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SUMMARY Ý Cranky Uncle vs Climate Change Ð It's Not Just the Facts When it comes to climate change this truly is a golden age of fake news post truths pluralistic ignorance conspiracy theories a willfully ignorant administration and the Cranky Uncle You know him We all have one That exasperating Thanksgiving blusterer digs in his heels evenErer digs in his heels even as the foundation of his denial thaws faster than the Arctic ice capsWritten and illustrated by Dr John Cook cognitive psychologist and founder of the award winning website Skeptical Science Cranky Uncle combines humor and science to make clear. For whoever knows John's work from SkepticalSciencecom this book is probably an amazing and interactive consolidation of what you can find on there I will try not to spoil too much of the actual contents within this reviewI think this book achieves a few thingsIt's incredibly educational John explores the history of the climate change debate the psychological techniues that are used to deny climate change and then he explores and debunks a lot of climate change myths throughout the bookIt's funny it's visual The book is a combo of very well structured arguments and extremely funny illustrations John has a talent for putting things in context and making climate science fun to learn I think this is key for getting mainstream appeal and transforming what for some might be a boring and technical topic into something that is a fun educational readIt's a perfect guide to climate change Even though it might seem lengthy it won't take than a few hours to go through this book That's precisely because it's condensed and it has a lot of illustrations This makes it the perfect book to gift to someone whom you want to learn about climate change or simply have it on hand in case you want to uickly skim through certain arguments and debate some people onlineAll in all without giving away too much I highly recommend reading it Guarantee you won't regret it

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Calm and winnable arguments in the public controversy of climate change Can we change our Cranky Uncle's mind Probably regrettably not But Dr Cook makes it easier for us to understand him And armed with this knowledge prevent climate misinformation from spreading further. Global warming is an old thing now For decades it is lurking around our civilization and day by day it is turning into a harsh realityStill we are not convinced about who is causing it and is ut actually happeningI hope we acknowledge it before we are deep fried and then put in freezer of ice ageThis book explains science of global warming in most simple and enjoyable way with the help of cartoonsIt describes every pitfall in our thinking and what is happening right now and in near futureA very good book to convey this urgent messageI thoroughly enjoyed the workYou can read it in random order tooIt is a fast read with large illustrations and captionsThanks edelweiss plus and publisher for review copy


Cranky Uncle vs Climate ChangeIt's Not Just the Facts When it comes to climate change this truly is a golden age of fake news post truths pluralistic ignorance conspiracy theories a willfully ignorant administration and the Cranky Uncle You know him We all have one That exasperating Thanksgiving blust. Most people even a majority of Americans believe the climate is changing and that Man is responsible There is a tiny minority 9 12% of Americans who deny it Unfortunately they are far louder than their numbers and they run the governments and the major news outlet John Cook has written an absolutely delightful not to mention gorgeous book on defeating them and their specious arguments He calls it Cranky Uncle vs Climate Change and that level of directness permeates the bookHe uses the vehicle of a cranky uncle a bald mustachioed grump who has a negative answer for anything The kind of guy who makes you hate going to Thanksgiving dinner ever again Every page has a delightfully different layout incorporating text in different places and shapes cartoons and callouts in text and in cartoons The result is an easy and even fun read racking up points at every turn It is bright and cheery in steep contrast to the subject matter That alone makes it a worthy entry on the climate shelfCook classifies deniers' arguments into five buckets he calls FLICCFake Experts Logical Fallacies Impossible Expectations Cherry Picking Conspiracy TheoriesHe then sets out the facts describes deniers' arguments against them he calls them Myths and shows which component of FLICC they fall into and why Like any good science treatise he uotes a coven of scientists from around the world and creates cartoon caricatures of them so readers begin to recognize them as they pop up repeatedly This includes Isaac Newton and Galileo as well as Naomi Oreskes and Michael Mann from this centuryCook goes overboard with cartoons debunking conspiracy theories with sarcasm hiding in plain sight It's a pretty comprehensive frontal attack including one of my favorites the 31000Deniers like to cite a study that claims 31000 American scientists are climate deniers But what they don't say is that of the 31000 only 01% are climate scientists The rest are science graduates in any field including computer science says Cook and he knows because he did one of the studies The 31000 represent just 03% of the total hardly a swing vote on the issue That is the 31000 compares rather unfavorably with the ten million American science graduates out there since 1971 Imagine if 31000 science graduates said smoking does not cause lung cancer or that opioids aren't addictive That would probably work Then Americans it seems would believe it That's the problem real science has over climate issues and pollutionOne of my own faves is not in the book average temperature Every time it snows or there is a cold snap cranks crow that it proves the average temperature is not rising Right up to the president on twitter But it says no such thing because average doesn't work that way All you need is a couple of unbearable three week heat waves of a hundred degrees F to boost the annual local average temperature one degree It doesn't mean it is one degree warmer every day of the year In Cook's terms that's both cherry picking and a false dichotomy Maybe the second editionThere's a lot of fraud in climate deniers' arsenal from Climategate to inverting facts against themselves Cook has done a terrific job of collecting them all in one place and patiently debunking them one by one At the end he lists them all again for easy retrieval and a memory jog of what was in the book Altogether a pleasure to read and one of the few climate books that leaves a positive imprint on the mindDavid Wineberg