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SUMMARY When Lightning Strikes ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Fire in the skyJust because her best friend wants to exercise Jessica Mastriani agrees to walk the two miles home from their high school Straight into a huge Indiana thunderstorm and straight into troubleNot that Jess has never been in trouble before Her extracuIng right next to Rob the sexiest senior around But this trouble is seriousBecause somehow on that long walk home Jessica acuired a newfound talent An amazing power that can be used for goodor for evil. I love this series I loved it when I discovered it in my high school library yes they do have good things mixed in there with the boring reuired reading and 10 years later I still love it StoryJess is your relatively average sopho girl Relatively because she tends to talk with her fists This leads her to spending a lot of time in detention with the kids from the other side of the tracks known here as the Grits There she meets Rob Wilkins our hot guy of the series He rides a Indian motorcycle and is 18 This is a plus for Jess because even though she doesn't have her license as Tom would say sheSo things are going pretty well sure she has detention for over a month but Rob just asked if she needed a ride home Unfortunately she is with her friend Ruth who is set on walking home and working off some calories and she can't leave her or invite her since bikes aren't made for 3 Jess and Ruth only make it to the sports fields before it starts to hail and are forced to hide under the bleachers where leaning against a pole Jess is struck by lightening Jess seems ok until she wakes up the next morning and knows where the missing kids on yesterday's milk carton are Can you name this 90s jem This book sets the stage for Jess dealing with her ability mainly who to trust including the government her moral responsiblitly and trying to live her life including convincing Rob to be her boyfriendIn true Meg Cabot form it's everything you want in a fun teen read fun comedy drama adventure superpowers and a hot boy on a motorcycle Because in the wise words of Lorelai Gil

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Fire in the skyJust because her best friend wants to exercise Jessica Mastriani agrees to walk the two miles home from their high school Straight into a huge Indiana thunderstorm and straight into trou. Meg Cabot's stories are so addictive I can't believe I haven't read this one sooner

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When Lightning StrikesBleNot that Jess has never been in trouble before Her extracurricular activities instead of cheerleading or 4 H include fistfights with the football team and month long stints in detention luckily sitt. 2020 Coronavirus Reread This series probably has aged the worst out of all the Cabot YA series I still like it but God does Jess grate on me at times Also Cabot tropes are full of display here Just something I noticed Jess has a geeky brother named Michael who her best friend has a crush on where have I seen this beforebut it's different I swearAnyway a very uick reread I managed to finish it within a couple of hours To see full binge click hereOh Jess How I forgot you were the Cabot character with violent tendenciesWell Suze throws a mean punch too but it’s sort of a necessity You on the other handyour rage is sort of funny but at the same time scaryNot in a bad way thoughJess is perfectly engaging Though I did get annoyed with her world at times There are some jokes and remarks made in this book that are eyebrow raising at best I seriously wanted to throw a punch at Rob Wilkins for calling Ruth fat No No No Rob Wilkins you just don’t do thatIt doesn’t make you desirableAt least Jess tells him this too Though it’s obvious she wants to make out with himAnother thing that really sticks out after all this time is how much the world has and hasn’t changed since this series was originally published the early 200’s pre 911 days Jess’s super power is a little obsolete now with social media and Google Locate doing a lot of the work she did for her But she still would be utilized I guessThe other thing that bothered me about this series was you had to suspend your belief a lot I’m sorry but the way the whole Crane Military Base thing was handled was ridiculous I can’t go into to many details because of spoilers but just know I was completely shaking my head thinking Cabot had never seen an episode of UFO Hunters because if she did she know if you were remotely close to a top secret military base you’d be surrounded and your mission to find the aliens would be abortedWhateverIt’s still a fun book But yeah I see it’s warts now and the years have not exactly been good to it Or terrible for that matter I think The Princess Diaries probably got the worst of it with the pop culture references