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Deception (Family Justice, #9) Download É 108 Ã USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday weaves a captivating tale of love loyalty and the importance of family in Deception the next chapter in the Family Justice worldUnexplained threatsA war that never endsCorruption and RevengeIt was only a matter of timeBecause evil never sleepsUSA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday weaves a captivating tale of love loyalty and the importance of family in Deception the next chapter in the Family Justice worldU. The continuity and the development of this story is mind blowing uestions that have been plaguing me from day are finally answered and they were worth the journey I've been on since day oneThe cloud that is building to a storm with epic conseuences is there from the opening chapter The threat that hangs over Justice is coming to an end The couples;Meghan is struggling to find her place acting out of character and Alex is at a loss With the threat that holds them all hostage his attention is divided He knows there is something wrong with her but for now he will have to pay attention and see how this plays outLacey and Cameron are in perfect marriage bliss along with Dylan and his little sister Lily this couple is my go to No matter what I read I always come back to these twoVictoria and Drae have their hands full with Daniel StJohn This kid will bring the laughter and is keeping them on their toes His little brother Ryder is the complete packageHeather and Brodie along with Bella are in for some big changes and the joy that unfolds is a bonding family moment What Heather never thought she'd have is finally a reality To say they are happy is putting it mildlyCalder Dane has a definite foot in mouth moment Away for the weekend with his wife Stephanie the past comes back to taunt him In the form of an old lover Finn and Remy from day one he has needled her to get a reaction Watching these two dance around the attraction they have has been a roller coaster of emotions But Finn has always been by her side through the bad and ugliness of her past he has never wavered in his devotion to Remington Domineau's love for Rafe is never uestioned it's just a matter of her finally letting go of the demons that haunt her and letting him in along with his little daughter Molly Seeing her start to emerge from herself will bring tears and laughter But with the past coming in fast we see the normally unstoppable Domineau brought down Rafe's reaction will floor you and yes this man's love is forever now that he's pinned her down there is no escape I don’t imagine it’s going to be that easy though I feel there’s coming with DomineauJace and Sophia OMG The old school romance these two have danced to will have even the most cynical swooning It's like watching an old romance movie play out Jace brings his A game and if you don't cry with the emotionally moving scene he's created for his Sophia I don't think there’s much hope for you I've left Parker and Angie to last The love that binds these two together from the first moment he saw her till now is magical They've been through it all and nearly lost each other but with a love like this nothing was ever going to stop them finding their way back to each other With the arrival of baby Sullivan on the horizon you'd think it could not get any perfect But with the past coming back hard and fast towards them and Parkers involvement in it it gets real when Angie is placed in danger The arrival of the baby is incredibly moving with the poignancy and the scene that unfolds Of course being these two there will be laughter but along with that is the perfection and the words A suspenseful read one that has you turning pages furiously as you read The heat factor is a given and Suzanne certainly brings the passion and the sexy times An absolute must read and one that I can’t rate high enough

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Nexplained threatsA war that never endsCorruption and RevengeIt was only a matter of timeBecause evil never sleepsSet against the usual backdrop of general mayhem sexy romps a. Hold on to your hats Justice lovers Deception is a biggie but I wouldn't have it any other way Suzanne Halliday has outdone herself with this one It is nothing short of amazing with every turn of the page Something dark has a cloud of worry hanging over the folks in Bendover and Alex and company are on a mission to protect everything and everyone that is close to them from this sinister threatThere are so many moments in Deception where I was left laughing smiling and yes in tears Happy ones I promise Every word is written with such feeling and description that you are drawn into the story and never want it to end There is so much I want to say but am afraid to spoil anything for readers of this outstanding book If you love the previous books in the Justice saga you will surely not want to miss this one It does not disappoint in any way Readers that are new to Justice are strongly encouraged to start where it all began with Broken Justice in order to understand the amazing dynamic that is Family Justice However it can be read as a stand alone I will say if you read this one first you will most definitely want to go back to see how this amazing group ended up in Bendover AZ You will devour every single word5 Impeccable Stars

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Deception Family Justice #9Nd family times Team Justice will face a threat like no other Buckle in for a tale of heart pounding suspense as mysteries are solved and uestions answered #FamilyJustice4Life. Deception Family Justice Book 9Suzanne HallidayWOW An over the wall outta the park home run There are so many moving parts it would take an Excel spreadsheet to track them all Many uestions answered and so many asked Do not read this without a whole box of tissues and a Do Not Disturb signThere is an air of unease in Bendover Team Justice is unsettled disturbed on edge but no one can see a definite reason A Cause A Problem The Justice Ladies are feeling it heck even Junior Justice knows something is amiss All you need to know is Justice takes care of its own Mayhem Suspense Intrigue Romance Family Deception its all here Evil never sleeps it just goes deep underground until it festers and explodes But once you are accepted as Family Justice will go to War for youEach book in the series explores a different aspect but every book covers many characters as there are many puzzles machinations and movement in each book This book is not different Suzanne has created a uniue and relatable world of Romance Craziness Warriors Alpha testosterone and Alpha Estrogen that when combined make a great read So sit back get comfy and open up Deception #FamilyJustice4LifeI was given an ARC but the Review is freely given and all mine