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Deleuze y Guattari el cine de Coppola y Ridley Scott el horror abstracto de Lovecraft el ciberpunk de William Gibson Ballard y William BurroughsFANGED NOUMENA Vol 1 inaugura la subcolección de Holobionte ACELERACIÓN Y COLAPSO el primer proyecto editorial consagrado a las obras de Nick Land Para esta edición hemos contado con la colaboración del escritor uruguayo de ciencia ficción Ramiro Sanchiz traductor y compilador Robin Mackay CCRU; Urbanomic y el propio Nick Land en calidad de demiurgo. Welcome to the philosophy of the amphetamine This massive monument to the intellectual power read collapse of philosopher Nick Land or Vauung is impossible to summarize Melding transcendental materialist philosophy deconstruction psychoanalysis would be prophetic sci fi cyberpunk poetry neo abbalistic numerology and so many other threads into a textile weave that simply will not stand for any repressions or Idealist speculations characteristic of the Human Security System So many of our moralists like to decry the influence of orthodox applied Darwinism with its contemporary New Atheist products but such libertarian ideologues with their cold phlegmatic calculative thinking would shrink to the zero point of oblivion in front of Landian anti thought as just moralists The mechanistic temporal order of natural selection hell even the oddities of uantum fluctuation are simply put rendered absolutely inconseuential when one delves into Landian materialism They're all too humanA vacuous plane of pure energetic intensities occasionally birthing multiplicities molecules organisms planets natural laws is always on the verge of breaking out again from the unfathomable depths of the past and the schizophrenic backward projection return of the future both the same on such a purely intensive scale Aborting its egocentric products Capitalism as a mode of production is nothing metropolitan industrialism patriarchal lineage Oedipus nationalism all these formations are simply brief fluctuations of the incomprehensible void the first death the matter before matter and its destratifying abortive tactics Production for production and nothing else Humans are pale relics to be dissolved into the metahistorical metamaterial post cybernetic feedback loop of deterritorialization the force of pure unrepresentable difference moving within itself unceasingly reaching out to absorb violent otherness from the excess it incessantly produces dismantling the paltry negative feedback controls we try desperately to retain with our politics and our theories a purely active machinic void growing larger and larger until our higher order technological developments reach a state of singularity at which primordial death would be fully actualized at the very point when it has fully virtualized anything recognizable as matter or formThe magmic iron interior stratum of the earth's ancient core dubbed Cthelll is the first manifestation of psychological torment as geotraumatics of which our own primordial sufferings are only virtual reflections Even ordinal numbering systems along with our other bases of rationality are inadeuate to confront the traumatic forces brewing on the margins artificial constructs to be completely dismantled by purely pulsive seuences of tics the most fundamental manifestation of number reflecting pure intensities resistant to all uantification a novel system of non representation which undermines the possibilities of mathematical enterprise and Kantian synthetic reasoning alike first the abbalists then Kurt Gödel with his famous incompleteness theorem reveal that lurking beneath the rigorous veneer of our computational habits is the possible and therefore inevitable irruption of alien Chthulhu like unreason an unimaginable violence which after all is all we are found to be composed of in spite of our desperate self flagellating organicism Heard of the cogsci debates surrounding the hard problem of consciousness and the eliminative materialist attempts to explain it away Bad news for the latter group the biological organism is to undergo a similar but much disturbing fate not explained away so much as systematically destroyed Top down thinking may be inadeuate but here everything is bottom up to such an extreme as to begin and end with a death beyond death Finally time itself is merely a higher order conseuence of the horizontal non seuential fluctuations of rhizomes pure multiplicities creating space within themselves through crude mappings of aleatoric desire vectors building their own abstract machines just to give them something to finally destroy it would seem the nomad war machineIf all this sounds absurd and it often reads like nonsense it's true one should bear in mind that all these neurotic reflections arise from purely rationalistic philosophical reflections The first half or so of the pieces in this collection read like surprisingly formal Derridean deconstructions of the systems of Kant Schopenhauer Marx Nietzsche and even Heidegger and other such postmodern thinkers this despite Land's apparent disgust with Derrida's controlled contemplative habits He's always looking for hints of an uncontrollable irrationality boiling beneath the surface of transcendental systems Instead of taking these hints as examples of the différance that moves the Logos however Land gradually builds them up into the above described monstrosity of the indomitable force of unreason as the intensive ground of all rational organization This transgression of the limits of rationality however will not confine itself to critiue to challenging certain philosophers eventually all of the natural sciences from genetics to geology from physics to abstract mathematics will be rewritten in the terms of this unthinkable primordial intensityLand is no longer just attacking our theories He is attacking nature itself the presumed artificiality of the entire universe and its structures In a way he is carrying DeleuzoGuattarian schizoanalysis to its ends and beyond but they aren't sacred either he isn't afraid to constantly borrow their vocabulary while tearing