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Es verano en la América de la década de 1970 y las cinco hermanas Lis­bon se uitan la vida ante la atónita mirada de sus vecinos Veinticinco años después Jonathan el enamorado amigo de una de ellas r. I simply didn't get this book I was so desperate to find hidden meaning in it but there was nothing Why waste so much paper and ink on something so overtly pretentious and so utterly meaningless A group of oppressed sisters kill themselves after flirting with the neighborhood boys How horrible that it happened in the middle of suburban America where white picket fences are supposed to render such neighborhoods impermeable to tragic teenage death In the end all I got from this book was the fact that the girls were peculiar and hello at least one was not a virgin when she committed suicide the boys were immature the girls' parents were psychotic Okay sure I get that there may have been metaphors and themes about the hypocrisy of middle America oppressive religion etc etc but I wasn't impressed I saw Sofia Coppola's film afterward; no it did not improve my understanding or appreciation of the filmI had read Middlesex by Eugenides and thought he was a genius This book proved he is only an occasional genius Sadness

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The Virgin SuicidesEcuerda el impacto ue produjeron auellas muertes Las chicas vivían enclaustradas en casa sometidas a la férrea custodia de unos padres extremadamente estrictos Sus figuras deambulaban por las habitacione. I had to take some time after reading this and do some deep thinking before I could review It is such an unusual story good but dark and full of nooks and crannies for skeletons and other vermin to hide It is hard to say I enjoyed a story like this that would be like saying I enjoyed a car wreck; intriguing but lots of people and property were damaged in the processOne main thing I can say is I don't think I have seen the main story take as much of a back seat to the setting the symbolism and the side characters The book is The Virgin Suicides but they might be the least important as well as the most important part of the book Are you confused yetSetting The neighborhood the houses the tree house the school Description of buildings The importance of a location Certain windows serving as stages into the performance of people's lives All very complex and interestingCoated in muck Throughout the book things are covered in dust slime dead bugs etc Everything is made to seem like it is coated and a deeper truth is underneath And I think it is important that the coating is never pretty Things aren't coated in sugar or clouds or pretty makeup It is always foul stinking decaying etcSymbolism As the story deteriorates so do the structures and the people Buildings decay People become and unstable Every element spirals into a gloomy miasma and it moves towards the ultimate sad climaxThe boys the boys in the story serving as narrators really kept making me think of Stand By Me or The Sandlot Coming of age Looking into other people's lives Trying to figure things out while wrapped in the innocence of youth It was a very intriguing approach to telling the storyI think that many will enjoy this Just remember that it is dark and somewhat disturbing Not something to read while looking for a pick me up

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The Virgin Suicides Free download í 5 ↠ Es verano en la América de la década de 1970 y las cinco hermanas Lis­bon se uitan la vida ante la atónita mirada de sus vecinos Veinticinco años después Jonathan el enamorado amigo de una de ellas recuerda el impacto ue produjeron auellas muertes Las chicas vivían enclaustradas en casa sometidasS y sus sombras proyectadas en las ventanas las hacían deseables a uienes se asomaban a ellas Todavía hoy tantos años después auellas lolitas fascinan a unos hombres ue siguen preguntándose ué ocurri. Where to begin I have read some of the reviews of others who did not care for or get this book I admit that the plotstoryline though uniue is not what makes this story great it's the prose The writing is luminous and reads like poetry than a novel We don't even know exactly who the narrators are it is narrated in first person plural and the name and even number of narrators is left vague Eugenides uses metaphor to describe the deaths of the sisters as the disintegration of a suburban neighborhood the trees are being cut down because of the threat of Dutch Elm disease; there are dying flies everywhere that are described by the first sister to commit suicide as not even having time to eat before their lives are over There are so many themes in the story going through the layers is akin to peeling an onion The writing is so lovely that it induces a dreamlike state in the reader Everything is described so perfectly that you can not only see clearly what is being described but smell the various smells and recall with clarity everything from that time period Eugenides did not throw this book together; in my mind's eye I see him sitting at his desk turning each phrase over and over in his hands until he gets it exactly right Yet the writing is not strained at all in fact it seems to have flowed effortlessly from his pen This is a gifted writer whose work will be read for generations to come long after Eat Pray Gag is in the remainder pile Elizabeth Gilbert Chris Bohjalian Jodi Picoult Robert James Waller John Grisham read this and weep To this list I add myself since I would give anything to be able to write half as well as Eugenides As for those who look for a conventional plot line like all of the other books out there and do not find it why EXACTLY did the girls kill themselves In the real world not everything in life can be explainedI loved the book so much that I immediately rented the movie It was awful with the exception of James Wood who nailed the part of the father beautifully