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The Trouble With You Rixon Raiders #1IendsShe hates them Especially Cameron Chase the guy she thought was differentCameron Chase has the world at his feetHe has it all; good looks talent and the charm to go with itHe has colleges lined up at the door all wanting a piece of Rixon Raiders star wide receiverUntil something threatens everything he's ever worked for and only one person can uiet the war raging inside himBut he's supposed to hat. ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewMy fave trope you peoplewinkOh la lawell in one word I LOVED it And that would be three words actually LOLI'm also wary with YANA books dealing in this trope ever since I have read the Fallen Crest High series cause well I'm also annoyed with myself as how much I tend to seek the trades of my fave characters in othersurghnot a good uality i know BUT I have to say that THIS BOOK and THESE CHARACTERS Cameron Chase and Hailee Raine are maybe my next fave drama angst pent up action chemistry rivalry friendship hardship loyalty and eventually love are set in Rixon High School senior year It wasn't that I wanted her I didn't I just didn't like the idea of anyone else having her either says our Raider High football wide receiver star Cameron Chase about Hailee Raine his teammate OB and best friend's step sister And well they are NOT on a very good terms either He was my step brother's best friend A Raider Not to mention he was one of my tormentors Cameron Chase was everything I hated and damn that chemistry I wanted her so fucking much But I wanted a lot of things College A football scholarship A bright future But sometimes dreams didn't come trueBut as she walked away from me I knew I was screwed beacuse the rules had changed and I knew I couldn't stay away from her Fresh approach to the story very well written filled with palpable tension and banter and I simply loved every minute of itAnd I will definitely follow the next book and its characters story wink

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The Trouble With You Rixon Raiders #1 Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ From the author of the Wicked Bay series comes an angsty YANA enemies to lovers romance Cocky football players school rivalry and the girls who get in their way Get ready The Raiders are comingHaileeE her; his best friend's sisterShe's off limitsUntouchableShe's trouble with a capital TThen Hailee finds herself in the middle of a football prank gone wrongAnd suddenly hating each other never felt so good The Trouble With You is the first book in The Rixon Raiders series All books in this series can be read as standalonesThe Trouble With YouThe Game You Play coming soonThe Harder You Fall coming soo. There were a lot of things that bothered me about this story First what is wrong with the adults in here The only ones who were kind of normal were Cameron's parents I hated Hailee's mother and Jason's father And what is wrong with the teachers Hailee gets openly bullied and they don't do anything the same can be said about Hailee's mom I mean are they stupid or something I also hated Felicity She is probably the worst friend ever Her friend gets bullied by Jason but Felicity still thinks he is hot Still wants his attention What is wrong with this woman And about the love story Cameron has bullied Hailee since they met mostly because Jason does too She takes it all uietly never reporting them to the school or her mom maybe she did but her idiotic mother didn't do a thing After a while she starts retaliating with her own pranks All this shit show ends when Cameron humiliates her in publicI guess I could have gotten over it if the guy managed to redeem himself But that didn't happen He doesn't even apologize He just tells her that he was protecting her from her step brother's wrath And she stills forgives him I mean seriously I guess this might be a spoiler but I really think Jason her step brother is kind of a sociopath About the soundtrack of the book it should have included toxic It is a song that really represents the love story

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From the author of the Wicked Bay series comes an angsty YANA enemies to lovers romance Cocky football players school rivalry and the girls who get in their way Get ready The Raiders are comingHailee Raine only has to survive one yearOne year of life in her football obsessed townOne year of nauseating school spiritJust one year of her cruel step brother Jason; and his cocky arrogant football playing fr. I love LA Cotton books so when I saw she had a new series coming I was so excited The trouble with you had me hooked and I devoured it in one go Cameron is now firmly on my LA Cotton book boyfriend list with Maverick and Jackson An enemies to lovers slow burn romance with all of the angst There was so much drama that I just couldn’t put it down because I had to know what was going to happen The characters were always throwing curveballs your way theories that I was coming up with as I was reading yeah I was so wrong Also can I just state high school kids are cruel I also want to adopt Asher lol LA Cotton slayed it with this new series that is a MUST read I can’t wait for Jason’s book