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Wild RosesCassie is falling in love with her stepfather Dino’s brilliant young violin student all while trying to cover up his increasingly erratic behavior in this story of intense love family and secrets from Printz Honor medal winner and National Book Award finalist Deb CalettiSeventeen year old Cassie. I can honestly say that I hated Wild Roses by Deb Caletti This novel is about seventeen year old Cassie Morgan a girl who divides her time between her divorced parents' houses Her mother married Dino Cavalli renowned Italian violinist who happens to be mean critical and paranoid The story is told from Cassie's point of view The story is narrated with forced sarcasm and is filled to the brim with nauseating clichés and metaphors Caletti tries hard to make Cassie seem like a typical teen and make her world realistic but it never really works I didn't care about this protaganist at all and I cared even less about what happened to her The dialogue was stilted and unbelievable the author seemed to be under the impression that if she used the words sht and fck every other sentence it would make her characters' especially her teen ones dialogue seem natural And this totally worked Not Anyway Dino has a big concert coming up and a record deal for which he needs to compose three new pieces To add structure to his life and help his creative process Dino takes a student He is the young violinist Ian Waters a prodigy hoping to get a scholarship to Curtis and is hoping that Dino can help him prepare for the audition Alright you judge if this is realistic Cassie is one day standing at her bedroom window and then she she sees a boy bicycling up the street towards her house Mind you she is looking through a window that is two stories high And suddenly Cassie is overwhelmed by a wave of emotion for this boy a longing And it's like what She's never met him can barely see him He's just this random boy riding on a bike and all of a sudden she's obsessed with him Just like that Okay maybe if you're going for the whole love at first sight angle it makes sense But this idea totally didn't fit in with this story this work of supposedly realistic fiction Is it desire she's feeling perhaps That would be understandable But she can barely see him All she can see is that he has black hair and his black coat is flapping in the breeze as he approaches on his bike Anyway the boy turns out to be be Ian and of course they fall in love But oops their love is forbidden because Dino forbids him to have a romantic relationship so all his concentration will be on his music During the whole story I looked for a reason for Ian and Cassie to be in love I searched in vain and I never found one They have nothing in common except for a shared dislike of Dino The author simply tells you they are in love and expects you to believe it the same way that she tells you Cassie loves astronomy She has Cassie take out her telescope occaisonally and visit a planetarium but none of her actions express a true love for what she's doing or even much of an interest This novel is populated by stereotypical characters from the girl Nicole Hower at school that Cassie describes as Nickname whore because her clothes gave the impression that she wanted to share her boobs with makind to Dino Cavalli himself as the crazed musical genius Caletti's attempt to explore madness fails Her overuse of examples of artists who were mentally illcomitted suicide were too numerous and overdone To summarize I wouldn't reccomend this book unless you're looking for a dull often preachy book with a terribly annoying heroine

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Enter Ian Waters a brilliant young violinist and Dino’s first ever student The minute Cassie lays eyes on Ian she knows she’s doomed to fall head over heels in love with him Cassie thought she understood that love could bring pain but this union will have conseuences she could not have imagine. Before this I've only read another book by Deb Caletti The Nature of Jade and it was just okay Thankfully I liked this one much much better This book was about Cassie Morgan who has divorced parents and a step father who is a famous violinst To the outside world Dino may seem like a genius musician and composer from a small town in Italy but Cassie knows the truth Dino is a terrifying selfish insane bully who just gets crazier and paranoid every day Cassie can't imagine why her mom fell for him and doesn't want anything to do with lovethat is until she meets Ian Waters Dino's new protege I really liked this book I found Cassie to be a wonderful narrator She was both funny and insightful There were many parts where I was nodding in agreement or stifling laughter Denifite uotable material Initally though I didn't uite like the style It seemed a little too informal for my taste but I uickly got over it I found the characters lively and three dimensional Except for Ian I did not like him He was hardly in the book which made the romance seem improbable I liked this book but I wouldn't consider it a romance In fact it would have been fine without any romantic aspects at all Just the family dynamic seemed enough I was also surprised with how everything turned out It's not a suspenseful edge of your seat book but is certainly absorbing I will definitely be checking out of Deb Caletti's books in the future

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Wild Roses free read ð 9 ´ Cassie is falling in love with her stepfather Dino’s brilliant young violin student all while trying to cover up his increasingly erratic behavior in this story of intense love family and secrets from Printz Honor medal winner and National Book Award finalist Deb CalettiSeventeen year old Cassie Morgan lives with a time bomb akMorgan lives with a time bomb aka her stepfather Dino Cavalli To the public Dino is a world renowned violin player and composer To Cassie he’s an erratic self centered bully And he’s getting worse Dino no longer sleeps and he grows increasingly paranoid Before Cassie was angry Now she is afraid. if anyone's looking for a 'love story'; dont read this it doesnt do the genre any justicethis is the second book that ive ever read that i just didnt like i get what deb was trying to do but she didnt do a very good jobthe whole first chapter is just the heroine yammerin on about insanity and whatever for 14 pages i had to fight the urge to throw the book across the room and just re read on of my better books; and keep reading it wasnt something that grabbed you and held you there you had to really hang on to get through this entire book reallythe relationship between ian and cassie was WAY to rushed i mean at first glance she was in love with him yeah right she was two stories up when she saw him it took them meeting like what two; three times before he had already kissed her and im not talking like 'going out on a date' meeting i mean they said hey once or twice talked a little he looked into her eyes once then the next time he saw her he called her 'so pretty' and kissed her and 45 of this book was always talking about dino it gets so annoying its like the whole book is all about him and the relationship between ian cassie is neglected badlyaND what was with all the cussing it was not nessissarythe only characted i liked was chuck and thats cuz he reminds a lot of one of my friendsit seemd as though Deb tried WAY to hard this book was the first book ive read of hers and is deffinantly going to be the last