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Hot Author Mark Hertsgaard Free read á 2 ï Amazing E-Book, Hot author Mark Hertsgaard This is the best favorite book with over 235 readers online here.Ok with over 235 readers online her. “Hot” Living through the next fifty years on Earth By Mark Hertsgaard well when reviewing this book let me go to the last chapter and answer his uestionEpilogue Chiara in the Year 2020Frodo I wish that none of this had ever happenedGandolf Of course you do But that is not for you to decide All you have to do is decide what to do with the time you have been given JRR Tolkien The Lord of the RingsI’ve arranged for you to receive this letter along with a copy of this book on your fifteenth birthday I wonder what kind of birthday you are having in the year 2020Dear Dad Thank you for the book and for all your love and support I’m very blessed to be your daughter That said you had a few things wrong and a whole lot of things correct You didn’t see the election of Donald Trump coming and for that I’m glad for these past four years have been horrible years in the fight against Climate Change and it’s clear that this is another lost decade but you also didn’t see this virus coming Our changing climate impacted all species and infections Disease it turns out is largely an environmental issue With sixty percent of emerging infectious diseases being zoonotic meaning they originated in animals This COVID 19 appears to be at first glance a possible climate related mutation and it will kill thousands and thousands of people and has changed our world as nothing else has in my lifetime at least That said it has helped the environment We the world needed to stop polluting immediately but politically it couldn’t be done too many people are making too much money no incentive to change and certainly no incentive to make radical changes well all that just changed and the air is cleaner the earth it’s still very early but The earth is starting to recover In a way this might be the miracle we were hoping for but as the old saying goes careful what you pray for So my birthday well it’s being done at home this year and my wish and hope is that next year we can have it at my favorite restaurant or for that matter any public place and that life somehow returns to a normal much less fossil fuel based world time will tell Now that mother nature has forced us in the direction you said we needed to take I hope that human nature keeps us on this path of recovery so that future birthday my be celebrated in hope and not in isolation and endless crisis

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Amazing E Book Hot author Mark Hert. I skimmed the other reviews and it seems the main complaint with the book is that it is bleak and depressing and this is apparently the author's fault I wish I could say I were shocked to see such blatant evidence that we as a culture now feel ourselves entitled not only to the pursuit of happiness in a really big house with a bunch of oversized televisions and closets full of crap we never use but entitled also to books that will describe to us a catastrophe that could end human civilization and render the planet unfit for human habitation in an uplifting and hopeful manner That's incredible Sorry to say buttercups but as anyone with even the slightest modicum of a background in climate change will tell you if this book has one major flaw and it does it is that it is too optimisticIt's over optimism rests primarily on the lack of analysis of where the solutions he presents will actually take us Are they enough He never says He is a journalist by training not a scientist so he goes after the story which he does with aplomb As a result I was left holding a grab bag of potential policies to address climate change and absolutely no idea if that grab bag would if implemented universally beginning tomorrow possibly be enough I suspect they wouldn'tYep that's not optimism but I've read dozens of books on climate change and at least a hundred articles and research papers and I've worked in the environmental field for a long time now so this is based on something than an innate propensity towards doom and gloom Which by the way I don't haveThat said the material is comprehensive engaging well written fairly thorough global in scope and as a parent I appreciated the focus on his young daughter I share his motivation with my work and writing and activism so I know all too well what he writes of when he writes of his fear and rage over his daughter's future So I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone with a basic to moderate understanding of climate change; anyone who is already well versed in the subject will likely find it repetitive rather than illuminating On a scientific basis I found Andrew Weaver's book better he's one of the world's leading climatologists; look up Keeping Our Cool if interested but Hot is still worthwhileIf on the other hand you think books about climate change should be chipper and upbeat so you can feel good about your and your born unborn children's prospects might I recommend giving up and going back to Harleuin novels

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Hot Author Mark HertsgaaSgaard This is the best favorite bo. Forced optimism in a survey of global warming and climate changeWe are now at least a decade into what journalist Mark Hertsgaard terms the “second era of global warming” which began sometime around the turn of the 20th century As he writes “The battle to prevent dangerous climate change was now over; the race to survive it has begun” Hertsgaard probably has as broad and deep an understanding of global warming and its conseuences in the form of climate change of any nonscientist on the planet He has been writing about the topic for than two decades and has interviewed most of the major players in climate science climate related government policy not just for this book which involved five years of travel around the world but for Earth Odyssey a widely read investigation published in 1999 that reflected seven years of travel The man knows whereof he writes Hot is the author’s attempt to find a hopeful path forward through the gathering storm of climate change Throughout he ponders the life his young daughter Chiara will face in adulthood Much of Hot is written in an optimistic tone Hertsgaard explores a laundry list of policies and procedures that if widely implemented will permit humanity to forestall the extremes of climate change and to adapt to its nonetheless unavoidable conseuences Some of the practices he touts — painting roofs white and planting trees in African fields for example — could in fact achieve a great deal if universally employed His theme is “Avoid the unmanageable manage the unavoidable” Distinguishing between mitigation — efforts to reduce carbon emissions — and adaptation — finding ways to adjust to the changing climate — Hertsgaard devotes most of the book to the latter Previous writing on global warming has tended to focus on mitigation which heavily involves government and corporate policy Adaption consists largely of changing the way people and communities behave Unfortunately though the context in which he writes is not encouraging We live in a world in which massive corporations spend millions to protect their short term profits regardless of the conseuences major news media reflect the views of their corporate owners the overwhelming majority of people deny the obvious and policymakers demonstrate their affinity for the art of the possible rather than showing true leadership To a knowledgeable reader much of the optimism in Hot seems forced What it all boils down to is this “We face a towering challenge Countries that today are all but addicted to fossil fuels must uit carbon within the next two to three decades Deforestation and other climate damaging activities must also be brought to a halt worldwide And even poor and emerging economies must halt almost all emissions by 2050 Yet even if we manage all this it will give us merely a two out of three chance to limit temperature rise to 2 degrees C about preindustrial levels itself an achievement of dubious merit for it will mean the lost of most of the world’s coral reefs the disappearance of most of its mountain snowpacks and enough sea level rise eventually to inundate the existing coastlines on every continent” The facts are disturbingly grim even if the human race somehow manages to come to grips with the existential threat of climate change and to do everything recommended by the authors of the most alarming scientific reports we are already locked into at le