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Read & download Ì Bridget Jones's Guide to Life ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ã She'll help you get your life in orderLife in ord. Warning to potential readers; this guilty pleasure pamphlet does not constitute the label 'book'A worryingly accurate portrayal of the decay of the modern woman I will demonstrate with the following small extract The Store CupboardA well stocked store cupboard is the key to not having to go out to the shops too much Here are my top five store cupboard must haves Silk Cut 4 bottles of white wineat least you never know who will come round Matches Canapes ie crisps Not Marmite Fridge magnets are niceAs may make one depressed if no breadNeed I say

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She'll help. This book is so funny and uirky and actually has some sound advice It's almost as if your best friend is talking to you through this book This is the only Bridget Jones book I've read but I absolutely love the movies💕 can't wait to read the rest of the series

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Bridget Jones's Guide to LifeYou get your. I really enjoyed this It's British so lots of F words and it is pretty much about sex so yah