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Read & download Ë High Fidelity ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¿ Rob Fleming está a punto de cumplir treinta y seis años y tiene una tienda de discos antiguos en el norte de Londres donde sólo vende vinilos Su negocio destinado a un público de serios coleccionistas de frivolidades está siempre al borde de la bancaOlescencia hasta la decrepitud o como piensa él porue su colección de discos y la de Laura eran incompatibles Para consolarse Rob se refugia en la compañía de Barry y Dick sus cómplices en la tienda y juntos hacen innumerables listas de los top del pop las cinco mejores películas los cinco mejores episodios de «Cheers» Y también comienza a s. Every once in a while a writer will strike literary gold with a character whose popularity reaches iconic levels I can think of a few offhand Mary Poppins Forrest Gump Pippi Longstocking We've all encountered these iconic characters before; some are distinctly regional others manage worldwide fame even a remote tribe in the rainforest would probably recognize Audrey Hepburn in her famous guise of Holly GolightlyBut I don't know if I've ever encountered before what I discovered here in High Fidelity a writer who created a character who went on to become a proper nounA Rob A Rob is a man who has a job but not a careerA Rob is a playful passionate man which lends him an irresistible charmA Rob is great for a snog as he has nothing but time on his handsA Rob is terrified of commitmentA Rob is someone you shouldn't make babies withEver dated a RobI have I've dated three They're so damned adorable and they're so damned attractive in their rugby shirts until you realize by the third date that it's the only shirt they ownI once pulled up for a date with a Rob because naturally he didn't have his own car and he was sitting on the hood of a friend's car in a rugby shirt and sweat pants his right forearm down to the elbow in a Jumbo size bag of Doritos As I stopped my car my headlights shone upon his visage and he smiled a cheesy Cheshire grin God bless him he was so happy to see me but when he licked his orange fingertips as he walked over to my car I will admit here publicly that I pressed on the accelerator and drove off gently into that good night That was Rob #1A Rob will sometimes call you for as long as 10 years after your break upA Rob will always love you after you've left himA Rob will often entice you back for a snog at least one time after you've officially declared you're done with him Sometimes twice depending upon the RobA Rob can break your heart with their fear of everything Including youTo all Robs everywhere this one goes out to you He's a real nowhere manSitting in his nowhere landMaking all his nowhere plans for nobody

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Alir con Marie una cantante americana Pero de pronto reaparece Laura Y aunue Rob creyera al principio ue esa ruptura no estaba entre las más cruentas de su vida muy pronto comenzará a hacerse preguntas arduas sobre la familia la monogamia el amor y la madurez ¿Será ue por fin va a descubrir ue también hay vida y música después de la adolescenc. High Fidelity is several things at onceIt is a specimen of guylit I just invented the term yes romance and single life explained from the point of view of a man And we have so few of those It is a humorous reflection on life and its many failingsAnd lastly it is the tale of a Brit singleton in his mid thirties who is unrelentingly firm in his reluctance to grow into a manA man who is so caught up in his fantasies of the ultimate love one is destined to end up with that he ignores the woman who truly cares for him and conseuently ends up losing herSo the novel begins with our protagonist Rob Fleming listing the 5 major break ups of his life which either hurt him too much or ended up changing him as a person for good And he takes vicious pleasure in informing the reader that Laura the woman who just left him doesn't make the top 5 doesn't even come closeHow could you not get sucked into a book which begins on such a promising noteAn owner of a dingy vinyl record shop named Championship Vinyl Rob and his two employee cum sidekicks Dick and Barry stumble through the maze of life often than not clueless about what they are doingThey debate merits and demerits of obscure bands and music artists and are generous in their display of disdain for the ones who love their Beatles Billy Joel Tina Turner Elton John and the usuals And these hilarious conversations centering around mundane things like tv shows movies music and women lend the plot much of its frivolity and humour Especially Barry who is described by Rob as a 'snob obscurantist' makes you laugh uncontrollably with his habit of belittling everything his sneaky tactics of selling records of artists no one has heard of and his interactions with DickAnd so the plot meanders through the zigzagging life of Rob touches briefly upon the lives of all the women with whom he had been in love at some point of time and settles on his on and off relationship with Laura High Fidelity comes as close to portraying single life and romance as it actually is and not in the larger than life Hollywood rom comish way It talks about the things we all do in relationships how we decide how much to reveal to the other person How our feelings for a person waver time and again and how we often falter unable to decide what we want How we hurt the other person in the process How we realize how precious a relationship was only after it has ended And importantly how we are ever afraid of making that feared transformation be it from girl to woman or boy to manNick Hornby's debut novel is a charming creation it is like a music record by an artist you may not have heard of but you can relate to the music nonetheless And you can't help but want to play the record all over again

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High FidelityRob Fleming está a punto de cumplir treinta y seis años y tiene una tienda de discos antiguos en el norte de Londres donde sólo vende vinilos Su negocio destinado a un público de serios coleccionistas de frivolidades está siempre al borde de la bancarrota Y Laura su última novia le ha dejado ¿Será porue Rob parece empeñado en prolongar su ad. I realize that I give far too many books a four or five star rating So sue meBook buying isn't you know a uick thing for me I browse I choose I read the blurbs inside I deliberate I read a chapter from ever book I've chosenIn short I only read things I'm really likely to likeSo I will tell you right now if there were a way to give High Fidelity six stars I wouldOstensibly it's a novel about pop music and love But if that's what you're seeing then you are reading it wrongIt's a novel about obsession rejection and minutia As such Nick Hornby speaks directly to my geeky soul Even though I'm not a music expert I see a lot of myself in the main character Rob escaping into pop defining his life through records filling his head with facts rather than feelings and trying oh so desperately trying to be a real human beingHis relationships never last If he's not outright rejected then he's the one who gets full of himself and does the rejecting He's not good with people doesn't want to be ultimately can't be But he aches for them He's a loner who can't bear to be alone He pushes people away but wonders why there aren't any people aroundEvery word in High Fidelity felt familiar even with a location London and a milieu music fandom that are unfamiliar to me Somehow Hornby strikes this strange compelling balance between being incredibly witty on the surface and being incredibly depressing beneathSwap out records for comics or videogames and I am Rob If you're a geek and a male and a member of these recent lost generations of slackers and man children then you are Rob too