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Characters » Operation Frog Effect 109 ã If one small act can create a ripple across the universe what happens when a whole group of kids join together and act Hi It's us Ms Graham's class We didn't mean to mess things up But we did We took things too far and now Ms Graham is in trouble for something we did We made a mistake The uestion is caE some ripplesSincerelyKayley Kai Henry Aviva Cecilia Blake Sharon Emily and Kermit class frogEveryone makes mistakes But what happens when your mistake hurts someone else Told in eight perspectives including one in graphic novel form. Oh wow Seriously That's pretty much the extent of my ability to actually review this book right now because I am so gosh darn impressed with it Have you been burning to read a book from the perspective of an amazing class of 5th graders that will leave you wanting to be a better person at the end of it Well welcome to that book I've stated before how much I love when authors don't talk down to this age group of readers and how important it is to treat them with respect Sarah Sheerger does that and This book is full of real life issues seen through the eyes of the children living them It's a beautiful beautiful thing Prepare for some gushingFirst off I have so much love for the way that this story is told Ms Graham's class is spending the year journaling and writing one another letters so this story is a compilation of those musings What I loved though was that Sheerger really channeled the kids and their personalities Some wrote in poems some in perfectly written letters and one in wonderful mini comic form Each of the students had their own perfectly formed uirks and they shone through their writing Getting to know them was a lot of fun and watching them interact with one another while growing was fantasticAs I mentioned above this book is also packed to the brim with all kinds of wonderful messages These kids are truly amazing With the help of their teacher they learn to find their true passions and speak out for what they believe in I smiled as I watched them research social issues and truly discuss them like adults My eyes misted over when the class did a social experiment to go along with learning about Anne Frank and the kids actually learned something from it I can't say enough about how well this book tackles everything from immigration to rough home lives There will be so many young readers who will finally get to see themselves and issues that are very real to them depicted on the page It makes me teary eyed just thinking about itLong story short this is a stellar read I recommend that it be put into the hands of every young reader out there and discussed in classes or at home There is so much in this book that our young people really need and I can't gush enough Pick this up and share it with others

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If one small act can create a ripple across the universe what happens when a whole group of kids join together and act Hi It's us Ms Graham's class We didn't mean to mess things up But we did We took things too far and now Ms Graham i. Operation Frog Effect is a story told in journal form–with eight diverse kids who are writing their experiences as the school year progresses The kids use multiple formats For instance one writes mostly in verse while another does his journaling in graphic novel format These different formats are sure to appeal to a wide variety of readersRight from the start I could tell that the characters were going to be incredibly relatable the story starts with Emily who’s confused by the fact that her two best friends didn’t sit with her on the first day of school She’s sure it’s a mistake Well pretty sureThat beginning set just the right tone and let me know that this book was going to tug at my heartstrings and address situations that middle school kids face every day It also tackles some tougher topics as well like learning disabilities immigration and homelessness The fact that these issues are handled in the midst of problems that almost all kids can relate to makes them that much accessible Throughout the book the kids learn how they can make a difference in the world one small step at a time But as kids often do they make some mistakes along the way–and one of their mistakes has some pretty major repercussions The kids have to live with some of those conseuences–and to fight to make things right Kids will find the ending both inspiring and empoweringThis book will especially appeal to the younger end of the MG spectrum not that older kids can’t enjoy it too–it just seems aimed a little younger It would be perfect for a classroom or as a readalong with your kids because it will spark lots of discussion Disclosure While I didn’t receive this book for review I bought it I feel like I should point out that Sarah is represented by my agent and I’ve spoken to her personally All opinions are still my own of course

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Operation Frog EffectS in trouble for something we did We made a mistake The uestion is can we fix it Ms Graham taught us that we get to choose the kind of people we want to be and that a single act can create ripples So get ready world we're about to mak. Copy provided by the publisherMs Graham's fifth grade class is an exciting place to be She lets the students help form classroom rules and homework policy they work in groups and there is even a class pet Kermit The students are also keeping journals and we hear from the perspective of eight of them Blake likes to draw his entries and he and his mother struggle with housing and other issues Aviva's mother is in the country without proper papers and both miss Aviva's grandmother in Mexico Emily is struggling with the fact that her two best friends are going to another school next year and there is no way her mother can afford to send her there Henry wants to be a movie director so creates scripts for his entries There are a lot of projects and Ms Graham includes a lot of social justice issues in her class When a group decides to visit a homeless encampment without permission many people get in trouble and Ms Graham is in danger of losing her job until the children are able to make the powers that be listen to their explanationStrengths This is exactly on trend with its themes of social and emotional education Ms Graham is an engaging teacher and her students are generally excited about learning which is a good example to see in literature The characters are all well defined and the plot moves along nicely Weaknesses There are uite a lot of social concerns included in this book While this is uite common currently I think it confuses young readers to have to deal with so many And not so much a weakness as an observation I'm trying to determine what it is that makes certain books set in elementary school unpopular with my readers while others are fine Sadly class pets seem to be a big dividing factor and the cartoon style on the cover makes this seem a bit young to my students What I really think This will be popular with elementary students who enjoyed Buyea's Because of Mr Terupt Korman's The Unteachables Palacio's Wonder Woodrow's Field Tripped Woodson's Harbor Me and other books that include a cast of characters that represent a variety of current cultural talking points or with fans of Varnes' Property of the Rebel Librarian and other books where the teacher's job is imperiled However I'm sending my copy over to the elementary school because I think it will get use there