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Read ó H.P. Lovecraft: Contre le monde, contre la vie ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ä Autor de La llamada de Cthulhu Dagón y En las montañas de la locura H P Lovecraft maestro indiscutible del horror y de lo fantástico sigue siendo objeto de una fascinación muy especial por partAldó con un fracaso Michel Houellebec recorre un itinerario fuera de lo común saludando en Lovecraft al autor de un mito fundador y extrae de sus escritos un alegato en favor de una literatura vertiginosa «yuxtaposición de lo minucioso y lo ilimitado de lo puntual y lo infinito?. HP Lovecraft Against the World Against Life is an excellentalbeit briefanalysis and survey of Lovecraft's life and its central influence on his work The reason this is such an excellent and bold work is because Houellebec pays tribute in a most personal way to a fellow writer Some will find this book to be offensive but few will have enough ammo to argue against Houellebec uncompromising conclusions and lucid insights I also found Houellebec's writing to be interesting and entertaining than ST Joshi's who is considered the greatest Lovecraft scholarbiographer writings on LovecraftThis book will indubitably be enjoyable for Lovecraft novices and connoisseurs alike The book also includes two Lovecraft stories The Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness thus HP Lovecraft Against the World Against Life is a virtual college level introductory course on Lovecraft Stephen King's introduction is also uite the tribute to LovecraftIn short I highly recommend HP Lovecraft Against the World Against Life to anyone that even has the most minor interest in Lovecraft Not only is HP Lovecraft Against the World Against Life an excellent analysis of Lovecraft but it is also a great guide for writers

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De haber nacido en una ciudad portuaria sintió siempre auténtica fobia al mar Profundamente apático hostil a todos los valores del mundo moderno y a fin de cuentas de un racismo visceral sufrió durante toda su vida pesadillas recurrentes Su intento de llevar una vida normal se s. Reading a book by one of your current favorite authors about your all time favorite author is possibly one of the best literary experiences I can imagineIn HP Lovecraft Against the World Against Life Michel Houellebec the bitterly cynical oft misunderstood French misanthrope and champion of 21st century nihilism attempts to demystify exactly what it is about Lovecraft's fiction that has allowed it to remain fresh and relevant after nearly a centuryAnd he succeeds in ways I never thought possibleI was introduced to Lovecraft's work at the age of 11 With childhood disappearing further and further behind me I found a deep fascination with the horrid unnameable monsters populating the bizarre Providence gentleman's tales As with the suddenly burgeoning mysteries of adulthood manifesting in my life Lovecraft's unspeakable shamblers from the stars also defied logic and struck me with a profound nearly paralyzing fear As I grew older my focus expanded to include not just the eldritch beings barely contained in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos but Lovecraft's clinical view of the universe as a near entity of its own pitilessly indifferent to the plight of humanity an unremarkable and insignificant accident lost amidst the ceaseless timeless and immutable drone of the music of the spheres Not surprisingly this new understanding of Lovecraft's work neatly coincided with my freshly developed interest in human evolution a passion which stripped away my self righteous and inflated notion that we stand above all life in the world And now at a time when I've determined there are uestions which shall forever remain unanswerable Lovecraft's work resonates just as soundly as it did then for Kadath in the cold waste hath known Them and what man knows KadathHouellebec whose own work is focused almost entirely on the banal realistic horrors of modern life has adapted Lovecraft's world view so soundly into his own work without sight of nary one rugose tentacled horrorit belies a truly deep seated love and understanding of the master's craft and indeed his life And like any other of Houellbec's fictional works this book is full of sharp terse insights that are pure crystallizations of every ineffable feeling and unfocused thought I've ever had about Lovecraft's life and creations His argument that the manner in which Lovecraft lived as he did wrote what he did and wrote the way he did as a rejection of life itself is the most profound thing I've ever heard said of the man or his workI cannot recommend this book enough I've already read it multiple times and will continue to do so as and if the years go on The addition of two of Lovecraft's finest stories The Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness as a postscript only add to the value of this slim tone If you after reading Lovecraft's work ever looked to the black seas of infinity above and wondered if the piecing together of disassociated knowledge shall either drive us mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age then please I implore you read this book

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H P Lovecraft Contre le monde contre la vieAutor de La llamada de Cthulhu Dagón y En las montañas de la locura H P Lovecraft maestro indiscutible del horror y de lo fantástico sigue siendo objeto de una fascinación muy especial por parte de nuestros contemporáneos Fue un hombre extraño al igual ue sus escritos A pesar. Full review can be found at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercomFor Americans who don't know there's this French dude named Michel Houellebec who a lot of Europeans are super pissed at And that's because he's a writer see a brilliant one who also happens to be a misanthrope and who sincerely despises just about 98 percent of all humanity and takes great care to detail all the ways they deserve his hatred in his provocative novels which have all been big hits in Europe but virtually unknown here unsurprisingly enough And this includes 2001's sex tourism farce Platform which has just some incredibly unkind things to say about Muslims as well as Jews Christians atheists women men the old the young and anyone else who breathes oxygen; so much so that a group of Muslims decided to take him to court in Europe for attempting to incite racially based violence And the lawsuit became a continental sensation not the least of which was because of Houellebec being in court each day and affecting the exact haughty bored superior tone and look throughout the proceedings that got him into trouble in the first place; for refusing to apologize for refusing to say you must've misunderstood me for acting like the entire lawsuit was beneath him to begin with and proof of what a bunch of moronic meatsacks humanity actually is And this of course turned him into an even bigger sensation in Europe than he already was which of course was also routinely ignored by the press here in the US so that to this day barely any Americans at all know who Houellebec is or why so many people are angry at himWell except McSweeney's that is the small press started by literary wunderkind Dave Eggers which in the 1990s became the posterchild not only for American hipster intellectuals but also for the power of daily digitally distributed original content years before the term blog had even been invented Their organization which also includes the anti poser lit crit publication The Believer has become well known for introducing global authors to a grateful American audience; in fact one could argue that they are almost single handedly responsible for the US popularity of Haruki Murakami So when Believer Books recently got a chance to reprint Houellebec's very first full length manuscript in English form for the first time plus managed to convince horror icon Stephen King to write a new introduction I have to imagine that they almost peed in their pants jumping at it; the result is the extended literary essay HP Lovecraft Against the World Against Life originally written in 1988 a slim tone which much like Nicholson Baker's U I is partly an analysis of a particular writer's oeuvre in Baker's case John Updike partly a gushing love letter as to why they like these particular authors so much And make no mistake; if you're already familiar with Houellebec's fictional work the essay will also suddenly make his own motivations and aims so much clearer and make you understand his own work so much better tooAs a matter of fact