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Er handsome haunted and harboring a secret as deep as her own Bound by the sins of his youth Gervase Brandelin the Viscount St Aubyn has spent his adulthood seeking redemption through service to England Now a spymaster he can allow nothing to distract him from his duty But when he meets Diana his burdens seem to lift Though she can never truly be his alone their genuine love fills him with hope until a treacherous deceit and a d. Author Mary Jo PutneyFirst published 1990Length 6422 locations finishes at 90%Setting London and Yorkshire 1799 to 1820sSex Reasonably freuent but often fade to black Some explicit scenes Rape of h by H and threatened rape of h by BadGuyHero Spymaster Lord Soldier Neglectful parents view spoilerRaped by mother at 13 hide spoiler

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Dearly BelovedEadly enemy threatens to tear them apart forever Praise for Mary Jo Putney's Rogues Redeemed series A compelling story that neatly balances dangerous adventures and passionate romance Booklist A thrilling romantic tale Bookpage Top Pick of the Month Putney's multifaceted and well developed characters add depth to this romance which is complete with the trials of war and the promise of future series installments Publishers Weekly. Someone decided it would be a good idea to re release Mary Jo Putney’s debut novel Dearly Beloved They were wrong It was not a good idea This book should be put in the archives and only brought out as a bad example I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This review is dark and full of spoilersContent warning – rape sexual assault internalized misogyny verbal and emotional abuseHere is the plot with spoilers Gervase Brandelin Viscount St Aubyn is at an inn in Scotland He drinks too much He thinks he is going to an assignation with a bar maid who had invited him but ends up in bed with a young woman named Mary Mary’s father bursts in on them and forces them to get married Gervase then rapes his new wife who is terrified He decides she is probably a simpleton rather than a whore but abandons her anyway leaving her with directions to apply to his banker for an annual income and a threat that if she ever comes to London or tries to contact him he will rescind his financial support He feels bad about the whole thing so he runs away to India Years later the most beautiful innocent looking woman in the whole of England Diana Lindsey is raising her son out in the country She decided to go to London to be a courtesan because she is bored and wants her son to be around people Her friend the retired courtesan introduces her to the courtesan scene On Diana’s first night out she meets Gervase and they are instantly attracted to one another despite the fact that his face is the one she sees in her nightmares and he thinks she’s a whore Diana is Mary her father had drugged her and she had no idea what was happening that night at the inn Diana enters into a sexual relationship with her husbandrapistfather of her child without telling him that he is any of those things He is randomly sneering and suspicious of her because he thinks she is a whore and distrusts all women When he finds out that she is his wifevictimmother of his secret child it confirms that she was the deceitful whore he had always suspected They have than one altercation in which no matter what Diana does or says Gervase is angry and verbally abusive Another man tries to rape and murder Diana and Gervase suddenly realizes he does trust and love her after all Diana’s love was so pure it fixed everythingGervase Brandelin is emotionally and verbally abusive The normalization of his behavior is awful The message that the Diana’s love and gentleness could overcome Gervase’s scorn for women and turn him into a gentle and trusting partner is gross and dangerous Gervase thinks of or calls Diana a whore a lot I didn’t count but it happened A LOT He lashes out at Diana at the merest hint that she is untrustworthy Why does he lash out Because he is in pain – his mother sexually abused him and he carries terrible burden of guilt he feels for raping his teenaged wife Over and over again his pain is used to excuse his behavior When Diana gets angry at him as any normal human would not only does Gervase use her anger as a weapon against her she views her anger as evidence that she herself is not perfect Everything Gervase does should be considered a red flag and a deal breakerThis is one of the books people who don’t read romance are talking about when they are surprised by consent in romance Dearly Beloved was originally published in 1990 I read it sometime between 1990 – 1992 when I was in college It was not my favorite book and I wasn’t a fan of rape as a plot device but I don’t think I recognized how deeply problematic it is The idea that a woman would fall in love with and cure a man who was so deeply wounded that he lashed out in anger seemed normal to me It seemed reasonable to believe that if you just loved them enough and never gave them reason to distrust you it would fix their emotional hole and they would return your love and trust A lot of women believe this A lot of women find this story line romantic The book is full of so much angst and pain but we also see how happy they can be together if Gervase would just accept that Diana truly is a paragonThis book is founded on the idea that Gervase is a good person despite that little spot of rape and abandonment and all the emotional and verbal abuse Diana and the author accept as true that Diana’s deception and the anger that she has held on to are comparable to Gervase raping her abandoning her attempting to control her and his constant jealousy and suspicion The rotten cherry on top of this fetid sundae is the reason that Diana forgave Gervase – her pregnancy cured her angerI hated you until I began to feel my child move inside me It was such a wondrous thing that there was no room for hatred”She opened her eyes “And to hold my son in my arms it was a miracle I decided then that any man who could father so sweet a baby couldn’t be all bad Yes you’d behaved wickedly but that didn’t make you a wicked man”All kinds of women have found themselves pregnant after being raped and I’m sure they have felt many different ways about the resulting pregnancy and child But this this is bad So far this book has made the abusive hero a forgivable rapist conflated protecting one’s boundaries with violently violating another person’s boundaries conveyed the innocence of an infant to it’s father None of these messages are ok None of themRomance is a part of pop culture and pop culture will always reflect who we are – good and bad Dearly Beloved won a RITA for best debut novel and it is on many people’s classics of the genre list Even in 1990 this book should not have won an award nor should it have been well regarded It was and it will probably be loved and defended by people who read it now I am grateful that I have evolved and no longer find misogyny romantic The genre has evolved and I am so grateful that I have so many options when it comes to romance without rapist heroes or abusive heroes

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Dearly Beloved summary ß eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ LOVE MUST FIND A WAY A sheltered life in the countryside has left Diana Lindsay restless to see the wider world for both herself and the son she is raising alone She cannot marry but perhaps as a courtesan she will find love and protection despite her painful past Gathering heLOVE MUST FIND A WAY A sheltered life in the countryside has left Diana Lindsay restless to see the wider world for both herself and the son she is raising alone She cannot marry but perhaps as a courtesan she will find love and protection despite her painful past Gathering her courage she moves to London and finds herself the city's most desired woman as admired for her charm as for her beauty But it is one man who captivates h. The only reason I read this book through to the end was to see exactly how the heroine would finally reveal her big secret to the hero I had guessed what the secret was at some point between the introduction of the heroine and the big revelation This secret just happens to be the most important fact in the story and the heroine's character so it makes no sense to keep the reader in the dark about it until 80% of the book is finished Getting that reveal so late in the book effectively nullifies every action of the heroine up to that point in the story and totally negates every scene in the book that is told from the heroine's POV up to that point Because of this I felt cheated out of most of the story and I couldn't relate to how the heroine's feelings for the hero changed from loathing to love Also there was no explanation for why the heroine didn't tell the hero about his son a long time ago which would have been the right thing to do for so many reasons her loathing the boy's father is not an acceptable reason for not telling him it's just childish IMHO The author has the heroine decide to become a fabulously successful courtesan after living most of her life in an isolated village in Yorkshire with a decent income and security in her life I don't know maybe the author felt this would make the heroine glamorous and attractive to the reader But really this is a career choice that most women of the time would only have made if they felt they had no other option or they were forced into it and 99% of the time it was pure degradation So besides not making any sense at all the author's decision is totally insulting to the women who had to prostitute themselves simply in order to live The spy aspect of the story was pretty lame and the bad guy was just a 1 dimensional caricature of a really eeeevilllll villain The melodrama of the last part of the book felt completely contrivedSo not a keeper and not enjoyable for me