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Protect her sister and try to find a way to save her familyWritten in verse A Slip of a Girl is a poignant story of adversity resilience and self determination by a master of historical fiction painting a haunting history of the tensions in the Irish countryside of the early 1890s and the aftermath of the Great FamineA Junior Library Guild Selectio. A free verse novel about a young Irish girl living with her father and younger sister on a poor bit of land during the Irish Land Wars This small girl with not even shoes on her feet learns to stand up to the English Lord demanding rent they can't pay as she fights to save her family farmSimply and beautifully told Anna is a strong and smart character and you'll root for her from the beginning It's also a great introduction for kiddos to this bit of history and Giff includes actual photos of families being evicted from the time Definitely recommended

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A Slip of a GirlA heart wrenching novel in verse about a poor girl surviving the Irish Land Wars by a two time Newbery Honor winning author For Anna the family farm has always been home But now things are changingAnna's mother has died and her older siblings have emigrated leaving Anna and her father to care for a young sister with special needs And though their f. Anna Mallon's family survived the Irish potato famine 30 years ago only to find themselves starving again Poor weather conditions means no crops to sell which means the Mallons can't afford to pay rent to the English Earl who owns their farm When Anna's mother dies and her oldest siblings emigrate Anna a slip of a girl is left to care for her father and her developmentally delayed younger sister As their neighbors are evicted one by one Anna stays to fight She is angry and hurt that their farm in their family forever doesn't belong to them A confrontation with the Earl forces Anna to flee the only home she's ever known but she vows to fight back and return some day This is I believe Patricia Reilly Giff's first novel in verse I was a huge fan of her early novels and even enjoyed her memoir Don't Tell the Girls A Family Memoir but this story didn't appeal to me as much I'm not a fan of novels in verse and I think this story would have been better told as a novel companion to Nory Ryan's Song I flipped ahead to see what would happen to Anna and looked for a historical note While there is an author's note it describes her visit to Ireland and her emotions at seeing the old family farm She based her character of Anna loosely on her own great grandmother I had no idea what the Irish Land War was before reading this and I really would have liked a historical note in the back explaining it in depth What I did especially like about this novel is that actual photographs and ephemera from the time are included throughout the book to enhance the storyAnna Mallon is an extremely feisty girl I understand her anger and while it's justified committing violence even minor violence isn't the answer She does it again and again and finds herself in trouble until others rise up with her I think she's supposed to represent the spirit of the Irish people and how they were determined to be free I relate to her desire to learn how to read and the new worlds and new possibilities it opens up for her Her devotion to her first book and determination to keep it is easy to relate to I especially liked that part of her story Anna has passion than her father After losing his wife he seems to lose his passion until the English rouse it by threatening his family Nuala is apparently developmentally delayed but Anna doesn't tell us how old she is She sounds like a toddler or a 3 4 year old because Anna can carry Nuala Nuala is a sweetheart and I was appalled at the way the Earl's men treated her when she got in their way The Aunt was a bit of a surprise I like the description of weaving but can't visualize her type of loom Martin seems like a nice young man and a potential future love interest for Anna but apparently her heart belongs to her best friend Liam Liam feels defeated by the English As the only child he is unable to support his mother and that is difficult for him He isn't in much of the story but his heart is as Irish as Anna's and belongs to his family's farm The English Earl and his men and the military are all portrayed as villains This may be historically correct but some of the bailiff's actions directed at Anna seem overly evil and unjustified She's a child The author never really has Anna explain why the English are so horrendous to the Irish An author's note explaining the history of Anglo Irish relations would have been welcome

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A Slip of a Girl characters × 107 ✓ A heart wrenching novel in verse about a poor girl surviving the Irish Land Wars by a two time Newbery Honor winning author For Anna the family farm has always been home But now things are changingAnna's mother has died and her older siblings have emigrated leaving Anna and her father to care for a young sisteAmily has worked this land for years they're in danger of losing it as poor crop yields leave them without money to pay their rentWhen a violent encounter with the Lord's rent collector results in Anna and her father's arrest all seems lost But Anna sees her chance and bolts from the jailhouse On the run Anna must rely on her own inner strength to. Patricia Reilly Giff tells of the Irish tenant farmers struggle to gain security for their land and families in the late 1800’s through the eyes of Anna Mallon Her family’s farm is everything The family has farmed the land for years and now the absentee British landlords are clearing out the people for sheep Anna promises her dying mother to watch over the farm and her sister Nuala who has special needs Already her other siblings have emigrated to America and her father must work elsewhere Anna is alone to manage it all The English earl and his aides are determined to have the land by any means When her dad is sent to jail she must seek help from her estranged aunt Ethna a very talented weaver This turns out to be another struggle but well worth it as Aunt cares for Nuala and teaches Anna to weave – a marketable skill Leaving her sister with Aunt Anna returns to her land to stand up for it There is a movement for reforms to the unfair laws the cruel evictions The local priest organizes the locals to face off the bailiff as he comes to evict families People come from other villages to show their support Soldiers come to clear them away but the crowd and Anna persist The slip of a girl and the people win for now Realities must be faced The leaders may be jailed the rent must be paid Eventually laws are passed in England which allow the farmers to buy back their homes THOUGHTS Although this is a fictional account Giff’s ancestors went through the land war in Durmlish County Longacre Ireland I find the story fascinating I think upper grade and middle school readers will be astounded bravery and resourcefulness of a girl their age It is hard to believe in the cruelty of others but it exists even in the twenty first century Giff’s writes in blank verse carefully choosing her words to evoke compassion Her glossary explains the IrishCeltic words that add authenticity to the story The archival photographs help the reader visualize the people and their struggles In her note she explains her family connection to the story and her research to bring it to us The only thing I might have added is a map