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Build My Gallows High Read & Download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò The Film Ink series presents the novels that inspired the work of some of the most celebrated directors of our time While each novel is first and foremost a classic in its own right these books offer the dedicated cinephile a richer understanding of the mT the life he fled in particular the seductive Mumsie McGonigle It's not long before Bailey realizes that a trap has been set for him The novel scripted by the author went on in the hands of Jacues Tourneur to become the cinema's most celebrated work of film noir starring Robert Mitchum Kirk Douglas and Jane Gre. Hidden between the high Nevada mountain slumbers a uiet town called Bridgewater Retired private eye Red Bailey wastes his days away fishing and mending his gas station until one day a man shows up at his job and introduces Red to one final job to solve An assignment that started ten years ago with a suitcase filled with cash and a beautiful woman on the run for a powerful mobster There was no way Red could’ve brought the affair to a successful ending then and he’ll have to be as cunning as he ever was to escape with his life this time aroundThe novel ‘ Build My Gallows High’ is known nowadays mostly because of the brilliant if unfortunately little known movie ‘ Out of the Past’ from 1946 Having said that ‘ Build My Gallows High’ is a tragic murder mystery that works perfectly well in its own right At its core it’s a detective novel in the likes of Chandler and Cain with its short sharp and fast pacing and dialogue All the archetypical characters are here; the antihero with a troubled past the femme fatale and the villainous puppet master hiding in the shadows But here the PI hardly stalks around alleyways in some big metropolis on the west coast most of the action takes place in the secluded village of Bridgewater with its roaring mountain creeks and high peaks turning red as the sun goes downThis backdrop accentuates ‘ Gallows’’ romantic nature There is obsessive love to be found within these pages regret and hope for a better future It seems all too clear from the very first pages that its plot is doomladen and whatever victories may arise during its plot course are only all too short and bittersweet to be thoroughly enjoyed There is the righteous warden fighting for the love of a young woman who has lost her heart to the old detective Relationships evolve that couldn’t possibly work yet those involved are willing to put their lives on the line because they so deeply care about each other It’s during those glorious moments where the story rises above its tired genre reuired murder plot when the relationships and dynamics between the characters take front and center stage And make ‘ Build My Gallows High’ something uniue to be treasured

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The Film Ink series presents the novels that inspired the work of some of the most celebrated directors of our time While each novel is first and foremost a classic in its own right these books offer the dedicated cinephile a richer understanding of the most illustrious films of American and European cinema Reti. I think the only thing keeping it from being a perfect read for me are the long often tedious and repetitive scenes among the gangsters in this book but otherwise it's nearly perfect I haven't seen the movie based on this book Out of the Past yet but it's on tonight's schedule This book is chock full of betrayals double crosses and murder making for a hell of a good straight crime read but it can certainly also stand on its literary meritsPI Peter Red Markham and his partner Jack Fisher have taken on their last case together They are called to the home of Whit Sterling who hired them to find his missing girl Mumsie McGonigle and the fifty six thousand dollars she ran away with The case takes Markham to Mexico where he locates Mumsie who swears she never took the cash only enough to get by on Unfortunately as it turns out Red falls hard for Mumsie He still has to report to Sterling though so the two of them return to California where Markham gives his client the news that he couldn't find her When he thinks he's in the clear the two of them move to a little cabin up near Lake Tahoe planning to stay there until the snow flies then move on to Reno so that Red can open an office there As plans go it's a good one but that particular future just isn't in the cards Flash forward ten years into the future and Red Markham has become Red Bailey He's left the PI business behind for a gas station that he owns in little Bridgeport California and has an entirely new life He spends his time off fishing and has fallen for a much younger little blonde named Ann But underneath his uiet life in this uiet town Red is just biding his time waiting for his past to catch up with him which it does in the form of a summons to Reno From there Bailey is sent to New York to do a job and he has no choice but to comply It's only after he gets there that he realizes that he's been duped and that there may be no way outPast the initial setup once the trap has been sprung Build My Gallows