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A Game of Thrones Free download é 0 Ô Luxusausgabe der großartigsten Fantasyserie der letzten Jahrzehnte Eisenthron umfasst die beiden Paperbacks Die Herren von Winterfell und Das Erbe von Winterfell im Hardcover Dieses Werk katapultierte Martin an die Weltspitze der Fantasyautoren Zum ersten Mal seit Tolkien wird das ganze Genre Fantasy revoluE von Winterfell im Hardcover Dieses Werk katapultierte Martin an die Weltspitze der Fantasyautoren Zum ersten Mal seit Tolkien wird das ganze Gen. Okay I am SO incredibly late to this party but hey I made it And the hype was real Winter is coming Lord Eddard Ned Stark lives with his family in a world where the seasons are thrown completely off summers last decades and winters are eually long His five children plus his bastard son Jon Snow are on the way back to their home Winterfell when they stumble upon and subseuently adopt six direwolf pups the symbol of the Starks with the albino runt going to John When the snows fall and the white winds blow the lone wolf dies but the pack survives Upon returning home King Robert Baratheon an old friend of Ned recruits the Lord to replace the adviser to the crownAt first he was hesitant but upon learning that the ueen Cersei Lannister may be behind the death of the previous adviser he decides to go in order to protect his friendUnfortuntately before he goes Bran Ned's youngest son discovers that view spoiler the ueen is having an affair with her brother hide spoiler

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Re Fantasy revolutioniert Tolle Charakterbeschreibungen unglaubliche Tiefe der Welt und eine elementare literarische Wucht jenseits aller Klischee. Reader LogicI HATE this bookI HATE it so much I had to get a new hardback copy to read so I could underline all the parts I HATE about it so much and post them on GoodreadsI HATE it with such a passion I also bought copies for all my friends and family also in new hardback editions so they could HATE it along with meWhen the TV series came on I was so fuming with rage I watched the entire season twice and bought six copies of the DVD because I could not believe how much I could HATE somethingI had spent so much time discussing how much I HATE this with all my friends who HATE it too and who all bought copies I decided to get a George RR Martin tattoo on my buttock to show how strong my HATRED for his work is There was such a collectivity at the time—like everyone uniting in HATING this together—that some of us formed relationships in HATE I met my wife at a George RR Martin convention and we got married as one of the characters reciting parts of the book for our vows and paid GRRM all our life savings to come read from his HORRIBLE book We HATE this beyond belief Maybe one day we’ll read a book we like and the author can get rich on LOVE

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A Game of ThronesLuxusausgabe der großartigsten Fantasyserie der letzten Jahrzehnte Eisenthron umfasst die beiden Paperbacks Die Herren von Winterfell und Das Erb. I really feel the necessity of a bit of personal backstory here before I start the review Back in 1996 when this book first came out and I was about 14 or 16 years old I saw the hardcover on a sale table for about 5 and couldn't resist a bargain still can't though I'm cautious these days So I started reading this book with the vague idea that it was a flop and that may not have helped but I got through 100 pages of it before feeling so crapped off with it that I shoved it in my cupboard and tried not to think about it Page 108 to be exact More on why laterIf you've heard of this book or read it you're probably aware that far from being the flop I assumed it was at the time and I didn't know anyone who was reading it the series has gone on to be one of the big Cash Cows of the fantasy genre Computer games role playing games there's even a board game that looks like Risk Sooner or later there'll be a movie or something no doubt I'm moderately surprised one isn't in the works already People love this book and this series So I'm well aware I'll probably be lynched for this review because even the people on Goodreads who didn't like it still had great things to say about itBut reviews are subjective and here's mineIn the vein of Tolkein Jordan Elliott Goodkind Hobb Eddings Feist et al A Game of Thrones is set in the classicly boring and overdone medieval England esue setting and is essentially about a bunch of nobles fighting over a throne Great Very original Praised for its focus on political intrigue its lack of magic and similar fantasy tropes and its cast of believable and interesting characters I found the book tedious The first epic fantasy series I read after Narnia was Jordan's The Wheel of Time series and it's true that I struggled with the first book Eye of the World But there were elements to it that I liked characters who I felt attached to enough to read the second book and become hooked and so on I love 1000 page long fat fantasy books I love huge casts of characters and have no problem keeping up with them I've read Jennifer Fallon's Wolfblade trilogy and Second Sons Trilogy both of which are heavy on political intrigue and very low on magic and they're supurb A Game of Thrones is not It offers nothing new to the genre and does nothing original with what it hasNarrated in turns by Eddard Ned Stark Lord of Winterfell; his wife Lady Catelyn; his bastard son Jon Snow; his very young daughters Sansa and Arya; his middle son Bran; Tyrion Lannister a dwarf and brother to the ueen; and young Daenerys Targaryen last of the line of dragon kings and exiled to the land beyond the narrow sea the book is divided into neat chapters headed by the name of one or the other so you know exactly whose point of view you're going to get and where you are in the plot Thanks for holding my hand Martin but I don't like this techniue The chapter headings I'm referring to It encourages me to start wondering about the character before I've even started reading CATELYN the chapter title reads is she young or old a peasant a farmer a daughter a mother nice mean I start imagining things and then have to correct it all as the character is revealed during the chapter There's power in names and withholding them or putting elements of a character's personality first is often compelling and better writing It also made it harder to get through the book because at the end of one chapter I'd see the name of the next think oh great himher again their story's boring and put the book downLet me be perfectly straight I did not find any of the characters to be particularly interesting; though Jaime Lannister had something about him you hardly ever saw him They all pretty much felt like the same character just in different situations The differences between them for example the good girl Sansa and her tomboy sister A