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Owen Undercover Billionaire #3 Read & Download Ç 109 ¼ In New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne’s blazing novel of desire and betrayal a second chance at love is a hot—and dangerous—proposition There was a time when Eden’s entire world revolved around Owen Forbes They were inseparable childhood sweethearts They pIn New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne’s blazing novel of desire and betrayal a second chance at love is a hot and dangerous proposition There was a time when Eden’s entire world revolved around Owen Forbes They were inseparable childhood sweethearts They planned a life together Then without so much as a goodbye Owen vanished Now aft. Owen written by Melody Anne is the third book in the Undercover Billionaire series I have read and enjoyed the two previous books If you haven't read the two previous books Owen can be interpreted as a standalone but you will get enjoyment by reading Kian and Arden first Owen is a second chance love story packed full of suspense romance heartbreak and of course angst This book is well written and the characters are well developed and for the most part easy to like This book is Owen and Eden’s story Owen left Eden with no explanation right after high school and then returns ten years later consumed with winning her heart back Owen’s character is strong ruggedly handsome and very tenacious when it comes to Eden I was not thrilled that he dumped Eden with no explanation although the author does give a somewhat plausible explanation I did like Eden but at times she was just a tad too whiny for my taste She was struggling with abandonment issues and I do get that Owen hurt her badly I felt that the author spent too much time in Eden’s head telling the reader over and over again about how hurt rejected discarded and jilted she felt There were aspects of the storyline that I enjoy the push and pulled between the two main characters The firefighter theme combined with the mystery of who and why the fires were being set did keep me reading There is an underlying plot twist that connects the two previous book and hopefully will be further explained in the next book But unfortunately somethings didn't add up for me the big one being why is Eden who works for a law firm investigating the fires And why were Owen and his brother suspects That just didn't add up for me Overall I did enjoy this book but not my favorite in the series I am looking forward to the reading Declan’s story and learning a little about the man on the hill I kindly received an ARC of this book by way of NetGalleypublisherauthor I was not contacted asked or reuired to leave a review to read this book I received no compensation financial or otherwise This review is my honest opinion

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Dangerous An arsonist is targeting the small town of Edmonds and Eden with it And it’s Owen himself who’s become engulfed in suspicionEden knows that with a past as hot and mysterious as Owen’s their future together could go up in flames Because the one man she’s afraid to trust is the only man she desires and the only one who can save he. Another winner I loved Owen and Eden's story in this second chance romance Owen and Eden had been in love when they were teens when Owen disappeared without a word and stayed gone for ten years His disappearance gutted Eden and she never completely got over him Then a series of difficult events leaves her even off balance when she is then forced to work with Owenbut Owen has his own demons in his pastI loved the characters and their histories and loved the way they interacted together This is an engaging story that grabbed me from the very first page and kept me engaged until the very last page It is a fast paced romantic suspense that fans of the genre will love Put this one at the top of your TBR list While this is part of a series this is a stand alone novel however the series is so good that you really owe to yourself to read them all The author is on my must read authors' list

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Owen Undercover Billionaire #3Er ten years he’s returned to town as the hottest new firefighter on the force Whatever secrets pulled them apart Eden can’t fight the sparks reignited by the man who broke her heartOwen knows he did Eden wrong If only he could tell her why As body meets body he’s whispering for a second chance wanting her back so bad it hurts It can also be. 3½ Star ReviewI feel like my thoughts and feelings on this book are a double edged sword There were many things I loved about this book but there are things that I didn't like about this bookOverall this book was everything It has angst suspense a mystery and a love story That combination is rarely a dud in my book This book is definitely not a dud I was hooked wanting to know the who and wanting the happy ever after to come Melody had me turning the pages from start to finishThese characters are so easy to like There isn't a thing to not like about them They are well written and easy to connect to I will definitely be going back and reading the other books in this seriesThis book brings plenty of action and heat Some heartbreak Some sweetness Some suspense Throwing in the wonderful characters and this story is going to be enjoyed by manyThe downfall of this book for me There was too much wallowing with the main characters For me it was overkill This book could have been just as good if not better if some of the consistent wallowing of the characters had been at least cut in half These continual scenes in this book felt like filler They weren't all as necessaryIn a nutshell this book is definitely a good read It just wasn't a great read for me