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As You Were Rising Star #2They say love is beautiful They lie Love is a dark broken man with whiskey colored eyes Love is knowing he will never return my feelings It is the final chord. This is only my second read from this author and I am hooked Into my 2018 Favourites this is Rockstar done rightYou don't get much growlier than Zeke the HAF music producer The grump with a soft interior just like a yummy chocolate I have serious lovelust for this guy and Willow is the perfect gentle somewhat flighty soul who balances him out Their attraction is unavoidable Baby girl you’ve got mistake written all over youThis one has a delicious slow burn kind of feel to it while also having a great smooth pace that left me wanting I could have happily read another 10 chapters about these two The feelings felt very genuine and the dialogue had me either laughing or suirming The chemistry is palpable and don't even get me started on the sex scenes hubby got a happy 1am wake up call 🔥🔥“Good girl Now hurry up and feed me I’m starving”Add into this a dash of angst lots of emotions and the opportunity to catch up with Reid Drake Shiloh and I was a happy reader Have to say I'm intrigued for Drake's book next I want this resident man whore to get his heart stolen by the right girl Beta read

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FREE READ å As You Were (Rising Star, #2) ☆ They say love is beautiful They lie Love is a dark broken man with whiskey colored eyes Love is knowing he will never return my feelings It is the final chord of a guitar riff as it bleeds into silence Love is Zeke Danton I convinced myself I needed him I thought there was no one better to recorI was wrong Encased in layers of ice he wears his pain like a protective shield Wanting what I can’t have might ruin me But so help me I crave his destructio. LEE PIPER What have you done to me again I’ve been craving and dying for Zeke and Willow since the ending of Lie to Me and I’m so happy to inform that the wait was DEFINITELY WORTH IT Gaaahhhh I can’t believe this is only the second book this author has released This woman really knows how to write rockstar novels And honestly it’s one of the tropes I least read about Don’t ask me why I honestly have no idea They just don’t call to me as other tropes But nope Lee Piper is a goddess with her rockstar romances she over delivers at every turn and then some Anything this woman writes about I’m going to one click and devour I loved everything about that man mountain Zeke and his little siren Willow Their chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS I mean I’m pretty sure my kindle was releasing steam along with the characters Zeke’s alpha to Willow’s Fire was the perfect combination I laughed I teared up I got angry and I got annoyed I swooned and blushed along with the heroine I love when an author can evoke so many feelings from reading their words when their words are so great that you try and try to ignore the outside world because you refuse to put the words down That’s what Lee Piper does for me Every Single Time And NOW I NEED DRAKE Lee Piper GIVE ME DRAKE

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Of a guitar riff as it bleeds into silence Love is Zeke Danton I convinced myself I needed him I thought there was no one better to record my debut album with. I first discovered this author earlier this year and I am grateful because she writes words that speak to my soul She doesn't follow the typical approach in her writing which considering this is a romance about the music industry that speaks volumes Having read Lie to Me the first book in this series I wasn't sure anyone could come between me and my love of Shiloh and Reid I was wrong SO VERY WRONGWillow Sweet holy Hades taking a cue from the author here This girl is something special Truly special She is truly a gypsy soul and one of a kind heroine She is hippy but current at the same time I loved her uniue self and all that made her who she was whether that was meditation yoga crystals or special teas I loved that she called upon a number of Greek Deities whenever she was exasperated I connected with her on so many levels and found myself smiling at her inner musings or feeling her anguish as she tried to find solace or understanding in an awful situation Her resilience and inner fortitude were impressive to say the leastZeke This guy Sweet holy Mary Joseph Jesus and Gabriel This guy in all his growly grumpy hotness The things that came out of his mouth SWEET Lord I am not sure if my iPad will be back to a normal degree tomorrow because it was on FIRE I literally had to fan myself The fact that he got along with nobody but Willow spoke volumes If he was the storm then she was the rainbow bringing beauty back to something that desperately needed it The steam Hell has nothing on how hot it was especially when you add in Zeke and his mouth FIRE Inferno hotThis story touched on something that is hard to read about and was done with such grace and care My heart broke for Willow and her Mom I loved everything about how well this was handled from a medical perspective and just from a human perspective Seeing the secondary characters were fantastic again because it offered a familiarity with the story and also gave insight into what is coming next in the future I truly hope that they all get their own story even Shiloh's bandI would highly recommend this author and this series The writer has a distinct writing style in which she balances humor seriousness and steam without it being cheesy It is completely her style and I love it all that much for that This book could have gone on for a lot longer and I wouldn't have complained because she is that good plus I would have gotten to read of Zeke and his wonderous mouth No seriously his dirty talk is THAT good This series keeps getting better and better I am super anxious for Drake's story next That manwhore is going to have an epic story