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Read & Download A Drop of Hope ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ A well A wish And a little drop of hope Times are tough Jobs are scarce and miracles are in short supply But something strange is happening in If Only Ohio An old well has suddenly impossibly begun to grant wishes And three sixth graders are the only oS are the only ones who know why Ernest Wilmette believes a good deed makes magic happen Ryan Hardy thinks they should just mind their own business Lizzy MacComber believes in facts not fairy tales Of course you don't have to believe in. 45 stars This is a very sweet book that explores life in small town America the emotional needs of kids and the power of hope At times it was reminiscent of Wonder both in the sweet tone and the multiple perspectives the story is told fromRyan Ernest and Lizzie are the 3 main characters but we also hear from other points of view Unlike Wonder we chop and change these points of view a little too often for my liking We only stay with one character and story line for a page or two before shiftingTommy's story got to me it saddens me that his story is real life for some children Abusive neglectful parents effectively looking after himself from 6 years old becoming the school bully When everyone expects the worst from you sooner or later you give it to themTell you what though these middle grade novels make being a teacher a hard thing to live up to The characters are always so perfect This book either got better as the story developed or else I just benefited from reading in a longer chunk Even as some of the resolution became a little silly I still found it thoroughly enjoyable

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Wishes to make one As wishes are made the well's true secret gets harder and harder to keep Ernest Ryan and Lizzy know they can't fix the world But in their own little corner of it they can give everyone a little hope one wish at a tim. Read on the trip home from ALA and this held my interest through flight cancellations last minute scrambles for alternatives terrible weather delays and discomfort which says a lot for the book ; Really charming with a deeply interconnected set of circumstances Magic or coincidence human purpose or chance Definitely intricate with a large cast of characters and a convoluted but fascinating set of events this will take a good reader with a bit of patience who is looking for something a bit different Our book club readers are going to love it I was given the galley in the Scholastic book and the young woman there described it as all about hope but not cheesy at all ; That is a good description as it is about hope and the goodness in the world and with no trace of the saccharine Ending trails off a bit but still winds events up tidily but well A very engaging diversion Debut effort by an author to watch

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A Drop of HopeA well A wish And a little drop of hope Times are tough Jobs are scarce and miracles are in short supply But something strange is happening in If Only Ohio An old well has suddenly impossibly begun to grant wishes And three sixth grader. Richie’s Picks A DROP OF HOPE by Keith Calabrese Scholastic Press February 2019 320p ISBN 978 1 338 23320 9“You may say I’m a dreamerBut I’m not the only one” John Lennon“‘Thompkins Well’ Ernest said ‘We’re inside Thompkins Well’‘Yeah I think so’ Ryan picked up one of the coins ‘Explains all the change Some of these are pretty old’‘Hello’ A voice echoed around them; it seemed to come from the well itselfRyan and Ernest froze ‘Ryan” Ernest whispered but his voice uivering urgently ‘The well is haunted’‘No it’s not’ Ryan said with less certainty than he’d hoped to muster‘Um this is Winston’ the voice echoed again Ernest whimpered “Ryan the ghost is named Winston’‘Ernest shut up’ Ryan snappedThe mystery voice kept talking Apparently it couldn’t hear them ‘This is silly I know But I heard your story in school today about how you granted a wish to an old man named Thompkins and saved his baby grandson from dying’It was starting to make sense to Ryan now ‘That’s Winston Patil ‘ he whispered‘From school’ Ernest looked confused ‘Oh sorry’ Winston said from above ‘Almost forgot’ A uarter dropped down from above smacking Ernest on the head Ernest looked up the shaft catching on‘So as you probably know I’d like to make a wish too It’s not as big as the Ezekiel Thompkins wish It’s not life or death or anything I’m new here and well it’s kind of hard to fit in I’m not asking to be popular or anything but maybesomeone my age to talk to would be nice I justI’d like a friend’Ryan felt awkward hearing Winston’s wish He knew it was an accident but still this was something private and Ryan felt dirty for listening to it‘Anyway thanks for listening’ Winston said after a long absence ‘Wow’ Ernest said after Winston had walked away Ryan said ‘Let’s get out of here’‘I never realized Winston felt that way’ said Ernest as they inched back through the tunnel‘Seriously’ Ryan scoffed ‘Kid buries his head in his sketchbook every day at lunch Never talks to anyone barely looks up’ Ryan started leading them up the trail‘I know’ said Ernest But at least now we can do something about it’‘Do What are we going to do’‘Well we canyou know Befriend him’‘Befriend him’‘Yeah become his friend’Ryan shook his head ‘It doesn’t work like that’‘It could’‘Yeah How We just go up to him and say ‘Hi Winston let’s be friends’Ernest started to answer but Ryan plowed ahead ‘And what’s this “we” you keep talking about I mean we aren’t even friends’‘I know’‘You don’t’ Ryan started then stopped How did you even go about explaining the world to someone like Ernest ‘What happens if you discover you don’t like him Or if he doesn’t like you’‘Doesn’t mean we I shouldn’t try’”In the parlance of the publishing industry I’m a “big mouth” I’ve got a passion for sharing my opinions about great new books I’ve read I love getting these books into the hands of young people by way of my connections with teachers librarians parents and booksellers I enjoy that many of the books I talk about go on to win awards or sell lots of copies or bothEvery once in awhile I come across a book that is different one that is custom made for my own inner geeky child I was once the odd duck the fifth grade boy who wasn’t into roughhousing