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The Elements of Cooking characters ↠ 104 Ó Americans are on a roll in the kitchen—we've never been better or smarter about cooking But how does a beginning cook become good a good cook greatModeled on Strunk and White's The Elements of Style The Elements of Cooking is an opinionated volume by Michael Ruhlman—the award winning and bestAmericans are on a roll in the kitchen we've never been better or smarter about cooking But how does a beginning cook become good a good cook greatModeled on Strunk and White's The Elements of Style The Elements of Cooking is an opinionated volume by Michael Ruhlman the award winning and bestselling author of The Making of a Chef and coauthor of The French Laundry Cookbook that pares the essentials of good cooking into a slim easy to take anywhere book It will also stand alongside a handful of classics of the kitchen just as Strunk and White's. I'm somewhat conflicted by this book The opening essays are okay but not great Outside of the essays the book is sort of a lazy man's french cuisine encyclopedia The research for the book really isn't that thorough In fact about 95% comes from one of the two sources both of which just so happen to be textbooks from the CIA when he attended The book really only has one recipe which was almost just copied from the Professional Chef cookbook The encyclopedia entries are just not that informative either Wikipedia articles offer similar if not better information It could be a nifty reference book for the home cook looking to expand their repertoire but serious cooks should just get a copy of On Food and Cooking as well as Larousse Gastronomiue

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Be a great cook You'll learn to cook everything as the entries cover all the key moves you need to make in the kitchen and teach you for example not only what goes into a great sauce but how to think about it to make it great Eight short beautifully written essays outline what it takes not merely to cook but to cook well understanding heat using the right tools there are only five of them cooking with eggs making stock making sauce salting food what a cook should read and exploring the elusive most important skill to have in the kitchen finesse. An Elements of Style inspired take on the world of cooking by Michael Ruhlman Elements of Cooking provides both wannabe and professional cooks with 8 short essays on what he views to be the most important ingredientstoolsconcepts separating good cooking from great cooking Ruhlman also includes a glossary of food terms that is actually interesting to read on its own Following the of a Chef trilogy and some very nice cookbooks I have wondered where Ruhlman's muse was going to take him next Elements of Cooking is destined to be a classic both for the home cook and the professional chef and bodes well for the future output of a man who has already established himself as one of the greatest writers on cooking around

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The Elements of CookingBook sits on the desk of every writer and every English student Not only does this book deconstruct the essential knowledge of the kitchen it also takes what every professional chef knows instinctively after years of training and experience and offers it up cleanly and brilliantly to the home cook With hundreds of entries from acid to zester here is all the information no and no less you need to cook as well as countless tips including only one recipe in the entire book for the “magic elixir of the kitchen” and no nonsense advice on how to. I've always aspired to cook without a recipe and this book gives me the tools and principles for doing just that I plan to keep this book handy in my kitchen as a reference guide Modeled after Strunk and White's Elements of Style this book has the same structure essays on important aspects of cooking that are the building blocks of any recipe stocks proper salting temperature followed by an alphabetical definition of cooking terms and ingredients Want to know what a mandoline is Want to know what the proper ratio is for any vinaigrette You can find it in this sectionThis book is very readable and it has changed how I think about cooking I highly recommend it for anybody interested in cooking from scratchMy only criticism of the book is that it's cooking aesthetic is a little too fancy It insists that I mist make veal stock but for various reasons that's just not practical But that is one of the book's strengths It operates under the philosophy that we can all be great cooks