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Characters Í Honey (Shooting Stars, #4) É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å In her music she found sweet salvation Honey grew up on a farm under her strict fanatically religious grandfather's disapproving eye To him everything is a sin from her natural born talent for the violin tIn her music she found sweet salvation Honey grew up on a farm under her strict fanatically religious grandfather's disapproving eye To him everything is a sin from her natural born talent for the. I didn't think it could possibly get worse after Rose but I was wrong All the characters in here are so flat and one dimensional that it's hard to care for any of them even the poor nearly retarded uncle The family revelation in this book that comes near the end is nothing than yawn inspiring Grandpa Forman did what Oh REALLY Too bad that I'm bored otherwise I might care I found each chapter a chore to plod through honestly I'm sad that the man who penned the enjoyable Cutler family books wrote this junkHonestly this book was rather cliched and contrived Back then when this series first came out I was still excited because I still had hope for Andrew Naiderman I don't know why he stopped writing the usual mulktigenerational family drama thing any these family sagas Flowers in the Attic through Melody were far better than this dredge he writes Honey was only a tiny bit better than future books like Gemini or Heavenstone Secrets but that's not saying much

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Violin to her innocent interest in boys and dating and life is a treacherous path to be walked in fear When Honey is paired for music practice with a brilliant piano student wealthy Chandler Maxw. I'd heard that this series went increasingly downhill but you know what I liked Honey I think her story was the best balanced of the four girls' I've mentioned that Shooting Stars has felt very formulaic and that's true of this book too They can easily be broken up into three main points the protagonist herself the talent and the budding romance And like I said I think Honey's was the best balanced She's got an interesting family background that defines who she is and how she grew up in a way that's important but not overshadowing Her music and passion for the violin is introduced early as well as the possibility of her setting her sights on the Senetsky school and plays an important role throughout the entire story rather than just being tacked on at the end And I did feel like we got to spend some actual time with Chandler and see Honey get to know him as a person rather than just being attracted to him because he was attracted to her Perhaps my standards have been lowered a bit as time went on but seeing how poorly most of these things were handled in Rose I'm perfectly satisfied with their portrayal in Honey And having now read the prologue to Falling Stars I'm not disappointed that she'll be narrating the final story There was something about Honey herself that I couldn't uite put my finger on And not in a good way Sometimes her personality felt a little bland And maybe in contrast to her grandfather seeing sin in everything the adults in her life had a habit of talking to and about her like her very existence was the greatest blessing this world's ever seen But I did notice something missing from Honey in a good way The past three girls were almost obsessively described as being beautiful Particularly Rose whose beauty seems to have been meant to take the place of any personality I didn't really see that in Honey and maybe this almost holy air about her was meant to take the place of it but I'm willing to let that slide For now We'll see how that shapes up I have to say I've been excited about the final book since the beginning A lot of the time the girls' stories didn't feel very active Like a lot of things happened TO them rather than the girls doing things themselves if that makes sense They were each very influenced by the other people in their lives I guess I just see a lot of potential now that the other people in their lives will be each other I will remain optimistic

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Honey Shooting Stars #4Ell she discovers a true soul mate But when a shocking family secret comes to light Honey discovers the startling cause of her grandfather's bitter fury And her own precious joy may be lost foreve. The fourth book in the Shooting Stars series Honey Forman lives on the family owned farm with her grandfather father mother Uncle Peter and Uncle Simon Her grandfather is a a bitter strict fanatically religious man who becomes even overbearing when a tragedy strikes the family The only solace Honey finds is in playing her violin despite the disapproval of her grandfather Her music instructor pairs her up for practice with Chandler Maxwell a piano player who comes from a well to do family In Chandler she finds a soul mate connection that her grandfather tries to destroy with his overwhelming bel ifs When a family secret comes to light Honey discovers the reasons for her grandfathers actions The reader is encouraged to pursue their passion and dreams To take the opportunities that are presented to them