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characters Bad, Bad Bluebloods (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, #2) ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ð Break the rich boys It’s tricky but doable Jerks like them don’t deserve to rule Burberry Prep No Tristan Zayd and Creed are going to pay and I plan to make an example of them Then there’Break the rich boys It’s tricky but doable Jerks like them don’t deserve to rule Burberry Prep No Tristan Zayd and Creed are going to pay and I plan to make an example of them Then there’s Zack the varsity football dck Oh and did I mention a prince just transferred to the academy Whatever will I do with those two Revenge. HookedThis second installment is a huge improvement from the first; I’m glad I stuck with it Having read CM Stunich before I had an idea that the storyline would pick up after the first book If you were concerned about Marnye being able to live up to her plans of revenge have no fear; she delivered I can’t wait for book 3

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P something at the academy She says she’ll meet our challenge dead on; we’ll make sure she regrets that 376 PAGES IN PAPERBACK BAD BAD BLUEBLOODS is a 94000 word reverse haremdark high school bully romance novel This is book two of four in the series Contains foul language and sexual situations; any sex featured is consensu. Tristan Zayd Creed Zack and Windsor “We couldn’t agree on who should come over and talk to you” Tristan begins glancing back at the other four “So unfortunately we all fucking showed up”Marnye came back full force There's something about this series I'm lapping it up So good

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Bad Bad Bluebloods Rich Boys of Burberry Prep #2Is wicked sweet; I can’t wait for a taste Defend ourselves against the charity case We’re the Idols of the school the kings of the campus Marnye Elizabeth Reed That girl is nothing like the ones we’re used to We just can’t decide if we hate her or love her She might come from nothing but she sure is determined to stir u. FUCK YES I'm SO happy with this read Book #1 was a dark horse coming out of the gate to surprise me with its dark writing magic and this one is continuing the winning streak I was worried but the author came through for me It's so rare that I feel like that these daysCM Stunich is going strong with this narrative I'm totally on board It has all the fun and sensuality of a edgy dark tale of bullying and revenge without crossing over into that line where it's like there's no way in hell that's forgivable The progression is delightfully paced and we're keeping things interesting the whole way throughI also am completely digging the addition of Windsor to the group and I like the direction that the author is taking with Zack; Marnye's relationship with him is realistic and complex and I like it We're still seeing things be relatively slow burn with the development of attraction and feelings and there's a good complexity to everything that's just wonderful Marnye remains a great heroine She's not a saint but she has standards and complexity and I like it Despite all the ways everything could've gone terrible for her character she's standing tall Overall I'm just really really impressed that the author has the sense to write this sort of story without veering a hard left off the narrow path into the abyss So many authors have tried to write a story like this and it's sunk to a place where it can never crawl out of for the sake of shock horror and drama As bad as the characters are the motivations and actions are complex enough that it's in the grey than the black so I don't feel disgusted by what's happening The story also isn't unnecessarily crass or soul sucking; there's enough goodness to counteract the worst moments It also doesn't have the same level of disbelief that a lot of other stories in this vein try to push; you can see a rich private academy behave like this and do these sorts of things I'm absolutely pumped for book #3 On the author's facebook she mentioned it being a strong possibility that it'll be done and released before the end of April and if she can release it that fast I'll be stoked but I'll still be here even if it's released in May or June