALLUDING TO AN EXCERPT FROM SOMETHING CALLED Rich Boys of Bornstead U SO IT SEEMS WE ARE GETTING A CONTINUATION STORY Thank you for checking in with me for updates for this book It's been a blast being able to help and chat with so many people because of itAn unexpectedly good series now comes to a close with the fourth and final book I will say that this wasn't uite as gripping for me as the last few were probably because 1 Tristan drama isn't appealing to me 2 I anticipated something much bigger 3 the author wanted to tie up a lot of loose ends and due to the length I felt some of it was rushed However it was still a good read that I enjoyed and I am overall satisfied with the conclusion We have revenge we have conflict resolution we have some losses we have some wins and while I personally wanted romance and sweetness there still remains a heavy focus on the relationship aspect overall I feel the ending is satisfactoryLike with all the books there's various warnings for sex violence swearing etc and this book like the last two definitely cement this as new adult or like mature upper teen 16 reading The author once again states that this book and the series as a whole was not intended to be YA or for young audiencesFor anyone interested in knowing the outcome of the romanceview spoiler she does in fact end up in a polyandrous situation with all five guys there is no she must only pick one aside from this being a conflict that Marnye internally resolves because these sorts of relationships are still somewhat unusualtabooetc hide spoiler