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From award winning author Deborah Heiligman comes Torpedoed a true account of the attack and sinking of the passenger ship SS City of Benares which was evacuating children from England during WWII Amid the constant rain of German bombs and the es. EDGE of your SEAT READ Brilliantly written Heiligman's research is thorough but the brilliance is in how she weaves it all together to tell this riveting story—a tragic and courageous adventure our grades 5 9 students will not forgetChapters 1 6 introduce the reader to the time period the context and many of the children aboard the ship City of Benares There were ninety traveling through a government relocation program CORB with adult escorts and then several others traveling with family or family hired escorts Their families made the hard decision to send them to the safety of Canada or the US away from the German bombs falling on England The ship is a fascinating experience for the children as they wait a few days to leave and then begin the journey Heiligman shares plenty of enchanting details about the children's enjoyment of the ship the games they played the endless availability of ice cream eating and so forth Amidst her introduction to the context of the story Heiligman also introduces the debate over how to keep this ship with so many children safe whether the ship should identify itself as carrying so many children or not whether it should be escorted by war ships or not whether it should try to move away from territory where German u boats have sunk other ships as uickly as possible or stay with the convoy While readers learn about the context for this voyage they also begin to notice the danger of that period and the tensionChapter 7 introduces the German U boat lurking nearbyIn Chapter 8 narrates the ship being torpedoed and what follows Heiligman's picks up speed and FULLY CAPTIVATES THE READER for the next 200 pages AND just a heads up the drama of this story does not end with the rescue immediately after the City of Benares sinks because one lifeboat of survivors is overlooked The DESIGN OF THIS BOOK is notable for the many aspects that will appeal to 5th 9th grade readers The chapters are mostly brief and each is broken up into short sections In the first seven chapters there are black and white photos that give the reader just enough information to help them visualize what's going on Then chapters 8 19 have charcoal looking illustrations of the tragedy struggle courage that occurred as the ship began to sink and the passengers attempted to escape and survive Then for chapters 20 27 there's nothing just printed text These chapters describe what happened to Lifeboat 12 I don't want to give away too much The final chapters again include actual photos of the surviving children and so forthHeiligman’s THANK YOU notes and lists of SOURCES are worthy of reading through as well—they serve to reveal how thorough her research was and assure the reader of accuracy and authority Her “thank you” section has a journey at sea theme ;I’d BOOK TALK THIS with students in late 5th – 9th grade How I’d read aloud the first page of chapter 1 – Heiligman describes the U boat with the ship of children in its sights There’s immediate tension and suspense Your students will want to know what happens next A note of caution though – a lot of children died in this tragedy I’d take this into consideration when recommending to particular students

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TorpedoedCalating violence of World War II British parents by the thousands chose to send their children out of the country the wealthy independently; the poor through a government relocation program called CORB In September 1940 passenger liner SS City o. This is an impressive piece of writing Not just of nonfiction writing of writing The pacing is jerky in places particularly in the beginning but the writing is understated in a way that’s beautiful that makes this work about its content not its prose or its authorThe waves kept coming A few adults were able to grab some children and hold them above the waves but Bess watched child after child drown right in front of her I’d never read about this particular boat before or about Mary Cornish I’d remember if I had she’s impossible to forget Their stories are shocking and immersive There’s a grimness in the subject matter that gives the book heft makes its importance obvious And yet the year is 1940 and this is one of many many ships torpedoed and a few dozen of millions of murdered children I’m editorializing here I think it’s interesting how in the cover design the words “World War II” are so much prominent than the rest of the subtitle World War II gives any work immediate gravitas We carry so many impressions of it and we bring that sense of enormity of impact of destruction to every piece of media on the topic I’m not saying that this work borrows on our preexisting knowledge I think it acknowledges it in telling this story I think it says by the simple fact of its being written that behind every statistic is a child and a grieving family and a network of people who were affected That this is a work of nonfiction that everything in it is true and beautifully and respectfully presented makes it so that that these people’s deaths are not absorbed in the vastness of the twenty million deaths of the warIf the Newbery recognizes this I will be thrilled

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Torpedoed Summary Ë 2 ´ From award winning author Deborah Heiligman comes Torpedoed a true account of the attack and sinking of the passenger ship SS City of Benares which was evacuating children from England during WWII Amid the constant rain of German bombs and the escalating violence of World War II British parents by the thousands chose to send their chilF Benares set sail for Canada with one hundred children on boardWhen the war ships escorting the Benares departed a German submarine torpedoed what became known as the Children's Ship Out of tragedy ordinary people became heroes This is their sto. Well written historical nonfiction can be just as riveting if not as the latest novel That is certainly the case here Not only has Deborah Heiligman conducted abundant research about the sinking of the SS City of Benares in 1940 but she has included so many interesting details that these moments in history come alive and readers race through the pages to see if anyone from that passenger ship survived The ship was part of the Children's Overseas Reception Board CORB a plan to send British youngsters overseas so that they'd be safe from the bombs and conflict in their homeland Ninety youngsters were on that ship but only a handful of them survived the German torpedoes that sank the ship Readers won't soon forget Mary Cornish one of the chaperones for the trip or the survivors on Lifeboat 12 a custom made child's life jacket and a jewelry box The careful description of how the once abundant but now limited food and water were doled out among survivors in one lifeboat heightens the tension in the book as does the friendship of two girls who help each other hang on until they're rescued It's clear that there were many acts of heroism that emerged from this tragedy and readers will surely finish the book while contemplating the wages of war and so called collateral damage in the form of civilians I was particularly struck by the shift in tone in the narrative as the young passengers frolic and enjoy their trip complete with as much ice cream as they could possibly eat during the first days of the voyage and then how things turn frightening serious as the ship must be abandoned and they're fighting for their lives against all sorts of odds I had never heard of this particular event or this ship but I relished every single word in this account partly because those individual stories make it so personal