High is the story of Red trying to find a way out the snare that has been very carefully set for him It moves in and out of the past as well as back and forth between the small Northern California town of Bridgeport and the streets of New York making its way back to Red's current situation as he tries to take control of things and clear himself It's extremely well crafted double crosses and betrayals abound as the figurative noose around Bailey's neck gets tighter with each turn of events If the novel rested entirely on its plot it would be a very good read but there's much to it than simply story For example there is such a keen sense of place here as the author moves back and forth contrasting hard edgy New York its streets filled with young hooligans cabbies who ply their trade and know when to keep their mouths shut and gangsters who have no ualms about killing with the natural beauty of small Bridgeport with its flowing streams uiet fishing spots tree lined mountains and people living a good and wholesome lifeWhat I find the most interesting about this book though is not so much the action but rather the focus on the characters Without the time or space to go into them all the standouts begin with Bailey who's just been waiting for the day the past comes knocking on his door to reclaim him and who knows that the decisions he's made in the past will circle back to haunt him some day He is the poster boy for if only thinking about how to get out of his present dilemma so that he and Ann might just be free to start the new life both of them really want one that he's constantly deferring because he lives in this constant state of purgatory Then there's Caldwell the local Bridgeport game keeper who is in love with Ann and has dreams of the two of them together in his cabin in the woods he also makes a decision that may come to haunt him as well but it's a moral one he feels he must make Ann is a uiet beauty blonde small willing to please and trying to do what's right by everyone but there's a very strong willed woman underneath her uiet veneer She is contrasted with the two femme fatales of this book Mumsie and another woman named Meta Carson in New York both seductive and charming but each as deadly as the other Build My Gallows High is such a fine example of true noir goodness that it's easy to recommend it to anyone who is into the genre but hasn't had the good fortune of reading this book yet It is as dark as dark can be and reveals that present and future are both inextricably bound by the choices we make The I stop and think about it the it grows on me and the in love with this book I become

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Build My Gallows HighRed private eye Red Bailey is happier than he's been for a long time Living in Nevada bothered by nobody he runs a little gas station gets in a lot of fishing and might even be falling for a local girl Then out of the blue his past comes back to haunt him Blackmailed into doing just one job he's forced to revisi. A total bummer of a pulp mystery and I can only attribute the high star ratings on this site as the residual memories of the elegance and literary wit of the classic film noir that was adapted from it 1947's Out of the Past It's telling that all three of the enthusiastic uotes adorning the cover of this edition are taken from reviews of the film and have nothing to do with the novel itself Homes constantly allows the plot to stray into long chapters dealing with peripheral characters who are hardly distinguishable from each other I had a difficult time keeping them all straight they all have similarly terse one syllable names like Guy Slats Lou etc and finally gave up when I finally realized they don't add much to the plot anyway and there's a lot of focus on the good girl Ann and her dogged suitor small town Jim But at least there's the presence of Kathie one of the most infamous femme fatales in all of cinema to compensate right Well no she barely makes an appearance here and to add insult to injury is named Mumsie McGonigle which has to be the most ill conceived name for a femme fatale ever So how did Homes which is actually the pen name for Daniel Mainwaring who is credited with the film's screenplay manage to transform his pigs ear of a novel into the silk purse that is the screenplay of Out of the Past As it turns out some archive detective work in the 90's by film scholar Jeff Schwager revealed that Mainwaring's screenplay was deemed completely unsuitable and discarded the same goes for an additional draft by James M Cain and that the screenplay used in the film was actually by an obscure studio writer who went by the name of Frank Fenton All of the elements that are most loved about the film's screenplay the incomprehensibly sophisticated twists the witty uips the character of Kathie only surface in shooting scripts after Fenton was assigned the project He was never credited however and Mainwaring happily took all credit for the lauded screenplay I read an interview with him from near the end of his life and he discusses it as if it was all his own creation But even if I was ultimately disappointed I'm not sorry I read this In the end it merely made me love the film all the