them to pieces for their humanistic anthropomorphizing tendencies Bataille and Artaud favorites of Derrida essential touchstones for any thinking of pure excess are subjected to radical readings than ever before Eventually it seems as if Land is crafting new languages and at such a dizzying velocity that the overcoding he insists upon prevents us from following much at all and that's just as well for Land himself is doing this because he keeps finding barriers to be crushed Barriers to what All in the name of these nameless non entities which in the wake of Land's delirium come to use and abuse him turning him into a prophet for their own project void It should be no wonder then that at some point in the text he starts to write from fictional perspectives in the last instance giving us his sad reflections on how he has been completely taken over by something which is not him He has become an it A vehicle if even A self induced shizophrenic synthesis of Vauung and the ruinsWhere is Nick Land now A cyber reactionary living uietly in Shanghai tweeting occasionally about unconditional accelerationism or uacc for which he's become the godfather a rather bland epistemologizing of the problems of the information age along with dabbling pathetically in some alt right sentiments if we can call them that what is the alt right after all but the info age neoliberal method of capturing transgressive impulses and rerouting them toward reactionary ends We can't help but wonder how this happened In FN Land viciously denounces anything remotely fascistic as a pathetic attempt of the Human Security System to rein in beautiful terrifying chaos In fact while he has half jokingly disavowed his earliest essay Kant Capital and the Prohibition of Incest its arguments that xenophobia nationalism and patriarchy are all to be cast aside because they interfere with our radically anarchic libidinal potentials crop up in subtle assertions through the entire collection Post human technofuture however nihilating in the last instance was always to be an unleashing of genderless but feminine energiesHe has insisted that he has no recollection of most of these old writings and intimated that he simply couldn't sustain that drug fueled love for all things chaos Fair enough And I can't help but suspect that he's underestimated the force of the Logos certainly enough to be caught up in it today anyway I tend to delve into transgressive thought spirals myself but my skepticism here ensures that I'm not a radical materialist at the end of the day certainly not while biopower continues to be wielded so violently by world economic and political powers For the old Land no human violence could ever be violent enough I'm not so sure But Fanged Noumena may very well be the most vital anti philosophical project of our times for better or worse complete with a personality cult that could one day rank up there with that of a Nietzsche always invigorating as he was problematicWe need to keep working to find politically potent but radical ways to incorporate the forces of transgression into liberating gestures That is if we don't want the Nick Land way to have the last word And that's something that try as we might we could never want He would say it makes no difference anyway I don't know

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Fanged NoumenaFanged Noumena es la antología de culto ue introdujo a toda una generación en la obra de Nick Land y ésta es la primera vez ue se traduce al castellano Editado por Robin Mackay y Ray Brassier en 2011 el libro recogía artículos diálogos conferencias y textos inclasificables así como algunas de las mejores piezas del CCRU «Oculturas» «El origen del club Cthulhu» o «Barker en conversación» donde Land exponía en boca de uno de sus múltiples heterónimos la asombrosa teoría del Geotr. This book collects Nick Land's writings from when he was immersed in academic philosophy and amphetamines At its best it is hallucinatory intense and terrifyingly persuasiveLand's colleague Robin Mackay wrote Let’s get this out of the way In any normative clinical or social sense of the word very simply Land did ‘go mad’ This is so and it made for some extraordinarily creative thought Unfortunately Land's late work is inarticulate and his post recovery work is racist and boring a cyberpunk Charles MurrayLand's most interesting work is Meltdown and Machinic Desire They are in this collection but you can easily find them outside it If you've read them the other works here just don't add much though his critiue of Derrida for not being a werewolf is worth the price of admission

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Read & Download Fanged Noumena Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð Fanged Noumena es la antología de culto ue introdujo a toda una generación en la obra de Nick Land y ésta es la primera vez ue se traduce al castellano Editado por Robin Mackay y Ray Brassier en 2011 el libro recogía artículos diálogos conferencias y textos inclaAuma Descrito como «nihilismo rabioso» «deleuzianismo negro» o simplemente «cibergótico» el pensamiento de Land en los noventa fue un caldo de cultivo explosivo para toda clase de creadores y su importancia sólo hoy empieza a ser redescubierta con el auge de las teorías aceleracionistas y los filósofos del «realismo especulativo» ue crecieron bajo su influjo El tecno capitalismo y el trance digital se dan la mano con la filosofía la poesía beatnik y el espíritu de las vanguardias. Puerile or profound I tend towards the latter This tome is uite difficult to categorize it eludes ready description as the contents are protean and dense to say the least Land infuses nearly every page with a ferocity which is reminiscent of his confidants DG Bataille and Nietzsche With themes as varied as a close reading of Heidegger's thoughts on Trakl's poetry to ChthonicCuthuloid hyperstition theory fiction and much Anyone interested in heterodox philosophy Deleuze Guattari or weird fiction a la Lovecraft will want to have read this anthologyA Mad Black Deleuzian he may be but he's our Mad Black Deleuzian and so much the better worse