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Wrapped in Love Read & download å 102 À A one night stand with the boss was never in her plans Neither was falling in love The rumors are true I am a hot mess with an awful track record at love Single mom Down on her luck Yeah I’m bad news So if the hardest part of moving back home to Jackson Harbor was going to be people talking I’d be fiA one night stand with the boss was never in her plans Neither was falling in love The rumors are true I am a hot mess with an awful track record at love Single mom Down on her luck Yeah I’m bad news So if the hardest part of moving back home to Jackson Harbor was going to be people talking I’d be fine I’ve kept my chin up through worse than their decade old gossip I was wrong The harde. A “broken” single mom who busts her butt to provide for her child and give him a happy life A man who does it all for his family and never thought he’d fall in love again after having his heart broken Both workaholics and both cant seem to stay away from each other no matter how hard they’ve triedMolly Brayden’s story is good She had a ROUGH past and I do mean ROUGH So she has a hard time letting herself fall in love She doesn’t think she’s good for than hook ups Which is a fine plot but also dragged a bit in this book Brayden is a good guy He had his heart broken in the past and he was holding onto it until he met Molly again and started falling for her The angst is all about communication and the characters lacking confidence in what they wantdeserve so it’s not really that drama filled There’s some OMOW drama but it’s nothing major It seemed like it was to keep the couple apart than actually necessary to the story but who knows Those characters may play roles in other books but honestly the female OW can not show up again and I’d be fine with that lmaoAfter reading the first book in the series Brayden had my interest so I didn’t read book two and three and I think maybe that was a mistake Clearly some of Molly’s story comes into play then and I think would have prepared me better for the things that were revealed in this storyAll in all a pretty good read I think I’ll read Carter’s book when it comes out I don’t know if who he may end up with is hinted at in any of the other books but I didn’t get much from this one Would be nice if he ended up with a certain member of the hot single ladies club 😂 I think they could be a fun pair

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D and I find ourselves with nowhere to live At Christmas no less It’s for my son that I accept Brayden’s offer to stay at his place One by one my defenses are falling as fast as I am If Brayden was smart he’d run because it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he deserves better than what a girl like me can offer Unless for once my bad luck is leading me exactly where I need to. I absolutely love this series Lexi writes in a way that every book makes me feel like I am personally invested in the outcome But in complete honesty I didn't really have that with this one To be fair I think it was a case of it's not you it's me since I read it while all the kids were around and I couldn't get entirely lost in itOr maybe it's that I still am not a massive fan of Molly So before I explain why I best throw in a disclaimer that if you are reading this as a standalone disregard if you've read the series then you will have your own opinions But when we got to know Molly previously through the other books I felt she was seriously selfish She put her secret above everyone else until it was almost too lateBefore you send the lynch mob what she went through was horrible and I can understand why she kept it a secret She just held on to it when she knew it was causing a lot of pain to other peopleNow Brayden I loved He was so sweet and understanding and a typical Jackson brother And I enjoyed their story I just wasn't as invested in it as I was the others And even though this review sounds like one big long whinge I did still enjoy it and it was a four star read just not the anticipated 5 stars I have come to expect from the seriesSo if you're new to the series I highly recommend starting at the start but this could be read as a standalone And honestly I would have enjoyed it if it was the only one I had read but OMG I am obsessed with the first 3 so if you read this first and enjoy it go back and grab the others

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Wrapped in LoveSt part is resisting my boss Brayden Jackson is the very picture of tall dark and handsome And thanks to an ill advised one night stand we had seven months ago I know exactly what I’m missing when I turn him down Every Single Delicious Inch But I have my son to care for and my job to keep so I’ll keep on saying no Until my string of bad luck continues and suddenly my precious four year ol. I've said it before but I'll say it again I ADORE THIS SERIES The Jackson family is the most warm loving amusing group of characters and with each book Lexi Ryan delivers I fall harder and harder for them But I honestly never thought I'd love Brayden Jackson as much as I do in this moment  Wrapped In Love filled me with all the deliciously giddy feels I crave when reading a good romance but this one is ratcheted up even higher with a holiday spin woven seamlessly with an angsty love story I just loved it While the Boys of Jackson Harbor series is made up of interconnected standalones I'd highly recommend reading them in order I never felt that way before reading Wrapped in Love I would've previously told you that mixing them up was fine  But Molly has a lot of heartbreaking complicated backstory that we get glimpses of throughout the series and as painful and infuriating as it sometimes was to see I'm so glad I got to see everything build up to this conclusion the way it did Molly and Brayden might be my new favorite couple of this series Their chemistry is fiery and palpable but their journey is rich with complications and an angsty push and pull  I just couldn't get enough of it My heart broke again and again while reading this particular book but juxtaposed with the warm giddy rush I felt while reading the steamy scenes the romantic declarations the absolute SWEETNESS that is Brayden Jackson and I was intoxicated I'm not sure if I was just blissed out because I got to curl up in a snowstorm with this book or if it's actually THAT reminiscent of the old school love stories that first ensnared me years ago but this book definitely gave me that nostalgic vibe I only find on occasion that takes me right back to the days I first found indie romance I LOVE that feeling and I had it the entire way through this book This book is so sad at times It's hard to read It broke my heart But it's also so unbelievably romantic so sweet so heart warming It's a story of family and friendship and finding your people It's about forgiveness and acceptance and coming to terms with what you deserve It's often frustrating and it's so deliciously sexy It's layered with feel good holiday cheer while also delivering angst that often comes out of nowhere and sueezes your heart in that painfully pleasurable way I crave I adored this book my new favorite of the series and I can't recommend this series enough